Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Soul For You ~ Review

My Soul For You 
by Airicka Phoenix
 Re-release Date: June 6, 2014
You are cordially invited to have your heart’s desire come true.
For Kaitlin Claremont this is a very tall order. What wouldn’t an orphan girl living over of her aunt’s shop wish for? But when her one night of magic and passion in the arms of a man that is as out of her reach as he is gorgeous turns into curdling screams and dead bodies, Katie quickly realizes that her wish came with strings, a debt she must repay or die. But can she take a life to save her own or can she find those responsible and stop them before it’s too late?
Kaleb O’Reilly has one goal, finish his internship, get his credits and graduate. His freedom can’t start until he does. But nothing prepares him for the brown-eyed beauty he just can’t seem to get out of his head no matter how many times he tells himself she’s off-limits. Kaleb can’t deny he wants her in a way that very much complicates everything. But what happens when the hunger wins and everyone he loves becomes a pawn to a deadly game? Can he turn his back on Katie to save his family or will he fight to save the girl?
Time is running out. Will they kill or be killed?

Warnings: Language and sexual content
Genre: New Adult Contemporary, Thriller with strong elements of Romance
Formats: eBook & Paperback
Publisher: Fire & Ice Publishing
5 Stars
Mystery, Romance, & Comedy galore!!!, June 2, 2014
Airicka Phoenix has story weaving skills! This happens to be the first adult book I have read by Airicka's alter ego, Morgana.
 This book was serious about heating it up, folks! One minute I am completely taken by the characters, their wonderful story, non-stop laughter, & then BAM the temperature jumps to 2,000 degrees without even blinking an eye. Even with the steaminess going on she never missed a beat! Katie & her BFF crack me up, Larson has to be one of my favorite characters in this story, & I kept thinking if only it had not taken me so long to find my Kaleb then my teen years would have been much more interesting! ;*) 
Beware of the cr@zy croons & their ringleader Joyce! Those ladies bring a whole new level to the term "love to hate". Katie's ability to keep her cool astounded me!  And, as soon as we think we've got it figured out then more of the mystery is revealed. Right then what we thought to be true is questionable, & I am even more amazed. Mystery, Romance, & Comedy galore!!!
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  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you so, so much! I'm ecstatic you enjoyed the book. Thank you for reading and reviewing!! Love ya to pieces!! <3

    1. Aaaaaawwwwwww!!!!! *insert huge Cheshire Cat grin HERE* You are such a sweetie! You are very welcome! Love Ya Mucho!!!! <3