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Blood Tree ~ Review

Blood Tree by Scarlett Dawn
Publication Date: August 14, 2015

Where there is dark, there is light. 
The two halves make a whole… 
Or do they constantly battle for dominance? 

Kenna Julius is your average teenage girl. She has a bossy mom, a new boyfriend in school, and she never dreams of enchanted lands or fairytale castles. 

She lives in the real world. 

Or so she thought. 

One fender bender sends Kenna traipsing through the woods and following her mom’s crazy directions. But when she falls into another realm where men play flutes under the full moon and magical powers crackle the air, her perception of fantasy becomes her reality. The hot guy she meets doesn’t help matters either when he claims she’s his. 

Or does Kenna actually belong to another? 
Someone much more…dark? 

*This is a 20,000 word novella*

Scarlett Dawn has done it again! With her usual flare she transports us to a world full of awesome yet completely different from all of her others. A young Kenna is unexpectedly thrown into her fairy truth & we jump forward a bit to an older Kenna who is now very comfortable in this alternate world of light vs. dark fairies. While the characters are well developed I personally would have enjoyed a little less jumping & more background, but I don't think the story was lacking from it. As always I was sucked into this tale & begging for more! Looking forward to Part 2!!

*The individual installments are no longer in publication. Please see the boxset, Blood Tree: Silver Edition, which includes a bonus story,  here*

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Scarlett Dawn ~
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