Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Lightwood Legacy Cover Reveal

The Lightwood Legacy
by Kassandra Kush
Coming July 20!!

Philomena Church has always been good study-buddies with Thomas Lightwood, and nothing more. But when she stumbles upon him collapsed on the ground and in pain one night, everything about their relationship changes. With one touch, she’s thrown to the ground and when she wakes up, Tom is nowhere to be found.

Lo isn’t one to forgive and forget, and when she starts hearing Tom’s voice inside her head, she corners him to demand the truth.
Lo is soon dragged into a world she never knew existed, one of superheroes and sidekicks, of good and evil, one where Tom is supposed to fall in love with her, but swears he can’t. She’s supposed to have Tom’s back regardless, have unwavering loyalty to him, but when his twin brother, Jonathan, shows up, Lo suddenly finds herself torn. Jonathan is the one she’s pulled to, the one who makes her heart race, but he’s already chosen his path—darkness, the opposite side of Tom.

Lo finds herself facing an impossible choice: side with the evil twin who she loves, or the good twin she’s obligated to help but claims can never fall in love with her. Can she save Jonathan without condemning Tom at the same time?
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Welcome :]

Third person feels.... impersonal, so lezz just keep it real ;]
My name is Kassandra, one of the few rare gems who spell the name with a K. I like to read, write, and lay in the sun. Since I live in sunny Florida, I'm usually doing all three at once. I dream of returning to my hometown, Columbus, Ohio, but in the meantime I make do with placing most of my stories there. I come from a huge family dominated with girls and have a dopey, mostly-Black-Lab dog named Phineas. I tend to like fictional men better than real ones, and sometimes it's quite the hassle trying to keep up with all my book-relationships ;] Someday, though, I'm sure true love will strike me down, but until then, I'll share all my book boyfriends with you.

They can be found in all my novels, and I hope I speak the truth when I say I have a little something for everyone; mystery, romance, paranormal, real-life, drama and epicness. You can find information about my past, present, and forthcoming books in both my blog and Facebook links. I absolutely love to hear from readers, so be sure to drop me a line so I can thank you personally.

I'll leave you to read now, but welcome to my world; a place where true love exists, everyone gets a happy ending, magic is real, God is love, and it's perfectly acceptable to skip sleep, food, and company in order to finish that last chapter.

Oh, and the men are extremely good looking ;]

~ Kassandra

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