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Finding Home ~ Cover Re-Reveal

Do you love a romance that's full of suspense? One that grabs a hold of you right from the start and doesn't let go? Finding Home by Ann Vaughn does just that. This book has the perfect balance of romance, drama and passion. It's a contemporary romance that will make you swoon for Colt Harris and he will quickly become your next book boyfriend.

And to top it all off, her muse, Stuart Reardon, is the cover model. Who wouldn't want a fantastic book with a very hot cover?! Go get your copy now!! Available on Amazon kindle edition and paperback!
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FINDING HOME by Ann Vaughn
Release Date: November 4, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Former Army Ranger Colt Harris wasn't looking for love but one day during lunch, it found him. Her name was Sarah. As cliched as it was, time stood still and all he could see was her. Her laughter filled his senses and he was gone. He knew his life was about to change. Sarah Sauter was used to being alone. She lost her parents when she was eighteen and after a bad experience with love, had given up on ever finding it again. Since then, her life had been all about surviving. Little did she know that when she went to lunch with her co-workers, she would meet a man who would literally turn her world upside down. When Colt steps into Sarah's life, he finds that things with her aren't exactly as they appear to be. Deeply hidden secrets in her past begin to resurface, dropping Colt and Sarah in the middle if a nearly twenty-seven year old mystery. It will take all of Colt's strength, patience and resolve Finding Home for Sarah. 

"I love you Colton Harris, beyond all reasoning, with everything that is in me, with every beat of my heart, I love you."

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Interview with Stuart Reardon
Hi, Stu. First let me say, I am beyond thrilled that you agreed to be the face of my character, Colt Harris for the cover of Finding Home. As I've told you, I saw a picture of you a couple of years ago and the whole character of Colt sprang to life from that, which is something that I've never done before. I've always had the character in my head and then searched for someone who fit. I am beyond thrilled that the very man who inspired the character has agreed to represent him on my cover. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for that. Thank you. I'm very flattered I was always the character in your book. And thank you for choosing me for the cover, I really hope the book does great for you :) x 

 I know that you are first and foremost a rugby player and athlete. What made you decide to go into modeling? I sort of just fell into modeling. I think being in sports and in good shape fits really well with modeling, and fitness modeling in particular. Being in professional sports already had me in great shape, so stepping into fitness modeling was an easy transition

 What's the most unusual pose you've been asked to do? No really unusual poses to date that stick out in my mind. Some of the action shots are tough as it takes time to capture the right shot, so may have to do the same thing over and over again. 

Another question I know everyone is always asking: is there any particular meaning behind your awesome tattoo? Do the symbols represent something, or was it just a design you said, Hey, that looks cool, I want that? I got my tattoo when I was recovering from a really tough Achilles tendon injury. I had a couple of operations to finally get it right, so it was during that time that I worked out the design with the tattooist and he did the magic. I have always been interested in Tribal designs and culture, so the tattoo reflects that, and it reminds me of that really tough 14 month period in my life: the really low points which made me strong and determined, and a high point when I finally got back fit to play super league again after 14 months of recovery and rehab. 

 I've heard tattoos are addictive. Will you get more or are you done? Yes, tattoos are very addictive, I think I may get some more in the future but I've not decided yet.

I know you come to the States for modeling jobs, where all have you been? Yes, I've been to a couple of places in the States, NYC, Miami and LA. 

Where have you not gone but would like to? I would love to visit Vegas. America is a huge country so I'm sure there are loads of beautiful places to visit. 

For me, because I'm a Native Texan, I have to ask: have you been to Texas? I have not but I would love to visit Texas :) 

How does it feel to be a muse for a character in a book? I'm very flattered to be your muse for Finding Home. It's a pleasure to be liked :) 

When I was looking through pictures of you on the Internet, I came across one where you were holding a guitar. I grew up a Band Geek and love music of all kinds and try to incorporate it in my books when I can. That picture inspired a whole scene in the book, where Colt is stressed about something and picks up his guitar and is idly playing while talking to his girlfriend, Sarah. Do you play? Yes, I play the guitar, not really well, though, I'm still learning. I'm a beginner so it's a working process. 

Later in the scene, he sings to her. Do you sing? I try to sing but I'm not the best at that either. I need to practice more {Ann: I'm sure all the ladies are feeling what I am right now: *swoon*!!! Stu singing! *sigh* ;)} 

 OK, now let's get personal. Are you ready for this? I'll make it as painless as possible. Lightning round: 

 Are you right or left-handed? Right 
What's your favorite food? Steak or chicken 
Favorite drink (non-alcoholic) Sparkling water 
Favorite drink (alcoholic) Corona 
Favorite car? Land Rover Sport 
 Motorcycles? Harley Davidson 
Favorite color? Black 
 Favorite movie? Anchorman 
Favorite TV show? Walking Dead/Game of Thrones 
Favorite actor? Gerard Butler 
Favorite actress? Eva Mendes 
Favorite type of music: rock, pop, techno, metal, country, rap, hip hop? A bit of everything 
Favorite song? Kings of Leon - Use Somebody 
Favorite band/group? Kings of Leon 
 Favorite singer? Ed Sheering 
 Snow in the mountains/sun on the beach? 
Sun on the beach everyday 
 Cats/dogs/neither? Neither; I don't have time for pets 
Nike/UnderArmor/Other? Nike 
Favorite sport OTHER than rugby? Boxing 
 Favorite team? North Wales Crusaders - My Team, ha 
 Favorite American sport? (if any) American football 
Favorite American team? (if any) NY Jets  
Boxing or MMA? Boxing, but I like both, as both are really tough sports 
Watching TV, snuggle together or give you your space? Watching TV or movies: cuddles with Em 
Walking with your girlfriend, hold her hand, your hand on her back, arm around her shoulders or waist, or don't touch at all? Holding hands or no touch at all 
Would your girlfriend say you are a Pushover or Alpha male? It's 50/50 I guess. We have give and take or it wouldn't work. I'm an Alpha male but a pushover if she's upset  
Boxers/briefs/commando? (lol, kidding! You don't have to answer that!) All 3, it depends on the situation :) 

Thank you so much for taking time to indulge the silly writer! And thank you, again, for what I'm sure by now is the millionth time I've said it, but thank you for being so great with all this and for sharing your time and your picture with me and my readers! You're welcome anytime :) x

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A Home For Christmas  
AHFC CoverSingle mom, Jenna Blackwell wasn't having a very good start to the Christmas season; her purse got stolen on Black Friday. She's cursing her luck and herself for even being out in the Black Friday madness when the store manager brings in Riley Stanton, a former Navy SEAL who chased down the thieves and recovered her purse. Jenna is blown away by Riley: his looks, his smile, the fact that he ran down the purse snatchers, everything.

Riley Stanton had no idea when he chased down the kids who stole a few purses that he would walk into a room and have his life changed forever. He looked into Jenna's eyes and saw a strength in her that he found intriguing.

Riley soon learns that Jenna is everything he ever wanted in a woman. He falls for her and for her son harder than he expected to. Jenna is cautious but welcoming and hopes that she and her son can give Riley the one thing he hasn't had in years, A Home for Christmas.
On sale for only $.99!
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About the Author:
Ann Vaughn Logo
Ann Vaughn is a Native Texan now living in Oklahoma. Writing has always been a comfort and a release for her, though she never expected to be published. It wasn't until a conversation with her husband about the rise of eBooks that she decided to try her hand at self-publishing. It was scary and exciting and ever since the release of her first book, Long Way Home on August 7, 2013. She now has three books available for purchase through Amazon, Long Way Home, Finding Home and A Home for Christmas, with the fourth and final book in the Home Series, Finally Home, releasing on March 10, 2014. In December 2013, Ann was named to Amazon's Romance Editor's List of Fan Picks for Top Debut Author. When not at her desk, lost in the world of the Home Series, Ann can usually be found at the ballparks watching her son's high school baseball games, or her daughter's softball or soccer games...or chasing after her energetic Border Collie puppy!

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