Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Tinfoil Hat of My Own

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A Tinfoil Hat of My Own
by Echo Shea

“This is a short, fun, quirky read. It is perfect for a few minutes of escapism into a fantastical world filled with laughs and eye rolls. I highly recommend this short story.”—5 ★ #review on Amazon.

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Bikers are sort of pissy. So are werewolves. 

Dealing with the devastating end to her long-term relationship with Cobweb, Eunice decides to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and glue them back together with the healing song of nature and a nourishing brandy to replenish the soul. 

As evening falls on her drunken pity party in the park, it's time to head home and deal with the consequences of the not-so-anonymous tip to the cops and what she may or may not have done to Cobweb's bike--and clubhouse. 

All thoughts of that end when something bigger than a pissed off biker gets ahold of her--nothing says burning calories like booking it through woods with a mermaid-killing werewolf at your heels. 

Will Cobweb miss her? Will Eunice survive? 

 Friendship, bikers, werewolves, and repurposed tinfoil. Some stories just have it all.

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