Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review ~ Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey

Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey:The Quadrant War (#1)

by Ann Denton


Sixteen-year-old Kiah and her family struggle to survive in this dystopian society, formerly known as the United States of America. Citizens experience extreme loss and devastation, and Kiah is no exception. Although she doesn't grasp the reasons for The Quadrant War, she clearly understands the impacts of the war. Hope of peace and freedom is nonexistent, until Kiah begins to view her soul-shifting ability as a source of powerful guidance rather than just something else that makes her awkward. With the help of her first love, she's on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Soul-shifting reveals important knowledge that sometimes comforts her and at other times terrifies her. Will Kiah fall prey to the overseer and his forces, or will she triumph and see her life and the lives around her changed forever?

My Review:

5 Stars 

That moment when you know you NEED sleep, but you just can't put the book (or the Nook) down! Yep that about sums it up. 

This book kept me up until 5a.m. knowing full well I'd be a zombie the next day. My best description of this story would be a play on the Hunger Games with a cool paranormal twist. Although there are aspects of this story that want me to compare it to the Hunger Games do not be deceived this is it's own story full of it's very own awesomeness for sure! This battle for humanity has a much different feel, & the characters add so much. 

I was intrigued by this soul-shifting idea, & Kiah won me over. Watching her emerge from her cocoon so to speak; I love who she has become. Ryker is an absolute dream, & I'm still awing the things he says & does. Lets just say we all need a Ryker in our lives! Max cracks me up, & Sally is simply the best...although Molly & Sheria totally shocked me. You'll understand why when you read it! What are you waiting for? Your butterfly-dreaming adventure awaits! =) 


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  Ann Denton has recently started a new career as a self- published writer. She enjoys both writing and reading. Although she has published children's books in other categories, her favorite genre is young adult, dystopian fiction.


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