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I Unlove You ~ The Ultimate Love Letter Prize Draw

I Unlove You
I Unlove You ~ Book #1
by Matthew Turner
Publication Date: December 1, 2015
My name is Ausdylan Elvis Ashford, a twenty-two-year-old who leads a rather perfect life. With a steady job straight out of university, a charismatic best friend I’m in a band with, and a girlfriend I’ve loved since the moment I first gazed upon, I couldn’t ask for more. Until my perfect girlfriend, B, changed both of our lives forever. 

It began with the words, “I’m pregnant,” and the realisation I’d soon guide a new life into this world. Embarking on my own journey of self-discovery, I found new meaning in love, living, friendship, and family. This should have become the greatest love story of all, but I assure you it isn’t. 

Sometimes true love and unbreakable trust is built upon lies and deceit. Sometimes those you know better than anyone turn out to be strangers you don’t know at all. My name is Aus, and this is my (un)love story. . . 

Genre: Coming-of-Age, Contemporary Love

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Beatrice Butterworth is a bitch. That’s how the dream ends, me shouting and falling into a dark and eerie abyss. My eyes shoot open, and for a few seconds I’m at peace. There is no pain. There is no despair. There are no lies or deceit. There’s nothing but a soothing, calming, numbing nothingness, until everything turns against me and transforms into torture.

“Urghhh,” I groan, my head throbbing and throat dry. 

I close my eyes, light’s burden’s too great. My mind continues its unstable spin. Clenching my fists, I try and force my hands to my face, but I’m unable to move. I’m too heavy, far too heavy, as if something or somebody sits on my chest. What can I remember? What the hell happened? Where on earth am I?

The last thing I recall is standing outside of work, catching my breath after storming out of Tony’s office. Did I really say all those things to him? Did I tell him to sit down and shut up whilst I stood in his office? I couldn’t have. I wouldn’t have…only, I did. I remember it. I remember the white room and his drained face. It doesn’t seem real, but it is.

“What the hell?” I whisper, each word whistling through my cracked lips. 

Blinking, I open my eyes long enough to explore the strange place where I lay: blue and grey tiles reach up to a cracked ceiling; an extractor fan vibrates in the corner, covered in dirt and murk; and a patch of green mould encircling a brown centre. I appear to be in a bathroom, and a rather grim one at that.

I take a deep breath and focus my thoughts, but all I do is disturb my fragile stomach. I hurt, all over. Not just aches and pains of muscles and tendons, but a throbbing surge running up my left arm. I tap my right fingers against the hard, tiled floor, and run my nails along its surface to my thigh and onto my frozen skin. 

I hadn’t realised until now, but I’m cold; numb, even. Running my hand up and down my right side, all I find are boxer shorts, as damp and cold as my skin. “What the hell happened?” I mumble, using all my strength to roll on to my side. 

The pain running up my left arm intensifies, the pounding in my head gets heavier, the rumble in my stomach an unbearable tumble. “What have you done?” I mumble again, struggling up into a sitting position and evaluating the chaos around me.

Two fallen and finished bottles of cheap whisky lay to my right, and a half-eaten burger to my left. All alone in this bare bathroom, I’m surrounded by a toilet and a sink, a cracked mirror above it. No towels, pictures, or semblance of life. No toilet roll, toothbrushes or shower. Just me and my mess, and a pile of vomit inches from my hand.

“Oh, God,” I say, edging away from it.

I search the area for my clothes, but find nothing on the floor except the empty bottles and discarded burger. Cuts and bruises cover my knees and shins, and a discoloured purple patch, consumes half my left arm. At least that answers the mystery behind my throbbing pain, although how it came to be remains a riddle. 

Closing my eyes, I focus and think, but all I remember is standing outside the office. I suppose I drank, but how much? I’ve suffered through horrendous hangovers before, but never like this. This isn’t me. I don’t do this. Neither do I confront my boss the way I did.

I’m not sure who I am anymore. I may not remember last night, but I remember everything else. All those moments I wish I couldn’t. All those times I wish were different.

Heaving myself onto my knees, I struggle to my feet and stumble towards the chipped and broken sink. Head spinning and body swaying, I cling to the porcelain with all my might. 

“Shit,” I sigh, starring at the apparent man looking back: red-eyed, with puffy cheeks, bruised forehead and grazed chin. My hair loops around itself into knotted strands. My nose, blue and tender, even larger and more crooked than usual. Despite feeling frozen and shivering, I drip with sweat. I have chapped lips and cracked skin, and patchy stubble breaking through the surface.

“You did it, B,” I say, my eyes welling like they have so often of late. “You’ve broken me. You did this. I loved you and trusted you so much, but you’ve broken me.” I shake my head and wipe away the tears bulging in the corner of my eyes. “I hate you, B. I hate you.”


The Letters of Aus & B ~ Prequel ~ I Unlove You 0.5
My name is Ausdylan Elvis Ashford, a twenty-two-year-old who leads a rather perfect life. Well, that is until my perfect girlfriend, B, changed both of our lives forever. But before the emotional rollercoaster of I Unlove You, comes a series of letters between B and me. 

You see, we’ve always refused to text and send email, instead turning to pen and paper to share our love, our lives, our everyday frustrations and worries about what lies ahead. These letters unearth who we are, and provide a peek into the words we struggle to say out loud. 

These letters define our new-adulthood, and our journey into the real world of careers, responsibility, and figuring out who we are and who we’re meant to be. These letters share a happy time before everything unravels and I lose all that’s important to me. My name is Aus, and these are the letters before my (un)love story begins . . .

‘Letters of Aus & B’ and part of the Prize below:

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Matthew Turner 
is an English author who writes gritty coming-of-age stories about love and life as an early twenty-something. His latest novel, I Unlove You, follows his previous books, Tick to the Tock and Beyond Parallel. You can learn more about his stories and general day dreaming at, where he opens up the entire writing process to avid readers and fellow writers like you.

Join his band of merry misfits and be part of an adventure that few writers share. Learn more at where you can download his latest novel for free.

When was the last time you hand-wrote a letter to someone you love? 

This month my friend and author of the new novel ‘I Unlove You’ is on a mission to inspire more letter writing by offering you the chance to win everything you need to kick-start a beautiful writing habit.

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Hell on Heelz Blitz

Hell on Heelz, An Asphalt Gods' MC Novel Coming 
from Bestselling Erotic Romance Author Morgan Jane Mitchell
"My demons needed a long ride, a half bottle of Jack and a hard cock on a good day. One a bad day, they itched for trouble, a fight. The Heelz provided everything I needed. I didn't need a man to come rescue me. - RAGE"

Hell on Heelz, an Asphalt Gods' MC, Stand Alone, full length novel. 18+ for content 

"They say time heals all wounds, but my time's done run out. I’m no spring chicken, but it’s more than that. I’ve been mad as hell for far too long. It’s made me a different woman, a bitter woman. No, they don’t call me Rage for nothing—I’m a twisting bitch tornado and that’s before you make me mad. When I’m not fuming, I’m secretly festering in suffocating smog of self-loathing. A man did this to me, and now that I’ve finally met another man, one who calms my storm, one I might let break through the thick thorny vines I’ve wrapped around my heart—I fear there’s nothing left of me." 

Edie Pearl, better known as RAGE never thought her decision to leave her cheating husband and join the Hell on Heelz would land her as the potential president of the female outlaw motorcycle club when the Banshee is murdered. Rage has spent the last two years mad as hell, nursing her broken heart with booze and fast men. When she's pitted against her fellow heel, Dixie, in a race to track down the Banshee's killer, she meets the man of her dreams. Mud may be the only man to get her motor running, but he's also her sworn enemy. Will Rage do the unthinkable and choose a man over her club? 

Mud's been a mess since his twin brother left the Asphalt Gods' MC. He'd hate to have to kill his own kin. When Scar shows Mud mercy by sparing his brother, he thinks everything will finally be back to normal. He's proven wrong. A ride to California is interrupted by the Heelz. After he leaves Scar and catches up to his enemy, he finds a beautiful woman, one he can not resist. Showing her the same mercy puts Mud in even more jeopardy. His heart on the line with his life, which road will he choose? 

*Even though we met the Hell on Heelz MC in Scar and Seven Sunsets, Asphalt Gods' MC, Hell on Heelz can be read as a stand alone 

Read for FREE for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited

Excerpt Hell on Heelz, An Asphalt Gods’ MC Novel
Copyright © 2015 Morgan Jane Mitchell

A typical Saturday night at the Roost meant our private club was busting at the seams with those who wanted to get drunk, get high and get laid. The Banshee and her girls had their favorites over. Some of the men were from other clubs but just riders tonight and then there were the stragglers, the men who the girls had brought in off the street. Me, I didn’t invite Ripper, but he was a regular here anyway. He wasn’t a looker either, but he had more than two brain cells which was a rarity around here.

“I’d say we’re perfect for each other.” He chugged his Bud Light, clutching my leather-clad knee under the table. 

Good lord, this was not what I’d fixed my face for. Jerking my knee away from him, I barked, “Don’t tell me how I’m supposed to feel.” I didn’t feel a damned thing for Ripper. I sure as hell didn’t want a boyfriend. 

Ripper smiled, the rare site almost making him dashing. He wouldn’t give up.

On my sixth drink, I didn’t want to talk about us—I wanted to fuck. It didn’t have to be Ripper. My chin resting on my hands, I searched around the Roost for another option. 

Hearing Pepper’s voice screech over the noisy crowd, my neck snapped back to see her pink hair go flying over a man’s shoulder. That girl was so thin, she could hula hoop in a cheerio. Amazingly enough, she’d run away from a circus, used to be a contortionist before she started working at the Banshee’s shop. 

Keg headed up the stairs behind the bar, taking a dangling Pepper to bed. I remembered when all I wanted was the man of my dreams to come along and throw me over his shoulder just like that. I imagined Ripper trying it and landing us both on our asses. 

A young stud, Keg was Ripper’s younger brother. Both men had dark hair and light eyes, but Keg was fine, strong. Ripper looked like Keg minus the fine and strong part. They both worked at the paper factory where my girl Boots was foreman. They headed up the local riders’ club in Seville. 

Where Keg was full of life, Ripper was broken, just like me. That’s why he thought we’d make a perfect pair, two broken people, fixing each other bullshit. I didn’t want to fix Ripper. I didn’t give a damn if his wife had died. I had my own demons to quell. 

My demons needed a long ride, a half bottle of Jack and a hard cock on a good day. On a bad day, they itched for trouble, a fight. The Heelz provided everything I needed. I didn’t need a man to come rescue me. 

“My house is awfully lonely, hon…” He put his arm around me, trying not to call me honey, sweetheart or darling. He knew better than to start with the terms of endearment. 

“And it’s probably a mess,” I slurred. I still had my cleaning business, though my client list had dwindled. Club life and jobs for the club took up a good chunk of my time. I’d cleaned Ripper’s house a time or two before I was a Heel. His wife had had Cancer, on her deathbed when I’d been hired. 

Fuck, that was two years ago, before I’d left Neil. Before, Kelly... I stopped my train of thought with another drink. 

“You could come home with me tonight,” Ripper went on, thinking we could be something more.

I rolled my eyes before a crash from behind me took my attention. DDD and Twink were having it out, again. “Cat fight,” Boots hollered before a shot rang out. The Banshee had done shot another hole in the ceiling. Someday she was going to kill whoever was using the stables. That’s what we called the upstairs, where we took the men we didn’t want in our homes. Anyway, our president had stopped the fight. DDD let go of Twink’s silky dark hair and stomped off. Both only prospects, DDD and Twink were as different as night and day. 

Dede, had been her real name, but we called her DDD for her triple Ds—she was a know-it-all beach beauty, like she’d stepped off the set of Bay Watch, but she wouldn’t get the reference because she was a young online college student with a nose problem, in other words, a drug habit. Twink, an ex-whore was a middle-aged Korean woman, who liked her racial slur of a road name. The Banshee had given her a place to hide from her pimp, and she liked Harleys and ink so much, she’d wanted to stay. Differences or not, Twink and DDD were both in the same boat now, like all of us. 

Hell on Heelz wasn’t just a rider’s club like Ripper had founded. His club, the Seville Slayers was made up of mostly respectable blue-collar men who wanted to get away from their nagging wives on the weekend and put Harley decals on their pick-up trucks. They rode with us sometimes and ended up here. They were the sizzling meat in our biscuits. 

Hell on Heelz, on the other hand was an MC, a motorcycle club with roots in the one percenters. Although Shirley, I mean the Banshee, wanted her club to be different than the men’s clubs, no prostitution, no sex trafficking and the like, she was no saint. The Banshee wanted us to be outlaws like the club she’d come from, the Asphalt Gods’ MC, which like many others struck fear in the hearts of regular folk. She’d picked us girls, all of us because of what we were capable—what we’d done, or in my case, what I was about to do. It was like she’d known it, seen something in my eyes that had been off about me. 

Us girls weren’t regular people. I wasn’t a regular person like Ripper. Sure, he had a cool name, but he hadn’t murdered someone like I had. The only thing he could kill was an 18 pack of beer on a Friday night. He hadn’t been biker brats like Locks and Topper who played pool with some fresh blood, two hawt volunteer firefighters visiting us for the first time. He hadn’t escaped being an MC’s clubwhore by burning down their clubhouse like Miss B who had the attention of Squid, a bodybuilder who’d been in the Navy. He’d come to visit with a couple of Slayers tonight. 

Every other member here tonight whether they be older, fatter, younger, a gay man or just plain dumb, Legs, Duchess, Butterbean, Sugar Hips and Short—in that order, seemed to be on to someone new. Here I was stuck with Ripper who stared at me like I’d be his salvation. 

Scar ~Asphalt Gods' MC ~ Book #1
Emery wants to die. Good thing she just ran into a killer.

"They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but that's bullshit. What doesn't kill you leaves a scar. More than the eyesore down my torso, I was a scar, the jagged, fucked up remains of a tragedy." 

Scar's Nomad status gives him a chance to fulfill his one wish, but his lonely mission is interrupted when a possible one-night stand goes horribly wrong. 

"They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but what if I can't live with myself anymore?" 

Finding the blonde face down in a puddle of her own blood jeopardizes everything. Saving her and keeping her quiet could get Scar killed, but when Emery wakes up, her shocking proposal for him to kill her starts the ride of his life. 

Seven Sunsets ~ Asphalt Gods’ MC ~ Book #2
Scar’s Nomad status gives him a chance to fulfill his one wish, but his lonely mission is interrupted when a possible one-night stand goes horribly wrong.

Finding the blonde face down in a puddle of her own blood jeopardizes everything. Saving her and keeping her quiet could get Scar killed, but when Emery wakes up, her shocking proposal for him to kill her starts the ride of his life. 

Money alone won’t be enough for Scar to take the job, but he could use an accomplice with nothing to lose, one who won’t be around to tell tales. Agreeing to a week on the back of his motorcycle, keeping his bitch seat warm for the woman Scar’s hell bent on saving from a rival gang, Emery sets out on her last adventure. But saying goodbye is harder than they could ever imagine after seven sunsets 

Biker Series
Scar (Asphalt Gods’ MC #1) 99c
Seven Sunsets (Asphalt Gods’ MC #2)
Hell on Heelz (An Asphalt Gods’ MC Novel)
Coming Soon - Sunrise (Asphalt Gods’ MC #4)
Coming Soon - Cowboy, Take Me (An Asphalt Gods’ MC Novel)
Coming Soon - Bones (An Asphalt Gods’ MC Novel)

Erotic Romance Titles
In Too Deep (Table 21 #1) FREE
Never Too Late (Table 21 #2)
Love Too Hot (Table 21 #3)
2 Sex Addicts Fall in Love (The Complete Table 21 Series)
The Red Door (Mouth Rocks the Heart Anthology)

Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy Titles 
Prequels (Sanguis City #0.5) FREE
Sanguis City (#1)
Carpe Noctem (Sanguis City #2)
Coming Soon - Deos Mortis (Sanguis City #3) 
Twice Bitten (Broad Gate Pack #1) Coming Soon - She Wolf (Broad Gate Pack #2)
Morgan Jane Mitchell
Bestselling erotic romance and paranormal author, Morgan Jane Mitchell spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction. Trading politicians for bloodsuckers of another kind, she's now the author of bestselling post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, Sanguis City. Her action packed series of vampires, witches, demons and zombies is paranormal romance, dystopia, urban fantasy and erotica in one bite. When Morgan Jane is not creating the city of blood or conjuring up other supernatural tales, she's dreaming up erotic and dark romances. Morgan Jane lives in the beautiful bluegrass area of central Kentucky with her husband, three sons, three cats, a greyhound shepherd mix dog named Miss Penni Lane, fifty chickens and seventeen ducks. 



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Sexiest Man Alive Blitz & Review

Sexiest Man Alive Knight Fashion
by Mary Ting
Expected publication: February 22, 2016
Nathan Cross is a struggling actor waiting tables at a local restaurant to make ends meet while he attends endless auditions. Though his hopeful career moves at a slow pace, Olivia is the strength and sunshine in his life… until she leaves him. One day, he is offered a contract with a modeling agent, leading him to work for Knight Fashion Magazine—a dream job he never imagined would become a reality.
Olivia swore she would always put her career first and that’s precisely what she did when she left Nathan. Having a deadbeat dad and watching her mom work two jobs to make ends meet have been her driving force. When she is offered a modeling career, she drops everything—even the love of her life—and moves to New York.
Though Nathan and Olivia try to steer clear of one another, working for the same fashion magazine causes their paths to cross again and old emotions are awakened. Can Nathan forgive Olivia or will he take the next step with the woman he is currently dating? Will Olivia do everything she can to break them apart? Or will she choose her career over her heart… again?


Clarke whips out her magic once again ensuring we continue to long for more!
Something Great fans will be happy to know that this spin off, Sexiest Man Alive, brings us all of the feels we've missed from the Knight family & their crew since the last release! I have really enjoyed Nathan & Olivia's unperfect story. Their love, grief, & growth brought yet another level of awe to the reasons why this series is so addicting.
This is NOT a simple Happily Ever After read. It is full of drama, life choices, regrets, & WTH moments! There are characters to love & loathe. Do NOT expect to be whisked away to a fairytale world with this one. Do expect a real unperfect couple struggling to move on after their life changes & choices do not seem to turn out as they had hoped. For me...all of this added to the fantastic world Clarke has woven for us with the Knight family we have come to adore throughout the previous series. It was then that I fell in love with this world & this spin off totally brought back all of that for me.
I've said this with every release ... this series just gets better & better, & I am so very excited that we get to continue visiting our beloved characters while meeting these fabulous new additions! I shall await the next release with great anticipation!


Knight Fashion Jacket

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M. Clarke a.k.a. Mary Ting 

International Bestselling Author Mary Ting/M. Clarke resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

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Sexiest Man Alive by M.  Clarke
Sexiest Man Alive (Knight Fashion)
Release date: Feb 22, 2016
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