Sunday, September 8, 2013

OUAZA ~ Jade's Story ~ Review

Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse
Jade's Story
***Mature audience ONLY. This series includes graphic language and violence.***

****This book is NOT intended for a young adult audience****

Chemical Warfare has turned most of the world’s population into flesh eating Zombies. These are the accounts of two survivors.

Kylee and Jade are on their way from one author convention to another. After saying goodbye to all their friends, they never dreamed the plane would land with them fighting for their lives.

Jade Warwick has been preparing for the end of the world for years, but she never thought the world would end with zombies. The only thing salvaging her almost lost sanity is the fact that she is with her best friend, Kylee.

With their first mission being to find their families, will the girls manage to save their families while trying to save each other?

***Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse or (OUAZA) as the fans call it, is a short story episodic saga written by K.B. Miller and Jennifer Malone Wright. The first episode is from both Jade and Kylee's perspective and is two separate novella's. The same story, but from two different characters. It is done this way with the first episode only, so that you can meet our girls and really get to know and love them like we do.Each following episode is written solely by one of the authors and available through their links.
Novella 1. KB. Miller & Jennifer Malone Wright
Novella 2. Jennifer Malone Wright
Novella 3. K.B. Miller
Novella 4. Jennifer Malone Wright
Novella 5. K.B Miller
and so on...

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My Review:

5 Stars
Zombies Schmombies! Jade's got this!!,
March 13, 2013 
Absolutely Freakin' Hilarious!!! Oh yeah the zombies trying to eat people are scary & all too, but I could not get enough of Jade & Kylee!! Fabulous job on bringing your personalities into this story!!! And...if we ever feel the need to battle the zombies I'm calling Jenn & just hoping that Jade is available for some zombie@$$kicking!!! ;*} Just sayin'!
Love the code word BTW! :)
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