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Guardian ~ Review

Guardian ~ The Fallen Chronicles #1
by Kassandra Kush
Lyla Evans just wants to be left alone; to fly under the radar and not attract attention. After seventeen years, she knows how the game is played. Her parents are hardly ever home, and when they do show up, they're quick to anger and even quicker with their fists.
With foster care comes the threat of being separated from her two younger siblings, and Lyla would die before allowing that to happen. She's learned to keep her head down and depend on no one but herself and God to get by.
When a strange man starts paying too much attention to her and her siblings, showing up to rescue them and then disappearing without a trace, Lyla begins to panic that everything she's been hiding is about to come out. But as she slowly becomes friends with this man and even trusts him with her deepest fears, Lyla learns he has secrets far bigger than her own that will turn everything in her world upside down.
In this story of abuse and rescue, love and faith, angels and demons, an unlikely friendship grows into a fantastical love story.

WOW!! Talk about taking emotions to a whole new level ONCE AGAIN! To say this book moved me would be the understatement of the year. I love this story for many reasons, but mainly because of the extreme emotion it pulled out of me. I say this all the time & I will repeat it once again... I do not like overly emotional books, because I prefer to spend my minimal spare time reading those that transport me to a happy place BUT Kassandra Kush has proven on several occasions that she is an expert at taking us through a kaleidoscope of emotions that happens to also bring me to tears but is amazingly balanced with all of the joy, adventure, suspense, & romance constantly bouncing, mixing, & enriching the other. I am always moved by her work, & look forward to the next with great anticipation! BRAVO & THANK YOU for this wonderful story!!
Lyla, Grace, & Colton had my heart from the beginning, but the addition of Raphael, Naomi, Rachel, & the others just flew us out of the park! Literally!! I can't wait to read Protector! I'm so glad it is already waiting on my Kindle!

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Welcome :]
Third person feels.... impersonal, so lezz just keep it real ;]
My name is Kassandra, one of the few rare gems who spell the name with a K. I like to read, write, and lay in the sun. Since I live in sunny Florida, I'm usually doing all three at once. I dream of returning to my hometown, Columbus, Ohio, but in the meantime I make do with placing most of my stories there. I come from a huge family dominated with girls and have a dopey, mostly-Black-Lab dog named Phineas. I tend to like fictional men better than real ones, and sometimes it's quite the hassle trying to keep up with all my book-relationships ;] Someday, though, I'm sure true love will strike me down, but until then, I'll share all my book boyfriends with you.

They can be found in all my novels, and I hope I speak the truth when I say I have a little something for everyone; mystery, romance, paranormal, real-life, drama and epicness. You can find information about my past, present, and forthcoming books in both my blog and Facebook links. I absolutely love to hear from readers, so be sure to drop me a line so I can thank you personally.

I'll leave you to read now, but welcome to my world; a place where true love exists, everyone gets a happy ending, magic is real, God is love, and it's perfectly acceptable to skip sleep, food, and company in order to finish that last chapter.

Oh, and the men are extremely good looking ;]
~ Kassandra

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