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Lean on Me ~ Release Day

Lean on Me ~ Book 3 by Nicola Haken
Release Date: January 27, 2014
Genre: New Adult


Rachel Mason oozes confidence. She’s outgoing, adventurous and would chop off her right arm before caring what other people think of her or her disability.


Jared Mattheson on the other hand, is more than a little goofy and a whole lot of carefree. He’s happy living the bachelor life on his father’s credit card, takes nothing seriously and wouldn’t know difficulty if it slapped him in the face.


With Emily and Dexter away in the States, Rachel and Jared are left behind to keep each other company. They share the same sense of fun, their personalities bounce off one another perfectly and perhaps inevitably, they become best friends. But what happens when the lines of friendship start to blur? How will they cope when the sides of themselves they’ve kept hidden from the world for so long begin to show?

Their journey together may have started with fun, games and alcohol – but it seems the future has other ideas.

Turns out, even the strongest of people need someone to lean on sometimes.

(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, explicit sexual content and graphic descriptions of drug use)

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Book Trailer:
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After draining the cup, I began my journey through the maze of tables, chairs and caffeine addicts towards the exit. The queue for the counter was backed up though so I ended up waiting in line, hoping it would go down quickly so I could escape. Now, you’d think it’d be hard to miss someone in a big square chair with two giant wheels on either side of their arse wouldn’t you? Well you’d be wrong. Honestly, the amount of people who carry on about their business as if I’m invisible is unbelievable.

Take the guy standing in front of me in the queue. He reached into the back of his pants, adjusted his underwear and then started scratching his arse. Now you’ve gotta remember, when you’re in a permanent sitting down position, that means your eyes are butt level with everyone else. As usual, I just looked away and let him and his itch enjoy their special moment together.

Until I heard the nauseating sound of his fingernails grazing his arse hair…

“Want me to help you out with that seeing as I’m down here?”

I’ve never seen anything move so fast as when he whipped his hand from his pants. Think Edward Cullen on amphetamines. However, unlike my favourite vampire, there was nothing pale about this man. I swear you could’ve fried eggs on his cheeks when he turned around and saw me.

Mission accomplished.

Either from impatience or embarrassment, the man with the itchy arse weaved his way out of the queue and left, making room for me to get past in the process.
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Hold on Tight ~ Book 2
A figure from Dexter’s past has uprooted all the memories he has tried so desperately to bury… to forget. The terrible events of his past have been blown wide open once again, immersing him a pool of guilt deeper than he’s even experienced before.
Dexter feels powerless. The future he foolishly allowed himself to conceive is falling apart around him and there’s nothing he can do about it. But there’s one thing he can control – one thing he’s an expert at… blocking everything out. Losing all control, Dexter copes the only way he knows how – he dives so far into the well of addiction, the only thing that matters anymore is where his next fix is coming from.

Mission accomplished – there’s no one left. He’s successfully pushed everyone away. Nobody left to care about means no more guilt, right? You can’t hurt people who aren’t there…

But has he really pushed Emily as far away as he thinks he has? She’s given up everything for him – her home, her friends… her whole life. And she doesn’t regret a single thing. But can she save him from drowning, or has he finally sunk too far?

(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, explicit sexual content and graphic descriptions of drug use)

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Take my Hand ~ Book 1
Take My Hand - High Resolution copy
Twenty-four year old Dexter Michaels has arrived in the UK for a fresh start - leaving everything and everyone he knows behind in the states. Determined to put right some of the wrongs he’ll never be able to forgive himself for making and make his Aunt Sarah – the only person left who still believes in him - proud, he lands in London with the intention of working hard, getting his degree and keeping himself to himself. He can’t destroy anybody else that way… His heart and his body have other ideas however when he finds himself sitting next to nineteen year old Emily Barton in his Psychology class. Moving down south to find her own New Life, Emily is shy, smart and beautiful – everything Dexter knows he should stay away from… everything he knows would be too easy for him to break. But she makes him feel things he’d forgotten even existed. She makes him laugh, smile, care… forget. Without her trying, and without him realizing, Emily has wound her way into the one place he swore to keep locked away forever – his heart. But can she stay there when she discovers the dark past he’s so determined to keep hidden from her? Or will he destroy her too, just like he always expected?  
(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, drug/alcohol abuse and sexual content)
Genre: Contemporary, Romance  

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About the Author:
 Nicola lives in Rochdale, England with her husband and four children (and dog!). She is the author of two stand alone novels, Inevitable and Saving Amy, and is currently having fun working on her first series with book one, Take My Hand, to be released in October. When not reading or writing Nicola can usually be found carrying out her daily slave duties – cleaning, feeding the mob, cleaning a bit more etc… or watching The Twilight Saga for the fifty-billionth time :-)

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