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Laxmi Harahan ~ Cover Reveal & Freebie

Many Lives ~ Book 3
by Laxmi Harahan
Publication Date: March 15, 2017

From New York Times bestselling author, Laxmi Hariharan, comes REDEMPTION the much anticipated next standalone story in the Many Lives Series.

A thrilling paranormal romance where shifters, vampires and immortals fight to save their love and their race.

When differences threaten to tear fated mates apart

LEANA: I submit to no one—not even him

MIKHAIL: I never needed anyone, not till her

Reclusive designer Mikhail Anton blames wolf-shifters for his memory loss, refusing to accept the signs that he is immortal.

On meeting Leana Iyeroy, a female cage-fighter and shifter, Mikhail is drawn to her in ways he can't identify.

And when vampires threaten Leana, he must acknowledge his abilities to rescue her from certain death. They must team up to save their city--before their differences destroy everything they love.
Publisher: Lotus and Sun

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"One of the best books I read this year. A tightly-woven tale of loss, pain, and recovery--and what it means to be redeemed by love ★★★★★ " - Margo Bond Collins, NY Times bestselling author.
"Really, really, damn good. I am undone by the raw emotion that pours through this book." - Teri Hicks, reader
"Loved it! Am going to read ALL the other books in series!" Elizabeth Peacock, reader

The vamps had hit me where it hurt the most.
At my past.
In one stroke, they had made me face up to everything I'd been running away from. But no more.
Tomorrow, we search for the children. But tonight ...tonight, it's time for me to face my feelings.
"Aki's shaken," I say, surprised when my voice comes out steady. That it doesn't reveal more of the turmoil running through me. "And so am I," I add. My voice soft, the words carried away on another gust of sea breeze.
Mikhail stiffens, his body going still.
I turn to him, looking at his profile, the sharp jut of his nose against the purple skies. My gaze follows across those high cheekbones and above them, those silvery, almost colorless eyes. He turns to me, and the breath catches in my throat.
I was mistaken. His eyes are not colorless. 
Quite the opposite.
They take on the colors of the world around him. Of his emotions. 
Right now, they are pools of unsaid desires, unspoken words he wants to tell me but can't. Won't.
I reach out, touch his cheek.
He winces but doesn't move away. He doesn't look at me, either. His eyes slide past, to fix on something beyond me. He can't bear to see me right now. 
He's waiting. Waiting. Waiting for me to say something more.
He's waiting for me to reach out.
"Micah," I swallow, using his nickname.
He jerks, at the sound of my voice. Then sighs, the exhale warm, ruffling my hair. 
Goosebumps flare on my skin.
"What do you want, Leana?" 
His voice shivers over my skin, tugging at my belly. Molten heat pours through me, and I tremble. 
The explosion that ripped out my past and made me face up to my memories now demands that I accept what I feel for him. 
Right now.
"I want you, Micah." The words tumble out.

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Reading order: Each book in the Many Lives Series is a standalone
The Iyeroys
Feral (Maya and Luke's story)
Taken (Jai and Ariana's story)

The Ascendants
Redemption (Mikhail and Leana's story)
Broken (Kris and Tara's story)

Prequel series
Awakened (Ruby and Vik's story)
Chosen (Vik's origin story)
Origins (Ruby's origin story)

Many Lives Prequel ~ Book 1

Find out how the Many Lives Series started with AWAKENED. Readers loved Ruby Iyer - the original kickass girl whose one spontaneous action spawned an epic journey.

All I have to do is save my friend, save my city, and save my soul. Piece of cake. 

She's hell bent on saving everyone, but I just want to protect her.

Can they save their city while losing their hearts along the way?

For the first time in her life, Ruby Iyer knows exactly what she must do. Armed with the sword of her ancestors, a weapon most would kill for, Ruby Iyer is determined to save her city. Teaming up with the sexy, irresistible, rogue cop, Vik Roy, is the only way to succeed. 

As they embark upon a perilous journey, they realize their enemies are closer than they think. And when the chemistry finally ignites, neither can deny the desire for each other. Can they save their city while losing their hearts along the way?

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"Laxmi hooks you with a twist like M Night" - Allie's reviews

"Ruby is real. That's what makes her special." - Goodreads reviewer

"Never seen such a greatly written character" - Ola

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