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Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey:3 War's Redemption ~ Review

Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey:3 
War's Redemption
by Ann Denton
June 21, 2014
 No longer the insecure orphan, Kiah has grown to be the leader that she is destined to be. Kiah, Ryker, and the New Freedom Force continue the fight to save the quadrant people. Secrets of the past are discovered, new friends are made, and loved ones are lost. Will they succeed at ending a war that has taken so many? Who will survive the final battle of The Northern Quadrant?
In the final installment of Kiah’s Soul-Shifting Journey, Kiah, shifts back to a time before the Great War. She learns that the United States of America, now known as the Four Quadrants, sealed their own fate. Now, in order to stop another nuclear attack and redeem this once great nation, she must learn the secret put in place by World Governments. It’s a race against time for Kiah and Ryker to save what is left of their world. 

I L♥VE this series!!!, July 6, 2014

This book is THE BEST of this series! I have said it is 5 Star from the beginning, but these characters have come so far since then that I want to give it more. Each quadrant battle they approached put my nerves & emotions on high alert. This one being by far the most epic. My heart was splitting in two right there with Kiah's, & the end could not come quick enough. But...then it was over & my heart skipped a beat as I checked for another line, another page, another chapter, anything at all.
Now don't get me wrong, the ending was not left unfinished in any way. Power surged & triumph prevailed through a war that seemed to test all boundaries. Issues were handled, rumors demolished, questions answered in ways I never saw coming. Denton surprised me a few times along this journey, & I crave more. I knew from the start this was a trilogy, but I'm officially planning my tactical invasion to Ann Denton's computer to see if she might have more Kiah awesomeness to share with us in the near future. Stay tuned....Mwahahaha!!! Ok...I'm kidding, but that would be fun, right? :D
Just in case you are wondering...If you enjoyed The Hunger Games you will love this series! If you are a fan of dystopian, paranormal, or young adult stories that will transport you to another place & time you will love this series!

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Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey: 1 The Quadrant War

Sixteen-year-old Kiah and her family struggle to survive in this dystopian society, formerly known as the United States of America. Citizens experience extreme loss and devastation, and Kiah is no exception. Although she doesn't grasp the reasons for The Quadrant War, she clearly understands the impacts of the war. Hope of peace and freedom is nonexistent, until Kiah begins to view her soul-shifting ability as a source of powerful guidance rather than just something else that makes her awkward. With the help of her first love, she's on a journey to fulfill her destiny. Soul-shifting reveals important knowledge that sometimes comforts her and at other times terrifies her. Will Kiah fall prey to the overseer and his forces, or will she triumph and see her life and the lives around her changed forever?

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Kiah's Soul-Shifting Journey: 2 The Tech War

Determined to find her dad and bring peace to all of the quadrant citizens, Kiah finds herself playing mind games with her dark nemesis, Marcus Dunner. Book 2 not only leads Kiah into another 'City of Technology', but also a new battle of the heart. When an old friend professes more than friendship, will Kiah's love for Ryker be enough to keep best friends from becoming enemies?  
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  Ann Denton has recently started a new career as a self- published writer. She enjoys both writing and reading. Although she has published children's books in other categories, her favorite genre is young adult, dystopian fiction.

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