Review Policy

Review Policy 

*I will NOT be taking any more Review books until I can get caught up on the ones I currently have.* Thank You!

Authors who would like me to review a book:

 please send your info. & book link to my in a private message on my page Jeni's Bookshelf or email me here:
*Print books are great & so are e-books!

I enjoy reading YA, Adult, NA, & Childrens (I have 4 children & we enjoy reading together).
I read some Eroticas as well.

*No pedophilia or harm to children whatsoever!

Here are some of the  genres I am interested in:  
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Contemporary Romance Historical Fiction
Self Published books

Turn around time 3 weeks after it has been accepted for review.

Rating System

5 Books ~ Magical! I need this book on my shelf!

4 Books ~ The pages magically turned.

3 Books ~ It was good, but could use a magical touch.

2 Books ~ Missing the magic.

1 Book ~ Fell flat, Where's the magic?
*Personally I don't like to leave a review for a book below a 3 star.
If a book falls below that I prefer to not post it. I try to rate my reviews on more than solely if it is my type of book, use of grammar, etc. I realize how much authors put into their work, & even if it's not necessarily something I would read again I attempt to give it a fair rating on the book as a whole.

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