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Birth of the Nyxian ~ Review

Birth of the Nyxian 
by Amanda R. Browning

May 9, 2012

Harlow Garrington is a twenty-six year old woman left alone in the world when her family perished in a tragic accident. She led a quiet life and lived in her books until a chance meeting brought Aiden into her life. He was smart, sexy, and chivalrous-- everything she wanted in a man. There was just one problem, he was also an eight hundred year old vampire. Nearly a thousand years ago, vampires split into two factions. Those who chose to sacrifice their souls for immortality were pure evil, without a shred of humanity left. They existed to kill and terrify. Those turned by force, like Aiden, were able to retain some of their humanity and did not need to kill to survive. Harlow found everything she ever wanted from life with Aiden, but his love was not without a price. Aiden has long been coveted by Hades because he stood out from other vampires. When their love is discovered, Harlow's life is in jeopardy. Aiden convinces Harlow to flee with him, hoping to keep her safe until he can come up with a plan. Will Harlow get to spend a lifetime with Aiden, or will she be forced to make The Immortal Choice? Their journey takes them across the world, encountering all kinds of magic and monsters and even a few Greek gods, coming to a stunning conclusion that may change the fate of humanity. Full of action, history, drama, and intrigue, Birth of the Nyxian is a steamy paranormal romance with so much more than romance!
My Review:

5 Star
5 Star Fabulous!!!!!, August 13, 2012
FABULOUS book!!! 5 Star Fabulous!!!!! This book is awesome to say the least! It is full of action, adventure, romance, true love, seduction, emotional turmoil, & paranormal greatness! It's got vampires, goddesses/gods, demons, nymphs, necromancers, & all sorts of other worldly fun! I LOVED it!!
Harlow appears to be this shy normal loner of a woman just living her life, but soon shines as this brilliant heroine that could take on the world. Her quirkiness & love of history make her truly unique, & made me want to get to know her more & more. And then there's Aiden....the vampire of her dreams who brings it like no other! He takes seduction & lust to a whole new level, & his chivalrous ways would have any woman swooning before him. His background story intrigued me & had me yearning to learn more.
Amanda Browning's attention to details & the extensive thought she put into her story truly amazes me!! I love how she brought history & mythology into the mix without any of it seeming out of place! This book will send you on a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end & you'll be begging for more! ;*} I am looking forward to the next book for sure!

Amanda R. Browning
 Hello all! I appreciate you stopping by and showing an interest! I am Amanda Browning, paranormal fiction author. I've been married to a wonderful man for the last eight years and we have four children together. Our oldest is in kindergarten and the youngest is four.
We live out in the country in southern Indiana and one of my favorite things to do is stargaze on a clear new moon night. I have always loved writing, but I haven't done much for the last few years, preferring to read instead. My husband bought me a Kindle for my 27th birthday and I went on a reading binge that frankly was a little crazy. When I finally leveled off, I found that I felt more creative. I was complaining about having nothing to read and my brother told me, "Write something." And thus my epic journey into authordom began....
I contacted Candy Crum on Facebook after I read her book because I loved it and wanted to tell her so. We became fast friends and she encouraged me to write a submission for an anthology contest she was having. Less than two months later, I am a published author! :D
My first short story, The Legacy of Lilith, a vampire origin story, was published in The Withering Darkness: A Paranormal Horror Compendium in December 2011. 2012 Will be an amazing year for me! I have three more stories coming out in two separate anthologies and my full length novel coming out around March. I have met some truly amazing people that have helped and encouraged me to continue writing and sharing my stories with the world.

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