Saturday, October 1, 2016

DPR: MIAMI, Episode 5: Dark Waters ~ Review

Episode 5: Dark Waters
by Allyson Gottlieb & Kassandra Kush
Publication Date: September 15, 2016
In glittering Miami, vampires run the nightclubs of South Beach, werewolves roam the streets of Little Havana, and every day, crooked paranormals break the law in ways that would be unsolvable or even undetectable by ordinary police. Solving these crimes falls on the shoulders of a secret branch of the criminal justice system known as the Department of Paranormal Regulation. 


Episode 5: The morning after the department’s annual Halloween party, Erica is back to her old ways and Quinn finds a girl washed up on the beach that claims to be a mermaid. The girls agree to help her when she reveals a connection to Demetrius, the mysterious terrorist that has the DPR all up in arms. Meanwhile, Quinn feels pressured to go public with AJ, only to be frustrated and confused when he doesn’t feel the same.

You had me at mermaid!, September 22, 2016
The DPR Halloween bash had me longing for my favorite time of year. It is awesome seeing Erica & Quinn bonding more & more, but man what a close call! I was worried it would all be thrown away for a moment! And THEN Hadley's party erupts into mass hysteria! Oh man this is getting INTENSE!!! And let us not forget about the mermaid who popped up adding yet another layer of excitement & questions. It's a pretty big feat to catch the ones off guard who have practically seen it all.
Love this series!!!!! Can NOT wait for episode 6!!!!!!

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Allyson Gottlieb

Kassandra Kush

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