Friday, August 9, 2013

Haunted Moon Review Giveaway!!!

It's time! Welcome to the Haunted Moon Review Giveaway! I chose Haunted Moon for this giveaway, because it's FREE for everyone. That way ... EVERYONE who wanted to participate, could participate  As of this morning, Haunted Moon has 118 reviews and I would like to get at least 200 on Amazon. That means we need at least 82 new reviews.

After you leave a review on Amazon, and it MUST be left on Amazon, enter the rafflecopter by leaving the link to your review and that's it... you're entered 
Now... what could you win for reviewing a FREE ebook, check out the picture! 1 lucky winner will receive A Proud Member of the Moon Coven t-shirt, a signed print of Haunted Moon and a Compulsion Dog Tag.
5 lucky winners will receive an ecopy of the highly anticipated follow up to Haunted Moon... Blood Moon! 
The ONLY requirement aside from leaving a new review is, the review MUST be honest. If you love Haunted Moon, tell us in your review why. If you hate Haunted Moon, tell us in your review why. See... simple as apple pie! 
Click HERE for your FREE ecopy of Haunted Moon :)  
Well... here we go!
Twitchy Witchy Kisses,

Enter the Raflecopter Giveaway HERE --->

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