Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Famous by Default ~ Review

Famous by Default
by M. K. Harkins
Publication Date: March 15, 2017

By my family's fame.
Dying to escape the limelight,
And finally, I do.

Being raised as a Jayne, I'm under constant scrutiny. The rock band my brothers formed makes it impossible to stay under the radar. Paparazzi, tabloids, rabid fans--you name it and I've got it. It all makes me sick. But getting shipped off to crazy Aunt Betty's house in my senior year of high school isn't any better. After all, there isn't a stray kid or pet in the world that my aunt wouldn't take in.

Then I meet her. She's cautious, suspicious, and not interested in me at all. But that's fine by me. Sivan Holt may be beautiful and intelligent, but she's nothing I'm looking for.


In my past.
Struggling to feel settled.
And finally, I do.

Growing up in the foster care system, I longed for a sense of belonging. All I wanted was a place to call home.
At the age of seventeen, I'm finally starting to feel it here. Home.

When he comes along, it unsettles me. I don't want him to ruin everything we've built--everything that matters. Jax Jayne is arrogant, privileged, and I want nothing to do with him. But those green eyes of his keep drawing me in. If I let down my walls, will it be my final undoing?

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***Be advised this book does contain some sensitive subject matter dealing with young girls & abuse. I normally do not read such subjects, but this was not the main subject matter so I proceeded. This author kept a nice balance sharing minimal details (what was needed to understand their past) & not going too dark.***

Can I just say... I love finding new stories including characters who transport us to a world that feels so real & tangible you believe you are actually that makes it hard to stop reading or say goodbye. MK Harkins did that!! 
Great Authors = Unforgettable Masterminds
My heart still hurts after reading this! There were a few moments I truly never saw coming!!! But...I am soooo beyond happy with the ending! Now, can we please have an entire spin off series?!? I am already envisioning these characters lives happening on paper. There are so many opportunities here. 
For starters, can we please find a wonderful woman for Ray?


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M.K. Harkins
MK has always been a voracious reader. After hitting a dry spell of reading material, she decided to write the kind of book she'd like to read. This resulted in the creation of her debut novel, Intentional. (Award for Best Sweet Romance - eFestival of Words- August 2014) Unintentional, Breaking Braydon, Taking Tiffany and The Reader soon followed. MK's newest, Famous by Default, released March 2017. The follow-up to The Reader, The Jack, is due out 2017.

When she's not writing novels, she likes to spend her free time traveling the world, splashing in mud puddles (She lives in Seattle, what can she say?), watching movies and reading (!) She LOVES to hear from her readers!


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