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My Name is Noir ~ Review

My Name is Noir
  May 24, 2013
  **For Mature Audiences Only**  

2nd Prequel to the Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy series Sanguis City - Lilanoir's world has been turned upside down, again, making her flee to the city that she has been avoiding for six long months, the city of blood. Join Lilanoir on her first day in Sanguis City. Life is certainly different than where she grew up on the Human Reservation.
Lily knows that the city is ruled by the Vampires that took over the world but she doesn't know where she fits in, she isn't exactly a vampire. She soon discovers that her fangs are the ticket to the good life. It seems all she has to do is change her name and she can have it all. That is if only Tombs, the University's researcher, would leave her alone.

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My Review:
 5 Stars
Captivating!, February 28, 2014
Morgan Jane's writing style captivated me! As soon as I began reading Sanguis City I knew I'd need more. My name is Noir is a perfect prequel to Sanguis City! We learn more about Noir's journey from the reservation to the city along with the recounting of her first run in with Tombs. This series is very unique, introducing us to a new "breed" the Bleeders. A product of the vaccine utilizing vampire DNA to cure the epidemic that is ending the world as they know it. Noir is quickly learning the ways of the city including a few of the breeders pros & cons. Breeders are in high demand as the vamps need them to run their city during the day, but at what price does this come to them? Grab your copy today to find out!

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Be sure to check out Sanguis City too
The first  full length novel in the adult paranormal romance series 
                                 with an urban fantasy edge, Sanguis City.
                    **For Mature Audiences Only**  
Blurb:  Ever wonder what happens after the world ends?
Lilanoir Rue did. A mere by product of the destruction, she never knew what
happened before hand either. Banished from the only place she called home,
the Human Reservation, she wipes her tears and never looks back.
In a world gone dead, life has never been so good, for some. While others
live in chaos, the chosen call Sanguis City home. The rich and powerful
found a way to survive The End and enjoy every minute of it, for eternity.
On the brink of a gruesome death from starvation, disease or a hungry
mutant, humans flock to sell their blood for peace.

The city of blood, made for and by vampires, welcomes Noir; her kind are in
high demand. Neither Human nor Vampire, Bleeders take care of the city in
the daylight. Draining humans by day and dating Vampires at night leaves
Noir little time to think about her past, or much else, until it finds her.
Three years in the city has earned her a promising career, future and just
maybe a love life. Noir's chaotic life is finally on the right track. When
Noir falls for her sexy new Professor, an Authentic Vampire she also falls
into a web of nightmares. Unable to escape painful memories, she uncovers
more than her own secrets. Some secrets just won't stay dead, and others are
bound to kill her.

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Get your copy of Sanguis City HERE!
My review of Sanguis City.

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~Morgan Jane Mitchell ~
An American author who spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction. Her new series, Sanguis City, is a hot paranormal romance with an urban fantasy edge.
Come sink your teeth in.

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