Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Night At The Asylum Blog Tour


Sara Featherstone is a loser. At twenty she is still indentured to her parents, her best friend is a closet clairvoyant, and her long-time boyfriend has just dumped her and refuses to tell her why. Five years ago her world ended with her brother, Tommy, running his motorcycle into a tree, and the life she might have lived had never started. Catapulted into the dark streets after a "visitation" from Tommy, Sara has no idea that all that wasted time is about to catch up with her. A chance encounter with a man wielding a knife sets in motion a chain of events so bizarre that Sara will soon question everything she has ever believed. From her boyfriend's fidelity to her best friend's innocence to what her brother knew about a missing classmate, irony is about to make Sara its bitch, and the next twelve hours could be her last.

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The police car was turning around.
     "Get down," Jamie hissed, pushing her small body under the steering wheel and into the floorboard, pulling me down with her. This would do us no good I knew, but I stayed there anyway, praying the farfetched prayer that the cover of the deep rural darkness would be enough. We waited for what seemed like hours, only the sound of our tense breathing echoing in the stillness. Then gravel crunched under creeping tires, the hum of an engine ominously close. My heart thudded in my temples and I panted in terror. What had we seen that we obviously shouldn't have?

About the Author:
Jade McCahon is an author, artist, musician, and friend to ghosts. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with her husband and three children.

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