Friday, February 21, 2014

The Lost Jewels of Hera ~ Review

The Lost Jewels of Hera by Kelly Abell
Tenacious and tough as nails, archeologist, Kindra Ceres has just unearthed the one clue linking her life's work with an unknown destiny. The Lost Jewels of Hera, an ancient necklace of immeasurable power, exists-and not just in legend. The ancient legend states Hera, Queen of the Gods, destroyed the necklace in a fit of jealous rage, and only the Guardian of the stones can restore them to power. Kindra is the key, but her past life is but a distant memory. This presents a challenge for two men determined to protect her...Aiden Flint, a lover Kindra doesn't remember from her ancient past, and Ryan Colburn, assigned to guard her by Zeus, the King of Gods, himself. Kindra is caught between the one man who stole her heart, and the other predestined to win it. Cyrus Hayden, a demon sent by Hades, God of the Underworld will stop at nothing to steal the stones and plagues Kindra's journey with ruthless and terrifying danger. Kindra must discover enough about her past to find and restore the stones to power to stop Hades from destroying the Earth she's destined to protect. Will destiny or shear will determine the fate of Kindra and her companions? Will she choose or will the god's choose for her?

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My Review:
5 Stars
The Gods would approve! February 21, 2014 
A mythological masterpiece that I highly suggest! The characters are full of life, very determined, intelligent, not to mention hot, & swoon worthy. The story is so full of details just begging to be undug. Thoroughly engaged, my mind spun searching for that next clue to piece it all together.
Past lives forgotten, Kindra has no clue what is in store for her. Prepare yourself for a fast paced ride through far away lands in search of rare treasures & truths untold. Dreams, history, myth, & powers beyond our control come together to reveal an awaiting destiny that is not easy to accept.
Kelly Abell has gained a new stalker as I plan on reading everything she's got & shall be watching for new releases. 
~ Kelly Abell ~

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