Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Souled ~ Review

Souled (Souled, #1)Souled by Diana Murdock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A terrifyingly fantastic read!, April 10, 2013
I was the lucky winner of a signed paperback copy of Souled in a friend's giveaway awhile back. I've been eager to read it ever since! I'm so glad I did too, because it totally hypnotized me. This was a terrifyingly fantastic read! Terrifying in the sense that we never think of the what if's & consequences when we wish for certain things & outcomes. Fantastic for many reasons .... here are a few: I loved the background we were slowly introduced to throughout the story. It intrigued me learning about Maksim & Silura. I appreciated the very mature attitude of these teen characters while being given a glimpse into their personal insecurities & faults. I felt my own 'attachment' to Dani & Seth then Justin & Alex as well. Dirk on the other hand ... well lets just say he got what was coming to him. ;-) This story will definitely have you thinking twice (or more) about what you wish for! Can't wait to read more by Diana Murdock!


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