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Heart of a Lion ~ Review

Heart of a Lion
Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy ~ Book #2
by Stephen Zimmer
Publication Date:
Rayden Valkyrie. She walks alone, serving no king, emperor, or master. Forged in the fires of tragedy, she has no place she truly calls home.

A deadly warrior wielding both blade and axe, Rayden is the bane of the wicked and corrupt. To many others, she is the most loyal and dedicated of friends, an ally who is unyielding in the most dangerous of circumstances.

The people of the far southern lands she has just aided claim that she has the heart of a lion. For Rayden, a long journey to the lands of the far northern tribes who adopted her as a child beckons, with an ocean lying in between.

Her path will lead her once more into the center of a maelstrom, one involving a rising empire that is said to be making use of the darkest kinds of sorcery to grow its power. Making new friends and discoveries amid tremendous peril, Rayden makes her way to the north.

Monstrous beasts, supernatural powers, and the bloody specter of war have been a part of her world for a long time and this journey will be no different. Rayden chooses the battles that she will fight, whether she takes up the cause of one individual or an entire people.

Both friends and enemies alike will swiftly learn that the people of the far southern lands spoke truly. Rayden Valkyrie has the heart of a lion.

Heart of a Lion is Book One of the Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy. 

Spellbound!!, August 17, 2017

I am completely in love with this world in which Zimmer brings us a modge podge of characters who are truly unique & full of courage, honor, & wonder including a hard core heroine & her comrades who are willing to dish out punishment to any who deserve it. Oh but let's not forget the culprits of the prior anger...those who wish to strangle the life & soul out of anyone they deem lesser than themselves or who fail to bow down before them or their rules. Being my first book by this author I am very impressed with his ability to mix such passion, fear, & rage without crushing the souls of those he created (& ours too). It is a difficult task to balance the dark & light, & I feel he did it wonderfully! 

*This world is definitely not for the faint of heart as these characters have been through things most can not even imagine. Be aware that there are a few intense topics including slavery & abuse as well as some gruesome battle scenes that may cause some queasiness & or anger, but be assured Zimmer's characters demand justice while dishing out payments due.

The heroine: Rayden Valkyrie is truly kick @$$! She is not afraid to speak her mind & holds all she meets to a specific set of standards. Those who do not adhere to her moral code best watch out! Rayden won me over the moment she jumped in to protect & save the innocent, & fascinated me more with each page thereafter. 

Her team (who quickly became more) also stole my heart. Each with their own struggles of overcoming past tragedies & fighting for what's right...or simply claiming vengeance for what has been stolen from them. Regardless, it was hard to put this book down ESPECIALLY once a battle began. Every scene was so intense, motivating, heart crushing, & action packed!! I only wish more people were held to such morals as this crew truly understands what happens when those are lost (or taken). 

If you are a fan of fantastical stories of epic proportions you should give this one a go!

Thunder Horizon
Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy ~ Book #2
A deadly menace stalks the shadows of the lands to the north, stirring the winds of war. Farther south, the power of the Teveren Empire spreads with every passing day, empowered by dark sorcery. Formidable legions bent on conquest are on the march, slavery and subjugation following in their wake.

Within the rising maelstrom, Rayden Valkyrie has returned to the Gessa, to stand with the tribe that once took her into their care as a child. No amount of jewels or coin can sway her, nor can the great power of her adversaries intimidate her.

With a sword blade in her right hand and axe in her left, Rayden confronts foes both supernatural and of flesh and blood. Horrific revelations and tremendous risks loom; some that will see Rayden's survival in the gravest of peril.

Even if Rayden and the Gessa survive the trials plaguing their lands, the thunder of an even darker storm booms across the far horizon.

Thunder Horizon is the second book in the Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy.

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 Stephen Zimmer
is an award-winning author and filmmaker based out of Lexington Kentucky. His works include the Rayden Valkyrie novels (Sword and Sorcery), the Rising Dawn Saga (Cross Genre), the Fires in Eden Series (Epic Fantasy), the Hellscapes short story collections (Horror), the Chronicles of Ave short story collections (Fantasy), and the Harvey and Solomon Tales (Steampunk).

Stephen’s visual work includes the feature film Shadows Light, shorts films such as The Sirens and Swordbearer, and the forthcoming Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart TV Pilot.

Stephen is a proud Kentucky Colonel who also enjoys the realms of music, martial arts, good bourbons, and spending time with family.


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