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Chosen Thief ~ Review

Chosen Thief
Forever Evermore #4
by Scarlett Dawn 
Publication date: March 8, 2015
The second saga in the best-selling, ground-breaking Forever Evermore series begins with Chosen Thief, where the life of a skilled lawbreaker suddenly becomes much more than she ever wanted…

Caroline Jules knows death is imminent. She’s only 22, but as an inmate of Death Row in the most secure Mystical jail, what else could her future hold?

Caro has no idea. Her solitary, transient life is about to get flipped on its head when it is revealed that she is the new Prodigy Elemental, and she has responsibilities and ties that she can’t ever escape. Caro is attempting to run from a brutal past, but the Rulers have other plans for this thief’s future.

But the transition from a self-contained existence to life with the other Prodigies, the Kings and Queens, and even the Elders was never going to be easy, and Caro has secrets she’s loath to share. Suddenly she has friends, mentors, lovers – and they all want to know more about her than she is willing to reveal. Can she learn to thrive in the role of a future leader, or will the obligations scare her into disappearing again – this time forever?

Once again I am in awe of this author & the magic she weaves! I LOVE love LOVE this fabulous world Scarlett Dawn has created for us, & I am psyched that the Forever Evermore gang is back bringing us even more awesome! I was so pleased to jump right back into this story after that cliff hanger in King Tomb! It took me a few moments to get my bearings & see where we were on the timeline, but that just added to the fun. The new characters are eccentric & totally growing on me. I look forward to getting to know some of them better. 

We start out getting a glimpse at Isa all grown up & are immediately thrust into the crazy action packed life of Caro, the Prodigy Elemental who happens to be an inmate of Death Row in the most secure Mystical jail. This chick is not playing around & quickly proves that! Shortly after we are meeting up with some other players who intrigue me: Sin, Brann, & The One (these guys are definitely not for the faint of heart) as well as the newest prodigies. Their journey is sure to be exciting as they are now forced to pay attention & learn from the Kings & Queens we have come to love as well as the Elders who arrive to assist before everything is said & done. I was not expecting to meet a whole new faction either! I foresee great things to come! Boy oh boy, Caro & the other prodigies have no idea what they've been signed up for. I truly can not wait to get my hands on the next installment! 

**If you have not yet begun this series I highly suggest you begin with King Hall, followed up by King Cave & King Tomb. Reinforcing the importance of the past will ensure you enjoy this adventure for everything it has to give. There is so much back story & character build up that adds to this world, skipping it would leave you with so many more unanswered questions.
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  ~ Scarlett Dawn ~
Scarlett Dawn is drawn to all things quirky and off-beat. She believes there are no boundaries for an imaginative soul. Her love of the written word started from at an early age, when her grandmother would take her to bookstores every weekend. Dreams came alive within the books she found there, and now, she is thrilled to share her stories with others who have fallen under the spell of taking fantastical journeys. Scarlett resides in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and two dogs.
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