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The Romance Collection ~ Review

 The Romance Collection, Christmas 2012 Special 3 in 1 Romance EditionThe Romance Collection, Christmas 2012 Special 3 in 1 Romance Edition by Aneesa PriceMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

All three of these books are terrific! Here are my 3 reviews since they are all different types of stories. ;)

Coffin Girls ~ Read in January 2013
A mini vacation to a magical world awaits you!
If you like a good action packed paranormal romance story then you are sure to love this! It's full of vampires, werewolves, witches, fae & magick!! The characters are awesome & totally rockin' the paranormal world! The Coffin Girls are full of spunk & life! Their home, their world felt real, inviting, & so full of life. It absolutely addicting!! I adore Conall, Raulf, Sylvain, & Niul. Anais is a very lucky gal! I am so excited to see what the Goddess has in store for them all! I thoroughly enjoyed my mini vacation to this magical world Aneesa transported me to!! When I read 'The End' I felt like Anais had while saying goodbye...that's all you'll get out of will have to read it to find out what that's mean!! =D I will be awaiting our next journey with the Coffin Girls (WHICH I ASSURE YOU CAN'T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH)!

Finding Promise ~ Read in January of 2013
I am completely in love with Finding Promise...the town, the people, & their story!!! This novel takes us on a journey that is much more than a simple love story. Full of depth & charisma it didn't take long to feel for these characters & what they were going through. Although I did not expect to feel so strongly about their decisions. I found myself sharing in their laughter, heartache, & most of all their self discovery. Isn't it funny how we grow ... not always realizing how much our past affects & influences us? I love the endless possibilities we find when we take a moment to reflect & take back control. Don't get me wrong, this is so much more than a love story! It's full of excitement & laughter too. I love how Caroline attacked her issues, & I especially loved how Luke attacked his! =) The community of Promise is a wonderful magical place that I look forward to visiting again & again!

Ghosts & Lovers ~ Read in July of 2013
A great introduction to Simone & her tales, & not too over the top for those of us just beginning to venture into the erotica genre.
Aneesa Price never ceases to amaze me! In this tale she not only succeeds in drawing me into Simone's world, but she then proceeds to chill me to the bone. Yes this is has some very steamy scenes for the erotica lovers, but the story itself is really good too! I personally love a good ghost story, & what better way to scare the socks off of you then to think of a ghost being able to do to you what he did to Simone? The mysterious helper who shows up to help was great! I will be watching for more confessions of ghosts & lovers.

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 About the Author:
Aneesa Price writes romance and lives it with her university sweetheart and husband. After having surmounted the challenges of being in a bi-racial marriage in the newly democratic South Africa, she now attributes her marital bliss to purposefully added spice and passionately resolved differences. After living in a variety of cities in South Africa, as an expat, she’s ready to explore the world with her husband and two daughters. 
Aneesa completed her internship in counseling psychology and went on to work first as a therapist and then in Corporate Finance in on projects and in organizational change. This diversity in experience, coupled with her understanding of the human psyche, is translated into her writing through the creation of believable, flawed characters with the innate ability to overcome adversity. 
She writes to give her readers the gift of experiencing the new and fascinating, something she strives for herself when she explores new places, reads, cooks with her kids or goes picking for antiques with her husband. She welcomes new connections so feel free to 'friend' her on facebook or follow her on twitter.
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