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Breaking Elle Blog Tour

Breaking Elle 
by Antoinette Candela 
Publication Date: August 31, 2013

Life has a way of making things happen.
For years Elle Bennett has taken baby steps when it came to love and relationships. At twenty two she’s managed to put her life together even after experiencing enough heartache and broken promises to last a lifetime. Struggling with her emotions she has been able to find Cane Roberts, her boyfriend of two years, to overcome the pain of her past.
Tyler Hayes, her best friend of fourteen years knows the hands off rule with Elle but he’s stubborn and not afraid to tell her how he really feels. Not able to stand in the background he crosses the line that Elle drew in the sand years ago.
Reed Austin, the sexy, bad boy from Texas never expected anything when he moved to Boston. Hoping that the distance would help him escape the trouble of his previous life, to make a new start with no strings, no complications but, he never expected Elle.
For Elle, Reed invokes feelings and emotions that she’s never experienced before. She knows he’s trouble but she gravitates to him and connects with him in ways she’s never felt before. Reed, can’t figure out what it is about Elle but he knows he needs her, he knows there is something there he wants that she can give him. Will he have his chance?
Trying to avoid dragging each other into their chaotic and haunting pasts, Elle and Reed seek to protect each other by hiding and withholding their painful histories. Will Elle trust again? Will the attraction be enough to keep them together or will their secrets break them apart?
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Antoinette Candela

I'm a dreamer...imaginative..usually with my head in the clouds... I just love to write. Writing allows me to to escape to a world of my own creation just for a little while...to feel passion, hate , love, fear through my characters... Writing and publishing a book has been a dream of mine for a very long time...

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