Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shapeshifter: Scorpion Pre-Order Sale!

$1.99 FOR ONE WEEK ONLY (1/15 - 1/22)

Shapeshifter: Scorpion 
Desires of Blood, Book 4

Magenta is a child of blood, her giver of life, Royce Bellamy, vampire. She's never felt comfortable in the twenty-first century. She decides to hone up on her witchcraft and play with the time line; bad mistake. 

Hugo Mendez is the top Matador in eighteenth century Madrid, Spain, one with a dark foreboding secret. He sees the beautiful Magenta and is drawn to her sensing there's more to the perfect beauty than most can see.

The beast within him haunts him night and day. Will he be able to capture the beauties heart? 

Scorpion, is book four, of the series Desires of Blood; a legend of love and desire.

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