Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Never Too Late (Table 21, #2) ~ Review

Never Too Late (Table 21, #2)
by Morgan Jane Mitchell

 The wildly anticipated second installment in the Table 21 series including Rick’s POV and what comes after In Too Deep, a novella featured in bestselling erotica Forbidden Fruit Vol. 1.
When a deal between two sex addicts leads to nothing but trouble, Rick and Loraine rediscover their addictions. Both think it’s too late for love until Rick takes matters into his own hands.

Warning: Over 18+ only due to explicit sexual content.
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5 Stars
Morgan Jane Mitchell YOU ROCK! 
Must Have Table 21 #3 ASAP!!!, May 3, 2014
*Mature Audiences ONLY*
Welcome to the steamy HOT "sequel" to In Too Deep (Novella from Forbidden Fruits ~ Volume 1) with Rick & Loraine! After reading the previous novella there was no way I couldn't pick this up immediately! The characters' stories pulled me in & had me wanting more & more. As Loraine's arrangement with Rick spiraled out of control I was the edge of my seat to see where Mitchell would take us. I was not prepared for what was to come. The end result is intense, emotional, & nicely done! Be prepared for a quick read full of entertainment including sizzling H-O-T scenes!

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~Morgan Jane Mitchell ~
An American author who spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction. Her new series, Sanguis City, is a hot paranormal romance with an urban fantasy edge.
Come sink your teeth in.

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