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The Things We Can't Change: Part Two ~ Review

The Things We Can't Change 
Part Two: The Struggle
  August 24, 2013

Evie and Zeke just want to forget.

Now that her secret is out and Tony is unable to come near her, Evie just wants to heal and move on. But with Tony’s last words embedded in her brain and guilt dominating her mind, she’s finding it hard to release the hold Tony still seems to have over her. She’s getting worse, sinking deeper, and no one seems able to help.

Zeke wants to forget it all and not feel a thing. After Cindy’s accident, his resolve to care for nothing and no one is stronger than ever. Desperate to separate himself and escape feeling, he’s thrown himself into the bad crowd he always used to avoid sinking into, doing more smoking and drinking and graffiti than ever. But nothing seems to stop the nightmares.

When Zeke goes too far and is caught, Evie’s dad is able to step in and offer a deal to repay Zeke for saving Evie; go to juvie, or work all summer for the Parkers. Seeing anything as better than juvie, Zeke agrees to work for the Parkers. What he didn’t count on was the close proximity to Evie, the only person who seems to give him feelings that he’s not sure he wants to push away. What Evie didn’t count on was Zeke still being the only person aside from her dad who makes her feel safe.

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 My Review:
5 stars 
 MORE more MORE Please!!!!, August 27, 2013

I am soooo loving this series, & just can't get over it! Just so you know ... It's a BIG deal for a book to bring me to tears, & still have me coming back for more. Scratch that ... BEGGING FOR MORE! I truly think every teen should be encouraged to read this series! Kassandra has done a magnificent job in portraying this topic without going into the darkest of dark overload. I also love the note from the author at the back. It is always nice to hear how & why they feel the way they do about their stories.
FYI ~ This story is based on a very sensitive subject, & does tug those heart strings like no other ... BUT it is Soooooooooo Worth Reading! And YES this coming from the chick who really does not care to read about abuse & the emotional turmoil that many deal with on a regular basis. Yet, I still give this 5 Stars (although I would give it many more if it was allowed!)

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About this author:
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Third person feels.... impersonal, so lezz just keep it real ;]

My name is Kassandra, one of the few rare gems who spell the name with a K. I like to read, write, and lay in the sun. Since I live in sunny Florida, I'm usually doing all three at once. I dream of returning to my hometown, Columbus, Ohio, but in the meantime I make do with placing most of my stories there. I come from a huge family dominated with girls and have a dopey, mostly-Black-Lab dog named Phineas. I tend to like fictional men better than real ones, and sometimes it's quite the hassle trying to keep up with all my book-relationships ;] Someday, though, I'm sure true love will strike me down, but until then, I'll share all my book boyfriends with you.

They can be found in all my novels, and I hope I speak the truth when I say I have a little something for everyone; mystery, romance, paranormal, real-life, drama and epicness. You can find information about my past, present, and forthcoming books in both my blog and Facebook links. I absolutely love to hear from readers, so be sure to drop me a line so I can thank you personally.

I'll leave you to read now, but welcome to my world; a place where true love exists, everyone gets a happy ending, magic is real, God is love, and it's perfectly acceptable to skip sleep, food, and company in order to finish that last chapter.

Oh, and the men are extremely good looking ;]
~ Kassandra

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