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Cemetery Hill ~ Review

Cemetery Hill by Lucian Barnes
Publication Date: March 2, 2014

After a raging, intense battle with a large contingent of the Black Knight's minions, Edward and the remaining members of his group take shelter in an abandoned inn to lick their wounds. Formulating a plan to chase after the demonic creatures in order to eradicate the threat of a reoccurrence, Brian and Katie head off, leaving their werewolf companion to keep watch over their leader as he attempts to heal.

Following the trail of the railroad tracks, they discover more than they were bargaining for; the retreating demons spring an ambush on the unsuspecting duo as they ascend toward the pinnacle of the mountain. Surviving the surprise attack and, for the time being, eliminating the immediate threat, Brian and Katie continue to climb. As they reach the termination point of the railroad tracks, they find themselves staring at the gaping entrance to a cave.

Determination fueling them, they step through the opening, making sure there aren't more of the tiny demons regrouping inside. As they enter, a blood red veil of light falling over their vision. The expansive chamber is adorned with row upon row of enormous, wooden crosses, some of which have nude prisoners shackled to them. Could this be the place Julie had referred to as Cemetery Hill? If so, what were the odds of her still being alive? Would Katie find her best friend in this chamber of horror, or was she too late?

My Review:
5 Stars
Sure to keep you up at night!, April 24, 2014 
That Ending!! DOH! Well that was just mean! :P Here I was all wrapped up in the story, thanking Lucian for continuing on, when BAM! It's over! JUST KIDDING...he teases us with a sneak peek at the next book to come. But f.y.i. that still wasn't enough. Book 6 can not release soon enough! Fabulous job ensuring I will be getting little sleep between now & then.
Seriously, this series continues to intrigue me. It's so good!! I have enjoyed the main characters from the beginning as well as each new addition along the way. The scene is constantly changing keeping us on our toes. There are so many possibilities. I can't wait to see where we'll end up next. After reading Cemetery Hill it is killing me not knowing who will outwit whom. I'm voting for our resident wizard of course although that Black Night, as evil as he is, sure has a way of making us want to see more of him. I will be on the lookout for more great stories to come by Mr. Barnes.  

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~ Lucian Barnes ~
I spent most of my youth in rural Ohio and began writing stories at an early age. Many of these early attempts at story-telling were inspired by mysteries, such as those found in the old Hardy Boys books and the cartoon antics of Scooby Doo. As I entered my teenage years I began to drift away from writing stories, instead picking up my pencil to compose lyrics for heavy metal songs because my new dream was to become a musician. That vision remained hopeful for many years after my high school graduation, but like most dreams of this nature it died out as I became older.

After working several menial jobs through the years that followed, my thoughts again began to turn toward writing books. Inspired by my favorite author, Stephen King, I took an online creative writing course and slowly began to develop my skills. In late 2010 I was given a violent shove, both by the job market (which was horrible to say the least, and still is) and by the persistent encouragement of close friends, to pick up my pen and begin writing again.

In early 2012 I gave birth (that's almost what it felt like) to my very first published book, Desolace. Finally having a completed novel in my hand was the best feeling in the world for me, giving me a sense of accomplishment I had waited a lifetime for. Since then it has gotten easier for me with each book I have published. Since the initial release of Desolace two more of my novels have been published and another has just been completed. This last work is the first book I've written outside of the Desolace Series, an occult horror novel titled Destined for Darkness. Also in production is my current novel, City of the Dead, which will be the fourth installment of the Desolace Series and is projected to be released in September of 2013.

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