Monday, August 5, 2013

Review ~ Destine

by Katherine Polillo
August 5, 2012


Michelle Cross is an average, seventeen year old girl growing up in a small town in New Jersey. Up until her senior year, her life has consisted of a rather unglamorous existence. Her closet friend Cami has been by her side since kindergarten, she has a loving if somewhat absente father, and a mother who is unique to say the least. Michelle’s mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was twelve years old, and ever since then she has had delusions of angels and demons battling over her only child. Michelle accepts her mother’s delusions as schizophrenic ramblings, until a handsome new boy finds her at school. Little by little Michelle’s world is turned upside down. The new boy claims to be the Archangel Gabriel cast from heaven, her best friend falls for the Antichrist, and come to find out Michelle’s mother has seen it coming all along. So instead of being consumed with prom and graduation, Michelle finds herself battling the evils of Hell in her small town. The four horsemen of the apocalypses have descended on her high school and with the help of Gabriel, her very own angel; she must stop the events leading to the apocalypse. What surprises Michelle even more than her role in saving humanity is the love that develops between Gabriel and herself. Can their love bridge the world between heaven and earth? Can Michelle stop the powers of Hell in time? Michelle and Gabriel find themselves the pawns in a very dangerous game between an ancient power with a mysterious message and Satan himself.

My Review:
5 Stars
A story you won't want to miss, October 22, 2012
Talk about not realizing how good you have if until it's all being threatened!?! Whew! This book not only makes you think about the trials these characters are being put through, but also sets your mind on a "what if" adventure. It's full of adventure, thrills, giggles, & action. The characters are great & played their roles well! I love it when authors tie up loose ends & leave with a cliffhanger at the same time! I enjoyed reading this story, & look forward to the sequel(s).

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