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DPR: MIAMI, Episode 1 : Bloodlines ~ Review

Episode 1: Bloodlines 
by Allyson Gottlieb & Kassandra Kush
Publication Date: August 18, 2016

In glittering Miami, vampires run the nightclubs of South Beach, werewolves roam the streets of Little Havana, and every day, crooked paranormals break the law in ways that would be unsolvable or even undetectable by ordinary police. Solving these crimes falls on the shoulders of a secret branch of the criminal justice system known as the Department of Paranormal Regulation.


Episode 1: Erica Campbell comes from a long line of DPR investigators, and now that she’s finally joined their ranks, she’s eager to prove herself worthy of the expectations that surround her name. Quinn Walker just wants to keep her head down and escape the stigma of her past. Their partnership is tumultuous at best, but when a routine domestic violence incident turns into a web of blood, money, and lies, Quinn and Erica will have to put aside their differences in order to solve the case. And along the way, they might just learn how to get along after all.

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I enjoyed getting to know this world & it's characters. Erica & Quinn couldn't be more different, but their partnership isn't up for negotiation. Their contempt for each other & the situation is quite evident, but when they are given no other choice they come through for each other. Dare I call them friends? 

I'm also excited to see what is to come of AJ & West. This is a series to keep an eye on!! It's getting GOOD quickly! 

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Meet Erica
She regretted it almost instantly though when Quinn smirked. “Is the great Erica Campbell actually asking for my help? Has hell frozen over?”

“No,” Erica snarled. “I just don’t think it’s smart to take on a nest of vampires alone. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Quinn looked like she had another snappy retort on the tip of her tongue, but then bit it back. “Okay, fine. I agree, there’s definitely enough proof of suspicious activity here to warrant checking the place out. Want to go tonight?”

Erica was stunned at how her partner gave in so quickly, and almost said yes without thinking. Then she thought of this morning’s wicked hangover. “How about tomorrow night?” she proposed feebly.

“Need a night off from the partying, huh?”

Quinn’s taunt wormed its way under her skin, and she sat down forcefully and spun around to face her computer. “Fine. We’ll go tonight. Meet me there at nine.

Meet Quinn
"Oh my god!” 
At Erica’s loud, horrified exclamation, Quinn couldn’t help but jump a little. She whirled, checking the parking lot for threats. “What? What happened?”
"I knew you would do this to me!” Erica said, pointing an accusing finger at Quinn. “I knew it!"
"Do what to you?” Quinn asked, mystified and annoyed. Couldn’t they just work the case without the petty drama, for once?
"This! Look at you! We’re going into a club, Quinn.”
"And?” Erica’s eyes seemed to bulge. “So, you don’t wear ratty jeans and three-dollar Wal-Mart T-shirts to a club!”
Pressing her lips together in a thin line, Quinn folded her arms over her chest and glared at Erica. Her partner didn’t seem to notice her displeasure, since she grabbed Quinn by the arm and yanked
her around to the trunk of the Mini Cooper. “I thought this might happen, so I came prepared. Sit down. Oh, your hair is damp. Good, I think I can work with that.”
"Erica, we have a case to—”
"Trust me, this is for the case,” Erica snapped. She yanked the bands out of Quinn’s braids and then reached for a large bag, which was overflowing with makeup. “Since you’re about to tip our hand by walking into a club in combat boots. Haven’t you ever heard of going undercover?”

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Allyson Gottlieb

Kassandra Kush

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