Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Claudia Y Burgoa's Bday Giveaway

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Claudia Y Burgoa is giving away an iPad Air in celebration of her birthday and Halloween. In addition, a rad group of authors, bloggers, & readers have contributed to the daily giveaway prizes. 
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So this is how it works: The giveaway is now live. Beginning on October 5th, a winner will be selected every day leading up to the 31st. On the 31st the iPad winner will be selected. Check back regularly, giveaway winners will be listed on this link as we go. 
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The prizes are listed below:
Tammie Brewer is giving away a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
Erika Messer is giving away a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card (INT)
Julianne from Whom the Books Toll is giving away a signed copy of Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti plus some ADD swag
Debra Gaudette is giving away a book lover’s package valued at $30 (US)
Jeni's Bookshelf is giving away 1 Swag Pack
Jess is giving away a $15 Amazon Gift Card (US)
C.E. Kilgore is giving away an ecopy of eCopy of Preconceptions (INT)
Renee & Brianna are giving away two swag packs (US)
Char is giving away a swag pack (US)
Sydney Logan is giving away an ebook pack that includes Soldier On and Lessons Learned (INT)
Nasha Lama is giving away an ebook of your choice at 1.99 (INT)
Chanpreet Singh is giving away an autographed copy of Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
CS Patra is giving away a swag pack (US)
Emma Adams is giving away a ecopy of Darkness Watching (INTL)
Allyn Lesley is giving away a $5.00 Amazon Gift card (US)
Melissa Aguirre is giving away an ebook of choice at 2.99 (INT)
Secretly Adorkable Readers is giving away a multi-signed swag pack (US)
RoAnna Sylver is giving away a $10 Gift card (US) C.E. Black is giving away a Signed Paperback – Cursed Desires (US)
Surj Harvey is giving away Swag bag containing goodies from some of our favourite authors
Nichole is giving away a ebook valued up to 2.99 (INT)
Kristy Nowinsky is giving away an ecopy of Going off Dreams by K.E. Nowinsky
Lily-Ann Johnson is giving away 1 ebook Blondie’s Hero  (INT)
Fran Owen is giving away Tangled by Emma Chase paperback (US)
Frances Pauli is giving away a print copy of Shrouded (princes of the shroud book 1)(US)  and an ecopy of the book (INT)
Ashley Mackler-Paternostro is giving away Digital copy of The Milestone Tapes — (INT)
T.M. Franklin is giving away Winner’s choice of any of my Kindle eBooks by T.M. Franklin
Day Parker is giving away a Paperback book of The Elementals: Fire (US)
Doris from Dowie's Place is giving away 3 swag packs (US)
Laura Morgan is giving away an ebook of Embracing the Darkness – Book 1 in the Black Rose series (INT)
Tigris Eden is giving away an ebook copy of The Genesis Project, Burned in Shadows, Enslaved in Shadows, Bonded in Shadows, and A Slow Burn. (INT)
Danielle Romero is giving away 3 RT swag packs (US), a 1 day release blitz through Coffee and Characters for an author (INT), and an ebook of Reticulum by Marta Salek (INT).

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