Saturday, November 14, 2015

Change of Possession ~ Review

When the star quarterback wants you for himself, there are only so many ways out.

Change of Possession by M.R. Polish
 Interception Series ~ Book #1 
Publication Date: November 12, 2015
After a tragic accident that left her best friend paralyzed, Keeley wanted a fresh start. 

She enrolls in college and accepts an invite to the first party of the year where she meets Steve. He is a little too clingy, but seeing her mystery guy in the shadows makes it almost bearable. 

Vahn wasn’t hanging out at the football team’s parties because he wanted to. It was the opposite. He hated them—the parties and the players—but he needed to stay close to the enemy. When Keeley shows up to a party, Vahn is intrigued. He can’t take his eyes off her as she twirls around the makeshift dance floor. Dancing with Steve, the team’s quarterback, was dangerous. Now his focus is making sure she makes it out alive. 

Anything Steve wants, he gets—including Keeley, but he will have to make her understand that he doesn’t share what is his. If she's smart, she won't fight him and just accept that there will be no change of possession on his field.

Cover by Redbird Designs

This little gem refused to let me put it down. I stayed up until I finished every last page. Not that I'm's ALWAYS worth it with her books! M.R. Polish never ceases to amaze me!
Change of Possession had my undivided attention. It was terrifically intense!! Full of suspense, drama, emotion, & a bit of my heart being ripped right out at least twice...ok maybe more. Not to mention an extended bit of steamy hotness that will have you begging for more!
This is what happens when you mix life changing moments & troubled pasts with college, new "friends", a few football players who see themselves as God's gift to women, deceit, alcohol, drugs, untouchables, & an elusive "bad boy" who stakes claim on your soul.
I definitely love the new edition!!!
Aren't you wondering why you haven't read it yet?

M.R. Polish ~
M.R. Polish was born in Idaho, a long, long, long, maybe not that long time ago.... Writing has always been there for her. Growing up, her mind was filled with stories, some she shared and others she filed away to write down later in life. It wasn't until 2011 that she decided to publish her stories for everyone to enjoy. Her first award and when writing became more than just an idea was in the 5th grade. She won the scary story contest for the school newspaper. It is one story she still has tucked away for memories. Her teacher told her she could be anything she wanted and that she had a talant for writing, being creative and drawing people into her stories. M.R. took that to heart and continued to write, although mostly in secret until recent years.

Now you can find her enjoying life with her family - wrangling her four kids, setting traps in the house with toys for unsuspecting victims (aka, her husband) and writing down all her crazy and fun stories.

"Life is too short to stand by and watch everyone else live your dreams. The bigger the dream, the bigger the adventure!" ~ M.R. Polish

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