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Monarch Blog Tour

Monarch by Belle Whittington
October 1, 2014
Blair Reynolds was born to rule. Worlds, that is. Destined to reign over an ancient intergalactic race, it may seem her fate is written in the stars. But she’s willing to risk it all for another chance to spend forever with her true love – even if it means traveling through time and space to the other side of the universe. 
As far as Ash is concerned, Blair's happily-ever-after involves him, not the mere mortal with whom she seems so infatuated. She was bequeathed to him by her father, and Ash will go to any lengths to keep Blair and her true love apart. 
And Ash isn’t the only one. 
Deep in the jungles of Brazil, where tribal drums call to Blair and her true love, other forces carry out dangerous secret plans. 
However, Blair has secrets of her own … secrets so lethal she dares not even remember them.Secrets so painful they could ruin everything. 
Because some secrets kill.
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I struggled with the buttons on my shirt as I stumbled up the sloping floor, holding on to the armrests and backs of seats trying to reach our row.  All the lights in the cabin were out making it easy to see the brilliant flashes of lightning and electricity pinging around the outside of the plane among a halo of bright light.  Then, as quickly as the plane had plummeted from high above the clouds, the pilot was able to stop the sharp descent and get control once more.  
People were wailing, children were crying, and a man three rows in front of us was throwing up in a barf bag.  The lady across the aisle from us crossed herself and then tightened her seat belt. 
Andrew refused to let me sit next to Everett, insisting that he sit between us.  When I protested, he lost his temper and spoke through gritted teeth, “Look around you, Sis.  There’s a plane-load of people who just saw their lives flash before their eyes.”
“Take it easy.  It’s not her fault,” Everett interjected.  Andrew refused to turn around and acknowledge him.  I started to protest again, but he cut me off and continued.
“I told you both to control yourselves, didn’t I?”  His face was flushed with anger, covered in an expression I’d never seen on my brother’s face.  “You won’t be happy until you kill us all, will you?” 
“That’s enough, Andrew!” Everett grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him out of my face. 
But it was too late.  The damage had been done.  It would have been better if he’d have hit  me. Instead, he’d ripped my chest open and tore out my heart. And I knew … I knew … my lip quivered as I looked away … because I knew my brother blamed Dad’s and Aaron’s deaths on me.  He blamed Mom’s disappearance on me, too.  He’d laid it all on my shoulders. 
And I felt the weight drop on me as he spoke those last words. 
I was trapped on that plane, with no way to run from the guilt and shame.  I stood and looked around for a place to go.  Andrew grabbed me by the wrist and ordered me to sit down.  
Then something came over me. Perhaps it was anger at myself or maybe it was because I was mad at him.  
Perhaps it was the alien side of me.  Or maybe it was the voice that had grown stronger within me over the past few hours that had reminded me of who I really was— Queen … Monarch … a royal alien princess who was once born to alien parents who’d both inherited their thrones through birthright and royal blood.  
I calmly cocked my head to the side, looked my brother in the eyes, and said, “Do you know who you’re speaking to?” I felt my nostrils flare and my breath quicken as the words wound their way up my throat and across my to
 5 Fun Facts you didn't know about Belle Whittington
  1. I went to a 3-week summer camp in Minnesota with I was 15.  We shot guns, bows and arrows, learned rock climbing, and canoed into Canada in two giant birch canoes where we camped in the great outdoors and drank water out of the lake.  
  2. Once upon a time, I was a professional seamstress.
  3. I was a beauty school dropout way back in 1987.
  4. I once worked in an art group as a Graphic Designer.
  5. I minored in History with an emphasis on the history of the Vikings and Normans.
Belle couldn't be prouder of her new release. Here's what she had to say:
 "MONARCH has been a long time coming. It was the most difficult of my books to write, and there's more than one reason for that. I think the most important reason is that quality takes time.
So, I listened to some really great music and allowed the story to unfold in my imagination.  I've got a great inspiration playlist for MONARCH on Spotify.  But this one song encapsulates not only MONARCH, but the whole trilogy.  In fact, this song is the official theme song for MONARCH.  The awesomely talented Kyler England gave me permission to use this song for the book trailer, which is still in production.

Check out Kyler's music here.  I know you'll love all her music as much as I do!

My characters wanted this book to be the best it could be for my readers. They wanted their story to be told correctly. So I took the time and listened to my characters while following them from Texas to deep in the jungles of Brazil. Judging from the feedback of my beta readers and a couple of fellow authors, I think my effort paid off. I hope all my readers will agree!"
~ Belle

Cicada ~ Book #1
July 14, 2011
Summertime for Blair Reynolds and her friends had always been carefree and fun...until the summer they happened upon something that was not human. As they band together in a fight for their lives, Blair's true love becomes something more than human. Something unnatural. And their survival depends entirely upon their ability to keep a secret.

Firefly ~ Book #2
January 31, 2013
“The darkest days are ahead of us,” Andrew whispered as the drape of shadows slipped away, allowing Blair to awaken. And in her heart of hearts she knew it was true. The unmistakable signs were all around her, growing within her. She was becoming something more than human. All she could do was accept the inevitable.

“I’ve become a freak … an alien. I no longer belong to the human world,” Blair told her true love, and he held her close, determined never to give her up.

“I’d stay in this darkness forever as long as I could be with you. Wherever you are … that’s my home.” Everett meant every word. In fact, he’d willingly give up his own life to protect the girl he’d always loved.

But there was a storm brewing … a firestorm so strong and catastrophic that it could keep them apart forever.

That storm roared into town wearing a brown leather bomber jacket and riding a motorcycle.

Ash was like a secret in human clothing … a dangerous secret. Everything about him was mesmerizing – right down to the swirls of ink that flowed over the smooth muscles across his chest and around his arms. Being with him was like playing with fire.

Blair knew all about playing with fire.

She knew something else, too. A small quiet voice deep within whispered that she really would be separated from everyone and everything she’d known and loved.

Because some secrets run too deep.

Cicada ~ Book #1

Firefly ~ Book #2

~ Belle Whittington ~
was raised in deep East Texas.  She now resides somewhere north of Houston, Texas in a small inconsequential town with the smallest, most inconsequential name.  There, in the shady reaches of the pines, elms, and oaks, she daydreams adventures and secrets she weaves throughout her stories.  She’s the author of CICADA, FIREFLY, and MONARCH, a Young Adult/New Adult cross-over trilogy with excellent reviews.  She studied literature and history at University of Houston where Beowulf, Shakespeare’s works, and the history of the Vikings were her favorite topics.  Belle is positive her readers and fans are the best in the universe.

For MONARCH's Birthday, we're celebrating with 3 1/2 weeks of reviews, guest posts, MONARCH excerpts, and interviews! Oh! And there's a grand prize, too!

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