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Return of the Wolf Blitz

Contest and Release Day: Return Of The Wolf ~ Eye Of The Storm #4

Welcome to release day!!! If you haven't picked up this highly charged, dark paranormal fantasy series yet, grab it now! All the information you need is below.
Book one is just $0.99 – all info here:

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*Early Bird Reduction: $2.99*
This book will be listed at its full price of $3.99 approximately three days after publication.
The fourth book in the dark paranormal fantasy series, Eye Of The Storm.

Lydia becomes ever closer to her three mates. However, with unrest all around, she is struggling to keep her wolves together for her first full moon, just twenty-four hours away.

A trip back home for Ryan could bring much needed support for them all, but at what cost?

As The Trident close in on Ryan's pack, the pack itself becomes divided over Lydia's presence and Lawrence is encouraged to return as the Alpha. But they don't know his secret, and he's doubtful of his ability to protect them. Can he fulfil his rightful role, or will his efforts prove fatal?

Meanwhile, among the arid plains of Egypt, in a long-forgotten city, one man is pitting himself against the beast inside him in order to find salvation, only to realise, so much more is at stake than his soul.
18+ (adult scenes and very strong language, including scenes which some readers may find uncomfortable)
Paranormal fantasy
Novel length at over 81,000 words
Written in British English

Reading order: 

Book One: Releasing The Wolf

"...jumping into the story blind with both feet, I was blown away. 
I loved this story so much I could not stop reading it."

Book Two: Cry Of The Wolf
"...Dianna's males manage to stir something inside me that I haven't felt from reading a J.R. Ward book, and without a doubt Dianna's writing is up there in the awesome Warden category too."

Book Three: Heart Of The Wolf
"This book is hot, dark, twisted, hilarious, emotional and so much fun to read."

Book Four: Return Of The Wolf
Book Five: TBA
Book Six: TBA
(It is planned that the sixth book will be the last.)


Have you not read the Eye Of The Storm series yet? Dianna's site lists all the books and their reading order. Begin a journey of lust, love, dark secrets and brutal monsters, as a pack of werewolves in the Surrey Hills, England are brought out of hiding by the sudden arrival of the Alpha's destined mate … or is she more than that? View more here, including links to all the books:

Important note: although this series deals with romance, it is not written to be a standard romance. Its focus is on the theme of man vs. beast, and higher consciousness vs. baser needs. Although humorous in places, this series is also highly erotic, dark, and contains violence and scenes that may disturb some readers. 

Dianna Hardy is the international bestselling author of The Witching Pen series and the Eye Of The Storm series. She combines a titillating mix of contemporary and paranormal romance in to her writing, as well as urban and dark fantasy, to bring you stories that are action-packed, fast- paced and not short of heat, with the focus on both character development and the plot. She writes full-length novels and short fiction.

She live in Surrey, UK, with her partner and their daughter, where she writes full time.


Grand Prize: One set of all four paperbacks to date, signed, in a 'fangs and fur' Eye Of The Storm canvas bag, with bookmarks and other swag thrown in.

Second Prize: One signed paperback of Releasing The Wolf and a $10 or £10 Amazon Gift Voucher (sent by email)

Third Prize: One signed paperback of Releasing The Wolf and a $5 or £5 Amazon Gift Voucher (sent by email)

International Contest! Ends Sunday 9th November.

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It's a Celebration!!!!!

Celebrating 50,000 Blog Views & my Upcoming 4,000 Milestone! 
Yesterday I noticed my blog passed 50,000 views 
& today my page hit 3,800 Likes!
I am so excited & I just can't hide it! we CELEBRATE with a Giveaway! 
You all know I LOVE MY BOOKS, & for this giveaway I wanted to share with you some of my favorites in a unique way. 
So, I am making some customized charm items with some of my favorite books on them for 3 lucky winners.
I would like to take a quick moment to thank all of my dear author friends who always show their generosity, constantly going above & beyond!
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And ... to all of our fans who stop by to join in our fun WE sincerely THANK YOU too!!
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Now...Check out these amazing prizes that have been donated so far (& more are still on their way here)

Grand Prize #1: 
Charm Bracelet with some of Jeni's favorite books on it:
Sunrise at Sunset by Jaz Primo, Outpost 13 by Lucian Barnes, Chosen Thief by Scarlett Dawn, Haunted Destiny by Kelly Abell, Ruby Blue by Julie Cassar, Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey by Ann Denton, Broken Wings by Cameo Renae, Blind Rage by T. Hammond, Pulse of Heroes by A Jacob Sweeny, The Many Lives of Avery Snow by Christy Sloat, Sanguis City by Morgan Jane Mitchell, The Truth by Kelley Grealis, Compulsion by K.B. Miller, The Vampire Hunter's Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright, Uprising by Imogen Rose, Sacrifice by Stacey Rourke, Supernatural Seduction (Coffin Girls 2) by Aneesa Price, Complication by K.A. Salidas, Charmed by Cambria Hebert, Something Wonderful by M. Clarke, The Things We Can't Change by Kassandra Kush, Birthright by Willow Cross, & Finding Kia by Airicka Phoenix
(by Jeni's Bookshelf),
Autographed Paperbacks: 
Blind Seduction by T. Hammond, Initiation by K.A. Salidas, Kelley Grealis, Charmed by Cambria Hebert,
The Ballerina & The Fighter (Book 1) by Laverne Thompson
a Christy Sloat Magnet (by Jeni's Bookshelf), Various Author Swag, & Ebooks by: Lucian Barnes, Imogen Rose, Aneesa Price, K.A. Salidas, Jennifer Malone Wright, Ann Denton, K.B. Miller, T.H. Snyder, Kelly Abell,  Scarlett Dawn, Willow Cross, Kassandra Kush, Mary Ting/M.Clarke, A Jacob Sweeny, Jaz Primo, Cameo Renae, & Morgan Jane Mitchell.!
*All Physical Prizes are US ONLY*

Prize Package #2:
JD Nelson Bookmark & K.A. Salidas Ring (by Jeni's Bookshelf), 
Various Author Swag, & 
Ebooks by: Imogen Rose, T. Hammond, Aneesa Price, K.A. Salidas, Jennifer Malone Wright, Ann Denton, K.B. Miller, Kelly Abell,
Willow Cross, Kassandra Kush, Mary Ting/M.Clarke, Jaz Primo, Cameo Renae, & Morgan Jane Mitchell.
*All Physical Prizes are US ONLY*
Prize Package #3: 
Vampire Apocalypse Necklace & Angel Cellphone Charm (by Jeni's Bookshelf), 
Various Author Swag, & 
Ebooks by: Imogen Rose, T. Hammond, Aneesa Price, K.A. Salidas, Jennifer Malone Wright, Ann Denton, K.B. Miller, Kelly Abell, Willow Cross, Kassandra Kush, Mary Ting/M.Clarke, Jaz Primo, Cameo Renae, & Morgan Jane Mitchell.
*All Physical Prizes are US ONLY*

Well...what are you waiting for...

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Chosen Thief ~ Cover Reveal

Chosen Thief
Forever Evermore #4
by Scarlett Dawn
Publication date: March 8, 2015

The second saga in the best-selling, ground-breaking Forever Evermore series begins with Chosen Thief, where the life of a skilled lawbreaker suddenly becomes much more than she ever wanted…

Caroline Jules knows death is imminent. She’s only 22, but as an inmate of Death Row in the most secure Mystical jail, what else could her future hold?

Caro has no idea. Her solitary, transient life is about to get flipped on its head when it is revealed that she is the new Prodigy Elemental, and she has responsibilities and ties that she can’t ever escape. Caro is attempting to run from a brutal past, but the Rulers have other plans for this thief’s future.

But the transition from a self-contained existence to life with the other Prodigies, the Kings and Queens, and even the Elders was never going to be easy, and Caro has secrets she’s loath to share. Suddenly she has friends, mentors, lovers – and they all want to know more about her than she is willing to reveal. Can she learn to thrive in the role of a future leader, or will the obligations scare her into disappearing again – this time forever?
Click HERE to check out the entire series including teasers, excerpts, book trailers, & my exclusive character interview with Elder Zeller.
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  ~ Scarlett Dawn ~
Scarlett Dawn is drawn to all things quirky and off-beat. She believes there are no boundaries for an imaginative soul. Her love of the written word started from at an early age, when her grandmother would take her to bookstores every weekend. Dreams came alive within the books she found there, and now, she is thrilled to share her stories with others who have fallen under the spell of taking fantastical journeys. Scarlett resides in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and two dogs.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shattered ~ Cover Reveal

Shattered by Jennifer Burrows
Release Date: December 1st, 2014
A year has passed since she has returned from Italy, and finally Kate is reunited with the love of her life. For so long, she had no idea whether he was dead or alive,  and now in what seems like an instant, it is as if they have been together forever. Things seem to be perfect. She and Tony are inseparable, her best friend Kendall has accepted their relationship, and Italy seems like a distant blur.
     But unbeknownst to Kate, cartel boss, Matteo Bertalucci has escaped and is nowhere to be found. Tony is all too aware how dangerous his cousin is and has hired security detail to keep Kate safe. He stops at nothing to make sure Matteo can never get at her again. 
     The day folllowing what may be the best day of their livestogether, Kate goes missing presumably at the hands of Tony's nefarious cousin. The race is on to find Kate and to save her from the evil green eyed monster, a man bent on making everyone who had a hand in ruining his empire pay with their lives.
     Will Tony be able to save Kate before its too late? Or will Matteo successfully destroy both of them and the life they have worked so hard to create?

Publication Date: July 30, 2014
Katherine Anderson was living a dream life. She came from an influential family, had a successful career as a food critic, and was about to marry the man of her dreams. Her life suddenly takes a change for the worse when she finds her fiancé in the arms of another woman. Her dream wedding now cancelled, she tries to find herself in Italy, on a trip she was supposed to be taking as the just married Mrs. Michael Gibbons.

Massimo "Tony" Bertalucci has had his life destroyed by a cartel known to be trafficking black market olive oil out of Italy and around the world. While the cartel thought the entire Bertalucci family was dead and buried, Tony remains very much alive and determined to find a way to get his life back.

When Tony and Katherine’s worlds collide, she is Tony’s only hope of escaping Italy alive. What Katherine doesn’t realize is that this charming, unassuming Italian man is using her to save his own life. Will she be able to get back to the states safely, or will she be subjected to the same fate as Tony's family? Will Tony find a way to stop running? Or will he have to surrender his life to the cartel? 
Get  your copy

Jennifer Burrows 
I was am a retired Registered Nurse. I am the author of A shot in the Dark and the Sequel Into the Light. I worked in the emergency department and critical care for over 15 years which provided me the experiences to write my books.

I am an avid reader and love to talk about the latest story I've read. I hope you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Facebook ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon ~ Twitter @jenburrows234 

Lost and Found Blitz

Lost and Found
Werewolf Wars Series ~ Book 4
by Bethany Shaw
Releasing October 25, 2014
Sarah Davies has had what some might call a string of bad luck; she just calls it devastating. She’s suffered the loss of loved ones as well as a kidnapping, and now her family thinks she is dead. Abandoned in the middle of New Mexico with crazy werewolves chasing after her, she can only trust her companion, Vincent McKinley. As they strain to survive the wilderness and evade their assailants, Sarah finds herself unexpectedly bonding with Vincent. He is kind and caring and Sarah can see them forming something far greater than friendship. But she has lost so many loved ones in the past; it terrifies her to open her heart to anyone else.

Vincent McKinley has sworn to protect Sarah with his life, but their pursuers seem hell bent on making him break his word. Determined to keep his promise, Vincent goes to extreme lengths to keep Sarah safe. Together, they work side-by-side to devise a plan that will stop their enemies for good. As tensions mount, so do their feelings for each other. Will they get the chance to explore their emotions, or will their enemies catch up to them first?

Get your copy on Amazon!!

Cover created by Bethany Shaw
Bethany has also released a Boxed Set for The Werewolf Wars!
Get your copy on Amazon!!

Shaw is Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness as well. All sales up through Oct. 31, she will take 10% of said sales and donate to Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade 

Click Here to see Excerpt, Author's Playlist, & more Teasers
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Out of the Shadows ~ Book 1
November 26, 2013 
In an attempt to save his sister, Emily, from becoming a breeder, Devon Harris defies his
alpha and flees his home with his sister. They seek refuge at his Uncle Rick's
ranch, unintentionally laying the foundation for a war between the packs. There
he meets the fiery human Lark. In the midst of a war, does he dare let himself
fall for her?

Rick Harris has been like a second father to Lark Davies since her parents died
in an accident three years ago. As the sole guardian of her younger sister and
the owner of her own bakery, Lark doesn't have time for a social life. When
Rick's nephew comes to town, sparks immediately begin to fly as Lark finds
herself drawn even further into the werewolf world.
Get your copy on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, & Kobo 

 Into the Unknown ~ Book 2


Gene has taken control of his pack after the devastating loss of his father, Rick the alpha. He has been preparing for this his entire life, but nothing could have prepared him for the brewing war, or the beautiful Talia.

Talia trusts no one. If she had it her way she would take her son and run far away from everyone. But, she wouldn’t get far with her psychotic family after her. Going against her better judgment, she teams up with Gene in an attempt to end her family’s tyranny. 

Get your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & iTunes!


Finding Our Way
June 8, 2014
Bad things happen in threes. For Nora Jamison, this couldn’t be truer. Her grandmother just passed away, her best friend is in trouble, and she just hit a man with her car. It cannot possibly get any worse. Wrong! Nora quickly finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed. Werewolves are real, and they are after her and the mysterious stranger she hit. Running for her life, she ends up on a ranch in Texas. Stuck in a new, unfamiliar world, she gets to know the man that helped rescue her. Daniel McKinley is different than anyone Nora has ever met. Despite his rough exterior, Nora can tell there is more to him than meets the eye. However, Nora has a tiny secret of her own. She can only hope that when Daniel learns it he will still look at her the same way.

Daniel McKinley has always been a loner. His father trained him to be an alpha through brute force—not through people skills. Now that Daniel’s older brother is alpha instead, he has become even more of an outcast. Despite their differences, the wolf in him craves the acceptance of his brother—his alpha. While trying to prove himself, he is involved in an accident that draws a human into the line of fire. Unwilling to see an innocent hurt by the enemy wolves after him and his pack, he vows to protect her. Nora is kind, caring, and strong. His past is dark and he fears if she learns too much it will scare her away. Although, he tries to keep his distance, there is something about her that draws him in. Can he keep Nora safe and earn his brother’s trust in the process?
 Get your copy on Amazon & B&N iTunes, & Kobo!

Click Here to see more Teasers
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Bethany Shaw
has lived in Ohio her entire life. She is happily married to her husband of nine years and together they have two wonderful children. They also share their home with three dogs and two cats.
Most of the time, she has at least one of her pets by her feet while she writes. Writing has always been a passion of hers and she is thrilled to pursue her dreams. She enjoys reading romances, young adult and fantasy.

Stalker Links: 
Website ~ Facebook ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon ~ Tumblr ~ Twitter @Bethany17801501


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