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Always Enough Blog Tour

Always Enough (Enough Series #2) by Stacy Borel
Release Date:  September 15, 2013

“There is nothing worse than pretending that you don’t care about something, when that is all you can think about.”

Harper Graham wears a mask, and not the pamper kind. She conceals her pain with shoes, shots, and lots of sex. But while her life appears fantastic to most, Harper herself knows that the most important thing in life is not financial stability, but emotional. Having been let down by her absent father for most of her life, Harper chooses to keep the men in her life at arms length. Well, that was until Kyler Morgan.

Kyler Morgan has been successful at nearly everything in his life … nearly. Traveling the country with the band Down Glory Road, Kyler has had time to reflect upon his life and in particular his relationship with feisty, drop-dead gorgeous realtor, Harper. Realizing that she is the woman of his dreams, Kyler resolves to win back Harper, and prove to her that she is, and always has been, enough.

But the path to true love rarely runs smoothly, and when their journey takes a number of twists and turns, will Harper and Kyler manage to hold tight, or fall by the wayside?

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I walked as far away from him as I could and sat on the unmade bed. Pinning him with a glare I asked, “To what do I owe the pleasure, traitor?”
       “Traitor?” He actually looked shocked.
       “Well, I could actually come up with a few other choice words. In fact maybe it’s a good thing that you came here. It’ll save me the trip of finding you.” I brought the cup to my mouth and took a slow sip.
       His mouth quirked up in a slow, sexy grin. “You were coming to look for me?”
       I leveled a glare at him. “I know what you did, and you have some serious explaining and groveling to do.”
       “And what is it you think I did?”
       “Don’t play games with me, Kyler. You told Em everything.”
He shrugged. “And?”
I was getting more and more pissed off by his nonchalance and ‘whatever’ attitude.
 “What was your reasoning? Besides you thinking that if you told my best friend everything maybe I would see the error of my ways and come back to you?”
       The smirk that was on his face slowly faded into a frown.
       “I never assumed anything. In fact, I’d have to be the dumbest man on earth to assume anything when it comes to you.”
       What did he mean by that? Before I got a chance to think more about it, he started to stalk slowly toward me. With every step, my heartbeat picked up. His gaze was unyielding and I felt my anger going away, and desire mixed with nervousness crept in. I wanted to pinch myself to remind me why I was angry, and to hold on to that anger. It was the only emotion I wanted to feel right now. Lust was an unwelcome sensation, and I hated that I felt nervous about his advancement.
       “What are you doing?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.
       “I’m going to prove to you that I don’t assume things…I know things.”

Always Enough Playlist

Another Heart Calls- The All-American Rejects-

I Can’t Make You Love Me- Bonnie Raitt- Scene when Kyler pushes Harper away at the bar.

The High Road- Three Days Grace- In the first chapter when Harper sees Kyler’s email and ignored it, again.

My Songs Know what You Did- Fall Out Boy- No scene in particular, but I use this song to write angrier parts of the book.

Touch- Josh Abbott Band- Scene when Harper get’s to the hotel in NYC and she seduces Kyler.

Easy- Rascal Flatts- Harper is packing her bags to leave after Ky hurt her.

Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova- Harper’s flashback from high school and Ky came to see her.

The Great Escape- Pink- Harper is on her way to Salmon, ID to get away.

Just Give Me a Reason- Pink- Scene when Em was talking to Harper about Ky being
good to her and she needed to make the most of NYC while she’s there.

Have A Little Faith In Me- John Hiatt- Anytime Ky was thinking about Harper.

Ignition- Matt Stillwell- Scene when Kyler had just walked away from Harper after he walked in on Harper and Michael.

Daylight- Maroon 5- The morning after Harper left and Ky is thinking about her.

Crash My Party- Luke Bryan- When Kyler walked in on Michael and Harper.

Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leopard- Song that Harper had played for her to strip too.

Distance- Christina Perri- Scene in the hospital when Harper was watching Ky and she misses him.

Two Is Better Than One- Boys Like Girls- Scene when Ky and Harper finally have sex. (Not the bathroom)

I Can’t Love You Back- Easton Corbin- Ky is in his car and he wakes up from the bar and is feeling lost without Harper and his dad.

Wasting All These Tears- Cassadee Pope- This is the song I wrote the bar scene too. Ky was pissed at Harper and they got into it. (I actually cried while writing this scene)

How She Rolls- Chase Rice- The scene when Harper meets the boys in the band.

Goodbye- Secondhand Serenade- Harper was within her own mind out on the dock at the lake. She thought she was completely alone.

I Will Remember You- Ryan Cabrera- Harper was giving Ky time to deal with his family, but she decided she would go to him anyway.

36 Days- Hawk Nelson- This was when Ky was frantically searching for Harper and needed to fix things.

Breathe Me- Sia- Moments during Ky’s dad’s funeral.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *       *      *      *      *

Ever Enough (Enough Series #1)
Release Date:  May 6, 2013 
What happens when the man you thought was the one, ends up being the one that got away?

When Finley breaks her heart on graduation night, eighteen year old Emilyn is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. After muddling through the next ten years-including immersing herself in a lifeless marriage-she is brought to her knees when she encounters Finley at her high school reunion. Long ago buried emotions and feelings bubble to the surface and when Finley kisses her, Emilyn flees the scene. Arriving home to find her husband in the arms of another woman, Emilyn is forced to return to her hometown and start again. But is it possible to start afresh when the past just won’t seem to let you go?

Finley has spent the ten years since high school focused on his career. As a songwriter, he has never had a problem getting women. But when he realizes that the woman he let go a decade ago could be his happy ever after, he decides to do whatever it takes to get her back. But are some hurdles too great to overcome?

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~ Ever Enough Book Trailer ~

Ever Enough Playlist

First Kiss- A Rocket To the Moon-

Ever Enough- A Rocket To the Moon- The books namesake. (sorta) My bestie found it right after I started writing the book and I had already given it its title. It was fate.

Turning Tables- Adele- When Em is at the hotel by herself after she caught West cheating.

Don’t You Remember- Adele- The song that Finn had played at the reunion that him and Em danced too. (this song sent me into a writing frenzy. It’s one of my favorites on the playlist)

One and Only- Adele- I wrote the part when Em was in the tub thinking about Finn and she was about to be caught…Ha!

Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- The was for the scene when Finn tells Em why he left, and how sorry he was. (I was bawling like a baby.)

All the Same- Sick Puppies- Goes with anytime Em was feeling desolate.

Hello- Evanescence- This song was during the time that Em was in the hospital after losing the baby.

Broken- Seether- At the hospital while Finn waited for Em to let him in again.

Never- Heart- Frankly because your lovely author grew up in the 80’s I love Heart. Haha!

Alone- Heart- Same reason as above.

Haunted- Taylor Swift- Another that goes towards Em’s desolate moments

Untitled- Simple Plan- This was when Em was working and Finn walked up to the coffee shop and saw that she was pregnant and alone again.

Save You- Simple Plan- When Finn asked Em to come live with him.
Weightless- All Time Low- What Em heard on the way to her parents house before the reunion.

Break Your Little Heart- All Time Low-When Em caught Julia and West.

Sick Little Games- All Time Low- Again when Em caught West and Julia.

Straightjacket Feeling- The All-American Rejects- Em was trying to figure out her life and get herself in order.

Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne- Anytime Em thought about grad night.

No Love- Simple Plan- After Em left Finn to go discover herself.

Heart of Stone- Iko- Wrote during Em’s low point at the café when Valerie showed up.

Find Me- Boyce Avenue- While Em was in FL.

Innocence- Avril Lavigne- Em was finally accepting how her life was going to be.

Feelin’ Love- Paula Cole- When Em got out of the tub and used her little friend to feel better.

Stars- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Almost Lover-A Fine Frenzy

Near To You- A Fine Frenzy- The whole epilogue. Em and Finn’s HEA

Just A Fool- Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton- The scene when Em kicked Finn out of the hospital room.

Faded Away- Luke Bryan- Finn’s flashback of when he first kissed Em.

Come Undone- My Darkest Days

Between the Raindrops- Lifehouse

I’m Just A Man- Jason Aldean- Any scene where Finn is trying to fix Em’s hurt.

I Lost It- Kenny Chesney- Only reason this made the list is because it’s one of my very favorite country songs, melts me to my core.

Settle For a Slowdown- Dierks Bentley- Again, a favorite song of mine.

Please Remember Me- Tim McGraw- Very personal song for me that I’d listened too after a very hard break-up. Figured it belonged on my playlist to jog my emotions.

First To Fall- Terri Clark- This was the song that I wrote the scene when Em finally comes back to Finn and tells him to ask her the question again. *sigh…swooning*
Don’t Leave Home- Dido

Thinking of You- Katy Perry- When Em thought of Finn after West proposed.

Makin’ Plans- Miranda Lambert- When Em decided that she was moving in with Finn but she was skeptical.

Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris- What song was playing in the club.

Perfect- My Darkest Days- The morning after the reunion after Finn saw Em and he was sitting at the table drinking coffee questioning what he was going to do after he kissed her.

Radioactive-Imagine Dragons

Can’t Forget You- My Darkest Days- When Em tells Finn she is leaving.

These Days- Rascal Flatts- When Em and Finn first met

I’m Moving On- Rascal Flatts- When Em is driving to FL.

Wherever You Will Go- Charlene Soraia- Epilogue and Em is reflecting on her life.

The Story- Brandi Carlile- Epilogue and Em is reflecting.

She Wolf- David Guetta- A song played in the club when Finn walks up to Em and she sees him for the first time in years.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *       *      *      *      *

Stacy Borel 
lives in southeast Texas with her huband, two kids, and two dogs. She is a military wife, and prior to that, was a military brat. She loves picking up and moving somewhere new every two to four years. Stacy is a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. If she isn't online, she is either writing or being a mom or wife.

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