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Pulse Genesis ~ Review

Pulse Genesis ~ Book 3
The Pulse Myths
by AJ Sweeny
Pulse Genesis is the gripping conclusion to A. Jacob Sweeny's award winning trilogy The Pulse Myths.(less)

When a gorgeous immortal such as Elliot De Costa asks for a woman's hand in marriage, she never denies him. Michelle is ecstatic over the idea of being Mrs. De Costa, and the couple can't wait to put their troubled pasts behind them and begin their new life together, starting with their honeymoon.

But when a blood-soaked soap in the shape of a heart shows up as one of their wedding gifts, Michelle doesn't know whether it's just an immature prank, or something more serious. With no name attached to the gift, Michelle is determined to find out where it came from and the meaning behind it. Not knowing whom else to turn to, Michelle appeals to Elliot's ethereal twin sister for help, and a new dark and sinister mystery begins to unfold.

With Hadeno's daughter back in the picture, and with Jessica around, the past is never that far behind. It seems that an unexpected family reunion is destined to take place whether the newlyweds are ready or not. Join Michelle, Elliot, and the rest of the Hekademos crew in this astonishing, spellbinding, and illuminating tale of revelations that will push their world and everyone they know and love to their utmost limits, both physically and emotionally.

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Check out this Of Blood And Pulse Trailer:
My Review:
5 Stars
Team Elliot Forever! :D December 31, 2013 
 Aaaaaaargh.....It's so difficult to express how AWESOME this book is in words without giving away spoilers. Just know that it IS! Yep it's that good!!
This series has been one of my absolute favorites out of all the books that I have read. These characters & this story are forever a part of me. I highly recommend it to all of my paranormal, romance, & history lovers!!!
I have now read all of the Pulse series including the novellas of the guys past lives, & I can honestly tell you I am sad that there is not another one for me to download right this moment to continue on. After reading them in ebook format I immediately knew I needed them in print. I am happy happy happy to have my signed copies of the Pulse of Heroes 1 & 2 as well as Pulse Genesis to enjoy again & again! Now I just hope to convince AJ that we definitely need more of our lovely immortals & their families! I simply can't get enough, & I refuse to say goodbye!
That being said the ending was not what I expected at all & I must agree that some issues that arise in this book are not for everyone. If you are not a fan of emotional books then this may turn you or break you, but the best stories do that in many cases.
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Pulse of Heroes: Pt. 1
Of Blood & Pulse
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~ A. Jacob Sweeny ~
My novels are long and complex, sweet and intense. They are mysterious and suspenseful Find out why the magic for yourself.
I have been writing and storytelling ever since I was able to hold a pen. When I spent time working as a teacher with children of varying ages I was fascinated by the awesome power of words to excite and inspire the young mind. The art of Storytelling is what makes a good teacher great.
My degree in History with an emphasis on Ancient Near East, and my personal interest in world myths, combined with my fieldwork in archaeology have inspired my research and development of many elements in the story.
I also remember what it was like to be a girl myself and have often wanted to share my own thoughts, fears and dreams during that age with others. Books were essential to my development especially during my teenage years and helped me become the satisfied person that I am today.

When I think of authors from the past I get this picture in my head of the recluse. The either beautiful fragile soul that cannot communicate with the rest of society unless it is through beauty of prose, or perhaps the other type of recluse, the one that had given up on society, bitter and cynical, throwing words of what they consider truth on top of everyone's heads. Whatever the case, the author of yesterday was rarely seen, and rarely heard from, unless they were in the very comfortable circles of people whom they considered good friends.
To a degree the author of yesteryears was held up on a pedestal of an untouchable, unreachable, almost like a mad scientist (albeit a word scientist), and at the same way that they were kept low, as dangerous, and perhaps a little crazy. Maybe it's all true. But I don't think that these types of labels only fit authors, they fit most of the artist community, and even the scholarly one. Yet the word "recluse" still stood out for authors; not anymore.
This proudly worn title is no longer appropriate for us "authors." Society has voted and society wants free information; about everyone, including the people who weave the stories you love to read. Social media has exploded and continues to grow. With a press of one button anyone can reach the far corners of the world to see what people are doing, reading and writing about everywhere.
These days many readers want to reach the author. Whether be it for praise, a literary beating, a question, or just plain curiosity; we are now on display whether we like it or not. Our faces, our personas now present the books we write. It's no longer just the book cover. There is no more hiding in dark caves. You are either a hypocrite or you're not, based on what you write and what you say in public. I remember when that type of labeling was more for people in the performing arts, but perhaps authors have crossed over?
So what do we do? Well, at least for me the switch has been smooth. I am pretty much an open book; I have no dark secrets to hide, but there is a limitation to how much private information I am willing to share. I also happen to be fond of people in general and find a connection with most people I meet. For some, these social skill maybe outside their reach, maybe even just plain uncomfortable, but I don't see things turning back to the way they used to be. So I head straight on and introduce myself with a smile:
Here I am. A. Jacob Sweeny, author of an amazingly suspenseful, romantic, paranormal, and historical adventures... want to go on my ride?

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Inheritance ~ Review

Inheritance ~ Book 2 
The Dark Gifts Series
When Sarah and Jason Masada received an old house from an aunt they never knew existed, they were grateful for the blessing. Until they discovered the curse that came with being part of the Masada family--a full moon.

Intent on tracing their lineage, they descend into a world of lies, fear, ancient myths, and death. Indian hunters have tracked them to the family compound, Jason is wanted for murders he doesn’t remember committing, and their new-found family is on a mission to kill them. It seems their only hope for survival is to combine forces with two unlikely allies and trek across the globe to the place where it all began. Maybe there they can find a way to end it.

Book Trailer:
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   ~    ~    ~ 
My Review:

5 Stars
Ok...I just have to say...this book is Greatness!!! She's done it again!! I absolutely LOVED this book! I could not put it down! I started out reading Birthright (The Dark Gifts Vol. 1) & was just awed! LOVED it!!! I wanted more, so I downloaded the sample of this one. It took me a few days to decide to buy the full version. I have to admit at first how bummed I was after finishing the sample of Inheritance (The Dark Gifts Vol. 2), because it seemed like a whole new storyline.....UNTIL I purchased the full copy. Don't get me wrong...the characters in this book DEFINITELY grabbed me, pulled me into their story, & held their own, but I was stuck in the mindset of Birthright, & I just wanted their story to continue on from there...to know more about Liz, Michael, The Council, & their magical journey. :) But --- Wow, either way I was hooked! I soon realized I knew some of the names these new characters were referring to as well. And then it hit me. When those critical pieces fell into place it made everything crystal clear!!! I am definitely a huge fan of Willow Cross' writing!! I will be waiting on pins & needles to read more of The Dark Gifts series!!! GREATNESS I tell you! =)

   ~    ~    ~

 About the Author
Willow Cross resides in Arkansas with her husband, two children still young enough to live at home, an enormous cat named Bitsy, and a scaredy-cat dog named Tank. Her home has been known to host the occasional ghost, and a few of her friends profess to be witches. Although she dearly loves Vampires and Werewolves, they are never invited for dinner.
   ~    ~    ~

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In the Firelight Blog Tour

In the Firelight by Sibylla Matilde
Publication Date: December 19, 2013
**** Mature Content, Sexual Situations, Adult Situations, Strong Language ****

She found him on a snowy night. He sparked her desires and inflamed her dreams.

Independent and feisty, Shea Madison has a tussle on her hands. Living in and loving her quiet little corner of Montana, she’s fiercely determined to fight a real estate developer trying to turn her quaint little mountain town into a touristy ski resort. So, when an outsider shows up to study the effects on the area, she instantly attempts to sway his impression… even if it means a little harmless flirting with the enticing visitor.

Rhys Weland’s charade has one purpose—to bring the locals around to the idea of the resort, primarily the ringleader, Ms. Shea Madison. Embroiled in his deception, he’s stunned by the feelings she draws from deep inside him. Her integrity and sincerity quickly have him second-guessing his twisted morals. Her spirit arouses his soul. Her sensuality steals his breath.

In the dark of the night, in the warmth of the fire, the passion smoldering between them combusts. But just when it all seems to make sense, one small stubborn mistake shreds the fragile bond between them. Will an impetuous act reignite their flame, or will their love vanish like sparks in the air?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Book Trailer:

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Excerpt from Chapter 7 – The Bar:
"Watch out," Rhys said as he slipped his arm around the curve of her waist. "This guy needs to get by."
His hand slid softly down her spine to settle on the curve of her backside, and the touch of pressure brought her tightly up against him, eliciting a tremble that ran through her.
Shit!  The rum was going straight to her head. She stared up at him for a moment.
“You okay, sweetheart?” he murmured softly with a concerned smile.
Shea could feel the heat of his body, the softness of his flannel shirt. She could smell his enticing clean scent of soap and pine. His fingers shifted slightly where they rested, almost gripping, and the motion brought her a little closer even until her breasts were firmly pressed against his chest. Her breath caught in her throat at the flicker of heat in his eyes, and the rest of the bar seemed to fade as a tremor ran through her. Rhys dipped his head slightly, and Shea’s eyes drifted closed.

Oh my God, he was going to kiss her again.
Just before his lips could taste hers, Trinity came burrowing through the crowd, followed by a few of her barfly friends. “Hi, Rhys,” she smiled widely, noting that Rhys’ hand was firmly seated on Shea’s ass.
“Ladies…” Rhys winked at the girls, and all three broke out into nervous giggles. Shea pushed at him slightly, but he held her firm and looked back down at her with a stern shake of his head that stilled her and made her heart thud heavily in her chest. It unnerved her that she so quickly complied, and Shea took another long drink of her rum and Coke.

“Oh my God, Trinity,” one of them exclaimed a little too loudly as they disappeared back into the crowd. “You’re right. He’s amazing!”
“Wow!” the other chimed in with a squeal. “But what the hell is he doing with Shea?”
Rhys looked down at Shea as she scoffed at the comment.
“What’s wrong?” he laughed.
“My God, you’d think they’d never seen a dude before,” Shea grumbled as she reached for her fourth heavily-alcohol-laden drink, finishing it off and holding her glass up to the bartender to indicate the need for yet another.

“Are you jealous?” Rhys beamed as he studied her.
“No. Of course not,” Shea argued a bit breathlessly. “It’s just kind of disgusting the way every woman in this town seems to be throwing themselves at you. Even some of the married ones.”
“You are a little jealous, aren’t you?” he needled.
Shea grabbed her new rum and Coke, taking another long drink through the tiny straw as she looked up at him with a bit of annoyance. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she finally muttered, very unconvincingly.

“Well, would you like to know a secret?” Rhys teased, taking a sip of his beer. He set the bottle on the bar, and then reached his fingers up to trace the curve of her jaw. His hand was chilled from holding the cold bottle, and the cool touch tingled and teased her skin. “There’s only one woman in this town that has kept me awake at night.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *  * *

 Teaser Scramble:
Each blog on this tour has a teaser pic. In each one of those teaser pics there is a letter that is different. There are four pictures in total that spell a four letter word. Figure out that word and type in the answer in the Giveaway/Rafflecopter.  
To get a tour schedule for the day go to https://www.facebook.com/subclubbers each day for the blog tour stops. 
The Prize? A signed Paperback from Sibylla Matilde herself.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *  * *

~ Sibylla Matilde ~
Sibylla Matilde grew up in the mountain valleys of Southwest Montana exploring the dusty Old West gold country on the back of a horse. She attended a two-room schoolhouse beginning in 1st grade & had the same teacher until she changed schools after 7th. Beginning at about age 12, Sibylla discovered historical romance, feeding off of work of Jude Deveraux & Lisa Kleypas. She loves a book that can make the reader run the gamut of emotions, from the sweet glow of new love to gut-wrenching heartache. She is a true romantic & always has stories floating around in her head, living in a fantasyland until she writes them down to free them.

Music is her emotional trigger. Growing up with a Wagnarian-loving mother, Sibylla was raised to treasure music that digs deep into the psyche, drawing out elation, sorrow, grief, desire. The soundtrack to her life includes many genres spanning centuries. She looooooooves Thirty Seconds to Mars (rather obsessively, actually... but, really, how can you NOT be crazy about this guy!? Jared Leto. Shhh. ) & pimps them out to all her friends through Spotify. She also delights in Met Opera HD broadcasts at her local movie theater & hopes (listening Met?) to someday see Diana Damrau reprise her role as Mozart’s Queen of the Night in Die Zauberflöte.

Sibylla lives with her husband and hero who saved her from her own calamitous, young-adult self. He makes her laugh daily, even when things are tough. He's proved to her that love really can heal a shattered soul. In 18 years, they have never had a fight, although argue regularly with their two teenage kids who have, unfortunately, inherited their father’s quick wit (unfortunate as it is a quick wit that Sibylla, herself, definitely does not possess – there is a reason she is a writer & not a stand-up comedian). They live a quiet life with their two weird little rescued Chiweenies. Wait… teenagers & little yap-dogs? OK, maybe not so quiet.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * 
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From Gods ~ NEW Cover Reveal

From Gods   (Descendant Prophecies) by Mary Ting
Did you just see a flash of lightning across the sky on a clear sunny day? Don’t blame Mother Nature.
Skylar Rome should have been having the best summer ever, before heading off to college. Suddenly her whole life changes while visiting her cousin, and meeting the Grand brothers; Mason, in particular. Though she’s sure he is someone she should stay away from, the attraction was undeniable.

Strange things begin to happen, throwing Skylar’s life into turmoil. Implausibly, she gets caught up in a world where the descendants of ancient gods have super powers, and evil beings are after her. Not only are her discoveries difficult to accept, but now she is running out of time and running for her life, while trying to unravel the mystery of what they want from her.

Forced into a battle set into motion long before she was born, will Skylar find the answers she seeks, or will she die trying?
  ♥   ♥   ♥
Book Trailer:

♥   ♥   ♥
Praise for From Gods:

"A fast paced adventure full of mystery, action, magic and romance! Readers won't be able to put this book down!" ~ InD'tale Magazine
 "This was just the jolt I needed! Mary Ting offers us mythology fans her own electrifying spin on Demi-God Greatness filled with suspense, comedy, romance, & mystery! I am officially a From Gods' Fan!! Can. Not. Wait. For. More. " ~ Jeni's Bookshelf  
 "A story that is Electrifying with love. Get ready to be shocked!" ~ Janie, Crossangels

"From Gods takes mythology to a whole new level of imagination with its incredible plot and amazing characters. It's full of hotness that you never want to end!" ~ Michele, Insane About Books

"From Gods by the AMAZING AUTHOR Mary Ting is OMGods good!! If you even LIKE Greek Mythology, set aside some time because you will DEVOUR Mary Ting's Demi Gods and Vultures!!!" ~ Mindy, Books Complete Me

"This book is "electric" as it blends paranormal romance, mythology (which I love), action and suspense together for an amazing read. Mary Ting, you've done it again! This book exceeded my expectations and I was literally blown away as if I were struck by lightning!" ~ Vanessa, Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader
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.99 cents on both Amazon and B&N. 

 My Review of From Gods.

♥   ♥   ♥  ♥   ♥    ♥   ♥   ♥     ♥   ♥  ♥   ♥   ♥
♥   ♥   ♥  ♥   ♥    ♥   ♥   ♥     ♥   ♥  ♥   ♥   ♥
Mason’s voice was sweet and caring. It was this side of him that made Skylar forget about his rude self. She always knew there was a wonderful side to him. She could just feel it when she first looked into his soulful eyes. “What will you say to them? Won’t they be looking for him?”
“I’ll figure something out. But that is not the reason I came here. I came to make sure you were okay, and since you weren’t answering your text, I thought...actually, I didn’t know what to think. I knew Remus went out and when he does, he’s out pretty late. I’m actually appalled. I never thought he could...well...he did have anger issues, but that’s not an excuse for what he did. I didn’t want you to think I left you there so Remus could do what he did, even though I had no idea what he did at first. You didn’t think that, did you?”
Skylar couldn’t remember if that ever crossed her mind, and since she didn’t want to make him feel bad, she shook her head. “No...I didn’t.”
“Good, because you may think I’m what you would call a ‘bad boy.’ I would never hurt you physically. I’m not that bad.”
Skylar gave a short smile and almost giggled, but stopped when his finger traced the cut on her lower right lip.
“Remus did this to you, didn’t he?” For a brief moment he closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath, as if he was trying to suppress the anger that seemed to have crept up on him. Delicately, he brushed it again. “I’m sorry.”
The small gesture of his simple touch drove Skylar into a whirlwind of heated emotions. He was already sitting way too close, and every time she turned her head to speak, all she could do was think impure thoughts. In order to avoid something she might regret doing, she nodded to answer and pulled back, making Mason drop his hand.
“You should smile more often. It makes me smile,” he said unexpectedly. Blushing like she’d never blushed before, she looked away shyly. “How did you get back home? You didn’t fly, did you?” “Nooo,” Skylar took in his teasing. “I...well...kind of...borrowed Remus’s car.” “Borrowed, huh? I think it’s more like stealing.”
Unsure if Mason was joking again by his tone, she tensed up. “I—”
“I think I need to call the cops. Maybe I should call Doug. What do you think, Ms. Rome?” Mason chuckled.
He had called her Ms. Rome the night they met. Skylar couldn’t believe his sense of humor tonight. Laughing like a schoolgirl, she held on to the moment. After what had happened just a couple of hours ago, his presence gave her comfort and put her mind and heart at ease.
“If you don’t mind, I’m going to drive his car home.” “Yes, of course. The key is on top of the dresser. Then, what about your car?” “I didn’t drive here.” “Then...how did you get here?” Mason leaned over and whispered, “It’s my little secret.” The small breeze from his warm breath in her ear sent tingly awareness all over her.
Brushing away the thought of his lips on hers, she tried to focus on other things. Knowing he had super abilities, it didn’t surprise her that he ran there. Most likely, he figured out she’d taken Remus’s car to get home, so he came to retrieve it.
“It’s way past your bedtime, and you have to work tomorrow. I should go.” He got up and gave her his hand. The force of his pull made her leap into his arms. Inhaling a small gasp, she immediately drowned in their tangled bodies. In his arms she felt small, but safe for the very first time. From that moment, she knew without a doubt that she could trust him.
Mason finally released Skylar after gazing into her eyes longer than usual. “Umm...I should go now.” His eyes scanned her from head to toe as he guided her to her bed. “So...is this what you wear to bed?”
Warmth flushed to her cheeks. She suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing a bra, and immediately got into bed and pulled the sheet above her chest.
He gave a mischievous grin, twitching his brows.
“Why?” She examined what she wore...short shorts and a tank top. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? Should I be wearing something else?”
“Kind of skimpy, don’t you think?”
Great! He was back to being himself again. “Kind of skimpy? It’s hot,” she stated. Suddenly, she felt like she was exposing herself.
“It’s hot alright. Wear something longer next time, or else I may not be able to control myself.”
Skylar flushed with warmth again. He was actually flirting with her.
“Close your eyes,” he said, guiding her lower until her head was on the pillow. Then he sat on the edge of the bed. Flexing his muscles, he pressed his hands on either side of the pillow, and the intensity of the want and need in his eyes as he looked at her left her breathless. His eyes traveled to her lips, then back up to her eyes, and stayed there as he slowly moved to close the distance.
Withering beneath him, Skylar’s breath was still caught in her chest. His close proximity aroused every inch of her, and undeniable desire brewed in the energy between them. The pitter- patter of her heart made her chest rise and fall quickly as, anticipating his lips on hers, she could already taste his sweetness. Her lips parted, ready for him as he lowered toward her...closer...closer. Instead, with what seemed to take a great amount of effort from him, he found a spot and nuzzled the side of her neck.
“Close your eyes.” He huffed out a heavy, rough breath, as if he was trying to restrain himself from something he wanted to do. His hot breath brushed against the side of her neck, making her quiver in all the right places.
Frozen in place, Skylar had to gather herself before she could speak from the let down. “Close my eyes? But, you’re still here.” Her words could barely escape her lips. Snuggling into her pillow, she tried to shake off the heated daze.
Raking his hair back, he sat up, looking overcome. “Stop talking, Echo, or you’re going to the naughty corner.” His lips stretched into a smug half grin. Oh...that grin he does so well, frisky and sexy at the same time.
“And if I don’t? What are you going to do, spank me? No...are you going to shock me?”
He twitched his brows playfully. “You really want to know? We can do both and see how that feels.”
With no comeback, she sank deeper into the mattress, hiding beneath the sheet, secretly thinking how hot but twisted that sounded.
His hand reached over, covering her eyes. “Go to sleep, Echo.” His authoritative tone was final, but she was up for the challenge.
“My name isn’t Echo, and you’re still here,” she yawned, feeling extremely lethargic, waiting for his response. When she didn’t feel the lightweight over her eyes, she opened them. There was no sign of him, or any evidence he had gone out the door.
About the Author:

♥   ♥   ♥
Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.
 ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥
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Twitter @MaryTing
 ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

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The Wolf Siren Series

 The Wolf Siren Series by Tina Smith

Wolf Sirens #1: Forbidden
Discover the Legend:
 The Mystical Bond, the Fatal Allure ... of Hunter & Prey

Misunderstood seventeen year old Lila Crain unwillingly moves to the foreboding town of Shade, prepared to face her punishment - Shade High. But she can't begin to anticipate the life-altering events that lie in wait for her.

The dark and charismatic Reid has a wolfish grin and amber eyes that would make any girl blush and he has his sights set on the new girl in school. Reid's stunning friends - including icy top dog Sam - invite Lila into their clique. Suspicious, yet flattered by their attention, she lets down her guard and answers the intriguing call like a moth to a flame.

Thrillingly introduced to the local nightlife by the enigmatic group, Lila finally feels like she belongs. But her newly found friendships threaten to turn sour when she unwittingly develops feelings for the leader's off-limits boyfriend, Sky. Tensions rise further when a quirky local named Cresida warns Lila to stay away from the clique at all costs. Undeterred, she is irresistibly drawn to uncover the truth behind their mysterious lifestyle. Lila unwittingly starts off a chain of events that will forever alter fate for both hunter and hunted as she learns they have been waiting for her...

Inspired by the legend of the femme fatale goddess, Artemis, Wolf Sirens is a compelling gothic masterpiece of paranormal romance.

Forbidden, Fever, Night Fall and the soon to be released Dusk in Shade - all continue the tale of Lila Crain, the heroine with the chip on her shoulder, on an epic paranormal journey in which forbidden love threatens to destroy the underworld.

"If you want a book with mythology, mystery, heartache, romance, and wolves, then check this series out." 4 Stars - Ryan caughtinasnyderwebb.blogspot

“Rich, complex and deeply fascinating. Smith’s creation stands apart from other books in the genre. Wolf Sirens has raised the bar for paranormal romance.”- Kevis Hendrickson, author of Rogue Hunter

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Wolf Sirens #2: Fever
Many are Born, Few are Reborn: 
Eternally Cursed to Love & Not Purely Desire… Temperatures rise as the flames of longing still burn in the thrilling sequel to Wolf Sirens Forbidden. The legend continues. Apollo, god of deadly plague, conspires to undo his sister’s legacy. The wolves exist between two worlds, one in the town another in the forest. Prophecy says hunters and wolves are cursed to a mutual attraction. Increasingly, each successive slayer becomes more alluring to the wolf. The predestined enemies struggle, to both resist and contain their fierce rivalry in a conflict powerful enough to tear two worlds apart. A shadow has fallen over the heartlands of myth and reality. The chosen is reborn broken-hearted, in the scorching embers of grief. Devastated, Lila trains tirelessly as the assassin. She must submit to deliver justice and protect the innocent of Shade. But is it love or revenge which motivates her? Will the huntress or her heart prevail? Breaking away from the call of destiny and fearing betrayal, Lila makes a desperate escape in search of her lost beloved. The intensity between two ancient enemies ignites. The history of the wolf pack is revealed as devotion and desire in the underworld reaches fever pitch.

If The Bite Doesn't Get You, Then the Fever Will.

“Rich, complex, and deeply fascinating. Smith’s creation stands apart from other books in the genre. Wolf Sirens has raised the bar for paranormal romance.”- Kevis Hendrickson, author of Rogue Hunter

"Smith weaves a thrilling and beautifully crafted tale that sinks its fangs in and refuses to let go."- Michael Alexander, author of The Vessel

“Fever does not disappoint! Tina Smith captures her readers on the first page and leads them on a fast-paced journey full of suspense and adventure as heroine, Lila, struggles towards the truth.” - Beverley Eikli, author of A Little Deception

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Wolf Sirens #3: Night Fall
What Rises Must Fall:
Uncover what Happens after Dark in Shade.

In the rainy valley the sky is covered by cloud as the Thunder God wars with his son, Apollo. As dusk descends the wolves haunt the forest. A crescent moon rises and all days are nights for the huntress, until the ancient battle is won. But what lurks beneath the surface in the heartlands of myth and reality in the shadow of the Gods is a tale as insidious and devious as the wolves themselves. In the grips of a war between wolves and hunters, the sun has not yet set forever on a love that has defied time in a valley cursed for centuries. No matter which way Lila chooses to turn, she will lose the one thing that means everything.

The unwilling heroine with a chip on her shoulder steps up the fight that takes her into the belly of the beast. Lila must follow a dark path, towards a war no one can win. Lives will be lost in a vicious clash. Suspicions rage. Who can she trust and who will be left standing after the fray. Lila treads between two worlds on a path of inescapable fate that Artemis has chosen for her. No one will emerge unscathed. The hunter’s legacy must be fulfilled in a vivid tale of painstaking heartbreak and betrayal as what rises must fall and those that have fallen must find the strength to rise again.

“I felt this to be the best out of the three books I had read in the series. It was absolutely epic.” – Ramsha, Goodreads
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Wolf Sirens (#4): Dusk in Shade
The Wolves Rise at Sunset
Releasing in December
Legacy is Hard to Ignore.

There is no escape from fate… Dark clouds culminate as the legend continues. In the town where secrets lie and natural justice rules, the sirens have fallen – captured and defeated. The fate of the hunters is in the hands of the wolves. In the grips of the largest full moon in centuries the stakes climb higher. Aided by a thwarted enemy, Apollo unleashes a long awaited plan to defeat Artemis once and for all. Wolf venom spreads across the Valley like a catastrophic virus. Those that Lila loves most must chose to take cover or defend as the battle for supremacy reaches new heights. Bonds are tested as devastation and mistrust escalates to breaking point. The tumultuous relationship between wolves and hunters reaches a bloody climax. What will the huntress uncover? Who will be lost in the cross fire as Lila combats a new breed of predator, in a war that will ultimately decide the fate of the Shade.

Dusk in Shade brings bombshell revelations that will stun you, in the fourth epic tale of Tina Smith’s action packed series, Wolf Sirens. Full of suspense that keeps you guessing right until the explosive end -- after this sunset the lives of the good the bad and the bitten will never be the same...
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~ Tina Smith ~
I inspire, entertain and examine life. I write paranormal, romantic and suspense fueled tales about cursed wolves. I learnt to shoot for Wolf Sirens and I am obsessed with writing.
Night is the time my creative juices flow and I love exploring the lives of my protagonist's within the paranormal genre under the light of the moon.
I have a love of romance and paranormal - I put the two together and I came out the other side with Wolf Sirens. A gothic series starring Lila Crain, the heroine with a chip on her shoulder. My books are romantic and dark but the ending is ultimately HEA. I am driven to write and connect with readers through my mad-capped imagination - you could say it's a calling...


At the moment I can be found furiously editing the fourth installment to the series.
Dusk in Shade, my fourth novel, will be released late in December 2013.

The Wolf Sirens series Forbidden, Fever, Night Fall, Dusk in Shade and Dawn in Shade, all continue the epic story that follows the heroine huntress into darkness.

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In the midst of a prophecy about Gods and Goddesses, misunderstood seventeen year old Lila Crain moves to Shade, a foreboding small town with a curfew. Unable to imagine the life altering events that lie in wait.
The dark and charismatic Reid has a wolfish grin and amber eyes that would make any girl blush and he has his sights set on the new girl in school.
Acclimating to life in Shade, Lila is quite guarded until Reid's stunning friends - including icy top dog Sam - invite her into their clique. Flattered by their attention, Lila answers the intriguing call like a moth to a flame.

Thrillingly introduced to the local night life by the enigmatic group, Lila finally feels like she belongs. But her newly found friendships threaten to turn sour when she unwittingly develops feelings for the leader's off-limits boyfriend, Sky.
Lila's new found confidence is rocked further when an unstable classmate named Cresida warns her to stay away from the clique at all costs.
The clique like to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. Cresida knows their fatal secret and is honour-bound to protect those who are endangered.
When Lila's life is threatened she is determined to uncover the truth behind their mysterious lifestyle. She unwittingly starts off a chain of events that will forever change fate for both hunter and hunted.
Lila suddenly realises she is part of the legend - only not in the way she longs to be. The allure between hunter and hunted becomes a fatal attraction as she learns they have been waiting for her...
Inspired by the legend of the femme fatale goddess, Artemis, WOLF SIRENS is a compelling gothic masterpiece about forbidden love in the underworld.

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She has also started a Writer Co-op Page, for an anthology.
The book will be called Nightlife.
Visit her web page.
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