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Red Hot Obsessions Blog Tour

Red Hot Obsessions (Boxed Set)
by Ember Casey, Clarissa Wild, J.C. Valentine, V.J. Chambers, Lacey Silks, Olivia Rigalm Molly McLain, Sky Corgan, Daizie Draper, & Blair Babylon
Publication Date: June 13th, 2014

Over 3000 pages worth of books!

Ten top selling authors come together to bring you ten titillating full-length novels of love, passion, discovery, and anticipation designed to tease the senses.

Your next obsession starts here.

Hot men.
Lusty women.
Dirty, raw, and arousing.
Enough angst to twist your insides.
From first kisses, to dangerous encounters and college seductions, we've collected all your favorite stories and combined them into one scintillating read filled with the confident, sexy and mysterious bad boys that will make even the nicest girl's heart throb with desire.
  • His Wicked Games (Ember Casey): Lily would do anything to save her father's failing business - even take on the infamous billionaire Calder Cunningham. But she's not prepared for the wicked terms he has in mind...
  • Fierce (Clarissa Wild): Hot, brooding college bad-boy Hunter turns out to have more secrets up his sleeve than geeky book-worm Autumn can handle. Too bad for her he doesn't give up the fight easily.
  • That First Kiss (J.C. Valentine): Playboy and rising author Tate Larson is focused on his work with no plans of settling down anytime soon... that is, until a chance encounter with Southern beauty Piper Donovan derails all his plans
  • Slow Burn (V.J. Chambers): A college junior, in hiding from a corrupt shadow wing of an arms corporation, finds herself saddled with a restrained, no-nonsense bodyguard—who also happens to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
  • Layers Deep (Lacey Silks): He needs her to save a friend. She needs him to plan her revenge. Their pasts scar them Layers Deep. Their passion distracts them... and distractions can be fatal.
  • Learning Curves (Olivia Rigal): Ariane wanted to spice up the life of her cooking school but one of her American students may be hotter than she expected.
  • Can't Shake You (Molly McLain): Carissa's gotten herself into a mess with an impromptu renovation project, and the only contractor available to help her out happens to be the one man she's never been able to forget. Josh is also her ex-boyfriend's best friend, therefore completely off-limits...unless they don't get caught.
  • His Indecent Lessons (Sky Corgan): When Cheyenne started her first year of college, she didn't expect to fall head over heels for one of her professors. His interest is totally academic though, and he's going to give her private lessons she'll never forget.
  • Sorority Pledge (Daizie Draper): Inexperienced college students, Addison and Logan, recognize the need for power play in one another when they first meet. But as they dive into a BDSM lifestyle while trying to balance college life, they discover their sizzle doesn't come without consequence.
  • Rae Omnibus (Blair Babylon): Rae will do anything to stay in college and for her dream of a clinic for autistic kids, but when the sexy and mysterious owner of The Devilhouse offers her job, she realizes that her small-town definition of "anything" was far too limited.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Word count: 800000+ or about 3000 pages
Excerpt from His Wicked Games by Ember Casey
“I didn’t realize what time it was,” he says. He glances up. “I’m sorry, Lily, but I have to make a few calls.” “Oh. Okay.” I tell myself the little dip in my belly isn’t disappointment.He raises his hand to my cheek.“After that,” he says, brushing his thumb across my lips, “then you bet your sweet little ass that I mean to hunt you down and claim my prize.”
“Your prize?” "We did say double or nothing" he says, a dark gleam in his eye. “I think it's only fair with stakes this high that I get something for catching you." I’m almost afraid to ask the question. "What you want?" He leans toward me, and for a breathless moment I think he's going to kiss me, but he stops just shy of my lips. "If I win," he murmurs, "then you're mine. All night. "My heart stutters in my chest. "Yours?" "At my mercy," he breathes. He runs a single finger down my neck. "Should I be afraid?" I ask him. An eager smile stretches across his lips. "Very."

Excerpt from Can’t Shake You by Molly McLain
“I USED TO love fairs as a kid. Especially the snow cones and the bull riders.” Josh chuckled as he slowed up in the bumper-to-bumper fair traffic late Wednesday afternoon, waiting patiently behind a mile long line of vehicles, nearly all of which were signaled right, toward the Adams County fairgrounds. He snuck a glance at Carissa, resting her chin in the palm of her hand, the reminiscent adoration in her eyes giving an innocent hue to her pretty face. “Was your family the type to fair hop? Or did you hold out all year, waiting for the fair closest to home?” “We usually only hit up the county fair, but once my friends and I were old enough to drive, we rarely missed one within reasonable driving distance. Carnivals were, as I’m sure you remember, the perfect opportunity to trawlfor hunky farm boys.” “Uh, the farm studs weren’t quite my type, babe.” He sent a wink across the cab of his truck and she grinned. He wasn’t sure he liked the thought of her being one of the girls he and his friends used to prowl for. He knew the things he’d done in the shadows of all those booths and displays, knew the smooth moves he’d tried—and sometimes pulled off—on the rides. How many pairs of wily hands had she fallen prey to? How many I-barely-know-you kisses—or worse—had she doled out to guys just like him? He edged ahead a few more car lengths, then shook his head with amusement. “I can’t believe all this time I thought you were sweet and innocent when, really, you’re nothing more than a carnival hussy.” Her warm, infectious laugh filled the truck, and she shifted to face him, resting her head on the back of the seat. “Come on, hot shot. You know I’m not that innocent.” No, she wasn’t. But he much preferred to think she’d saved all of her reckless inhibition for him. “I don’t think I like where you’re going with this.”“Jealous?” He shot her a sidelong glance, saw her wide grin soften to a seductive curve as she reached out and stroked the backs of her fingers down the length of his bicep. He barely contained a shiver. Christ, he was almost as whipped as his brother. “I don’t do jealous—I one up,” he said. Her eyebrows darted upward. “Oh?”
“Yep. Better get your hussy on, babe, because once we’ve taken care of this cabinet business, I’m gonna rock your world in one of those Ferris wheel cars and make you forget every other ride you’ve been on.”

20 Fun Facts
1. Olivia Rigal sings every Wednesday night in the karaoke club
2. Olivia Rigal went to dog grooming school.
3. Lacey Silks had a passion for acting when she was a teen. As an extra she met Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick, Ricky Lake, Brendan Fraser, Jerry O’Connell and Shirly MacLain.
4. Lacey Silks is afraid of flying. If you ever sit beside her on a plane, don’t mind the Hail Mary’s. And good luck getting to the bathroom. She will not unbuckle her seat belt through the entire flight.
5. Before she was an author, Ember casey worked as a pastry chef. She's never met a cake (or puff pastry, or tart, or chocolate truffle) she didn't love.
6. Ember Casey started writing Romance because her critique group kept telling her that her attempts at Young Adult were too, uh, "adult".
7. J.C. Valentine is a reality TV junkie. The Kardashians hold her prisoner often and without mercy.
8. J.C. Valentine loves thunderstorms. They’re perfect for writing
9. Clarissa Wild always drinks tea when writing, and she needs at least 2 cups of earl grey tea a day.
10. Like the girl in her story, Clarissa Wild is actually quite a book-nerd, and not just that … she loves playing video games as well.
11. Sky Corgan actually participates in the BDSM lifestyle as a dominant.
12. Sky Corgan has to have complete silence while writing, so no coffee shop writing.
13. V.J. Chambers still watches The Vampire Diaries, and she’s still on Team Damon.
14. V.J. Chambers has a cat called Isis, and she does not like to relinquish the keyboard for her to actually write. She would rather lie on it.
15. Blair Babylon has lived in 5 US states: Arizona, Connecticut, Iowa, New Jersey and New York.
16. Blair Babylon was a child actor and model who did over 30 TV commercials and a short-lived PBS series.
17. During her tween years, Molly McLain began writing while listening to Wednesday night dedications and requests on radio. Since no one ever dedicated a romantic song to her, she made up her own love stories instead. To this day, all it takes to get the creative juices flowing is a little REO Speedwagon.
18. Molly McLain is a closet WWE fan. She may or may not fangirl over Randy Orton to the point her children refer to him as her boyfriend. They’re also kind enough to pause the TV when he’s on so she can drool.
19. Although Daizie Draper’s pretty kinky, she’s more of a switch than a straight-up sub. The BDSM in Sorority Pledge veers into many untested areas for her because Addison, the sub in the story, learns she's masochistic, which I Daizie is not.
20. One of Daizie’s quirky things is that she hates crumbs, like stepping on them with her bare feet. It just irks her like nothing else.

Lily Frazer would do anything to save the Frazer Center for the Arts--even take on the infamous billionaire Calder Cunningham. The mysterious Calder is willing to give her the money she needs, but there's a catch: she must win it from him. And the games he has in mind aren't exactly... innocent.
Hot. Sexy. Bad. Very Bad.
Three words that mean trouble to geeky book-nerd Autumn Blakewood. Big trouble.
Hunter Bane is a cocky, confident bad-boy with secrets of his own. Sex oozes from his veins. Just the type Autumn needs … to avoid. Getting through college is her number one priority, but Hunter keeps getting under her skin. Resisting the urge to give in to his advances, a game of tug and war begins. Too bad for her he won’t give up the fight to claim her heart. A Hunter always catches his prey.
Cocky, self-assured Tate Larson is a playboy with no intentions of settling down anytime soon, but that's all about to change.
One night. 
One dance. 
One explosive encounter.  
When the unexpected happens, they struggle to deny their growing attraction and to keep their distance in a relationship that requires anything but.

Leigh’s new bodyguard Griffin is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and she wants him bad. But Griffin’s only interest in Leigh’s body seems to be, well, guarding it. Danger thrusts them closer together, and Leigh discovers that Griffin is guarding a painful secret. Until she knows the truth, she and Griffin can never truly be together.
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He needs her to save a friend.
She needs him to plan her revenge.
Their pasts scar them Layers Deep.
Their passion distracts them...
...and distractions can be fatal.
Determined to keep her mother safe from the past, Allie Green, an ex-cop, accepts a job for private investigator Tristan Cross. The task: to save his ex-girlfriend from a sex-trafficking drug lord.
Her new mouth watering boss doesn’t make it easy to focus on her new job and the revenge she’s seeking. He vows to keep her mother safe, but will his need for Allie blind him from keeping her safe?

During a cooking workshop in Paris, George, a handsome taciturn writer, falls hard for the lively Mary. He’s in luck since she's decided to enjoy all life had to offer. Her brother Peter realizes that curvaceous chef Ariane is quickly becoming his sweet obsession. While craving the passion the sexy American promises, the lovely French cook is tempted to protect her heart …
Lovers to friends to lovers...could it get more complicated? When Carissa Brandt’s contractor turns out to be a cheat, it seems her only lifeline is the proffered hand of Josh Hudson—the sexy Marine who left her aching for more than their single night together three years ago. Will working together finally extinguish the attraction lingering between them? Or will the smoldering embers of their passionate rendezvous ignite all over again and set aflame the friendships they cherish the most?

Cheyenne Grear was looking forward to college. College would provide a smorgasbord of educated men who would be dying for her attention. At least, that's what she hoped. 
She never expected to fall for someone much older and totally inaccessible. 
Damien Reed is confident, sexy, and everything a man should be. The only problem is, he doesn't even seem to know that Cheyenne exists. 
When a stunt in thievery changes everything, Cheyenne is thrust into a life of sexual bliss and emotional anguish. Torn between the two, she must decide if pursuing Damien will lead to happiness or destruction.
College students, Addison and Logan, sizzle together and relish the power exchange when he spanks her for a prank, and they dive into a steamy but rocky romance centered on the edgy bliss of Dominance and submission. But lifestyle kink and the intensity of their untested passions may be way too hot for them to handle.
One wild quickie with a sexy stranger will change Rae’s life forever.
Rae wants to build a clinic for autistic kids, but her college scholarship is yanked and her dream is doomed. She goes to an upscale party and has a wild quickie with a man who offers her a job that scares her, but she screws her courage to the sticking place and becomes Lady Macbeth, Domme of the Devilhouse. She’s found the money to stay in college, but will the secretive Wulf turn out to be her Prince Charming or the Devil who tempts her to ruin?
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