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Yvette Hines Author Showcase

Today I am featuring Author Yvette Hines
~ Yvette Hines ~
USA Today bestselling author Yvette loves romance and writing it is one of her greatest and guiltiest pleasures. She enjoys creating happily ever after stories with lots of HEAT. The hotter the better! Life is busy, it would be great to have a chance to sit down and enjoy a long read. Since that is often not the case, she brings you Short and Sexy, Sensual Erotica. Just long enough to help you meet the need. She was talking about your reading need…where’s your mind?
As an erotic romance author, she tries to show that every woman no matter color, age, shape or size deserves a high level of passion in their life. Whether you like to see them spanked, tangled in a ménage or simply falling in love, she’s got it. So, if you like diversity and a good read, check out one of her books. Then send her a few words through e-mail about it so you all can chat. She runs a newsletter group where she posts contests, excerpts, blurbs, covers and news about where she is and what she’s doing.

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To Have & To Hold (Release Date: Aug 26)
Kelli Delaney spent the last year planning for the perfect wedding. What she didn’t plan for was getting to the altar and not having a groom there waiting for her. Dumped and pissed, Kelli decides she’s still going to have her honeymoon and eat her cake too. When she happens upon an old college friend, Will Robertson, in her mess of a state, old memories and emotions flood her mind. On impulse she decides to invite him to the cabin.
Will Robertson can’t believe his luck. After years of secretly desiring Kelli, she walks back into his life. Not only to resume their friendship, but more importantly to have him fulfill her sexual needs. However, Kelli doesn’t know what she is asking him. Not only must he put his feelings for her on the line, but also has to reveal a darker, wicked side of his nature that sweet, innocent Kelli could never imagine. When she agrees to allow him to pleasure her over a long weekend, the way he has always fantasized about, he realizes it may shatter him to let her go when their time is up.   

Sieged by Rym (Release Date: Sept 8)
She abducted him, but found herself sieged..

They picked the wrong warrior cat to abduct. Rym never liked being ordered about so when he discovers his freedom is weighed against his agreement to breed with Krysteena, the Amazon queen’s daughter, he practically purrs at the chance to prove to the beauty who’s truly in charge and escape.

Getting entangled with the law has never been so good. Three titillating stories, one unforgettable town.

Heated Restraints
Brad “Thor” Zeller is getting out of the military and he’s looking for a little peace and quiet. When he becomes an officer in the county of Claremont a hellion named Liza Wright begins to disturb his peace of mind. She’s sexy, sassy and a distraction that he can’t resist. One night at the bar turns heated when they find themselves in a game of pool that goes against all the rules and neither of them can walk away from.

Arrested Heart
Danielle Smith arrested Robert Wright’s heart a long time ago, years later they find themselves in a hidden affair once again. Danielle allows Robert to command her body in unbridled passion. However, when a secret is revealed and the bond between them is tried, will their love keep them together or release them to walk away.

Prisoner of Desire
Tall, lanky Mandy Franklin has been awkward all of her life. As a cop in Claremont County, she’s been content being just one of the guys, until the night of the Fourth of July fair. Mandy finds herself in a case of mistaken identity and a sizzling encounter with gorgeous, golden eyed Stephen Ewing in the dark moonwalk exhibit. His commanding, forceful presence stirs something deep inside of her. Now with a desire for this ginger scented woman he just can’t shake loose, the wrong woman seems like the right woman after all.


The Marriage Clause
A contract has bonded them, but only love can unite them.

Chantal has been waiting for years to finally take over her family’s hotel business. On the day she expects to assume control her aunt drops a bombshell in her lap. Chantal cannot lead the company unless she honors a contract her deceased father made ten years ago when he signed a merger agreement with his best friend—stipulating she has to marry. Not just any man, but Stephan Lexington, soon to be head of his family’s jewelry business. Years ago, Stephan awakened her to passion, stole her heart and has become Mr. International Playboy ever since. Things do not get better for them after the “I Do’s”.

Stephan was not looking to walk down the aisle any time soon. To arrive home and discover he is matched to marry a woman whose heart is centered solely on her business, feels like prison in the middle of a nightmare. His attraction to Chantal is more powerful than he could ever imagine. However, he refuses to sit casually by and wait for his ‘new wife’ to find a place for him—too self-possessed as a man for that. He is determined that the next time he is with his wife will be on his terms.

Bond by family honor in a marriage of convenience they both must prove that their passions run deeper for each other than their companies.

Holiday Affair
Chanel Davidson is about to embark on a holiday vacation that will change her life. The man of her dreams has spent a year teasing her with love notes, trinkets and thoughtful gifts, doing everything but ask her out. Well, she is prepared to grab the reindeer by the antlers this season. A week off from work, a lone man in a cabin is going to give her just the opportunity she needs to set things in a sensual motion. Only one problem, it’s the right cabin, but the wrong man.

Aidan Carmichael is expecting a quite week in a friends cabin. The season has never meant much to him over the years and he is ready to relax in his time away from work. What he is not expecting is a caramel skinned goddess to come shimmying down his chimney. Aidan has had his eyes and heart set on Chanel since he first joined the accounting firm. Now, to both of their surprise she comes dancing into his holiday haven. Chanel is trapped for a week with a grey eyed temptation. With freezing temperatures outside and things heating up on the inside, Aidan tries to prove to Chanel that they can be more than just a holiday affair. Ho, ho…oh, what a Christmas.

A Gentle Christmas (Strong Blends 2)

Nothing was as it seems when it came to Monica Lancing, aka Delilah to her scene friends. She was living so many lies that she no longer knew the truth, until the day Ridge Nicholaus walked into Strong Blends and unraveled her world.

New to town, Ridge decides to join two old friends and their sub at an underground BDSM club for a holiday play-party. The moment he sees Delilah, resident pain slut, he desires nothing more than to see her bent over and taking the bite from his whip. Instantly, he discovers there's more to her than meets the eye. Using her boldness against her, Ridge makes a bet with the captivating vixen that by Christmas morning he'll bring her to her knees by showing her the gentle side of the lifestyle. If he wins she'll agree to be his submissive, exclusively. If he loses he'll allow her to keep her secrets.

This Christmas experience the gentle kiss of a whip...
Holiday Fantasy (Strong Blends 1)
Alesha Crenshaw Christmas takes a sensual turn when she's invited to her friend's house for a holiday munch and literally runs into Mike and Josh, her twin brothers' friends. If seeing these two sexy men after ten years is not enough to topple her over, than discovering the event isn't what she thought, definitely is. Instead of nibbling on holiday treats and singing silly carols, people are talking about the best way to spank a sub. She had to have stepped into a rabbit hole to even be entertaining the idea of being commanded and restrained by Mike and Josh.

When Mike and Josh discover that their friends' gawky and smart little sister has grown up to be a gorgeous and captivating woman, they both desire her submission. They may share a house and business, but in the past, Mike and Josh have both kept their own partners. However, neither one of them are willing to step away from Alesha and her wide-eyed curiosity. The night goes from chilly to blazing when she agrees to go home with them.

Her brothers' unexpected arrival turns out to be a snowstorm of reality that blankets her morning. After experiencing a night of passion and submission like she has never known can Alesha chose between Mike and Josh or will she have to walk away from them both?

Submission Under the Mistletoe (Strong Blends 3)
Gabriella Mitchem knew the only way to get her controlling and overbearing Dom to release her was for her to approach another Dom without her formers consent. In a daring move she walks up to a stranger and kisses him, then drops to her knees before him. She never expects that man to be gorgeous or innocent of the lifestyle she had pledged her life to. Now free, disgraced and humiliated she needs to find another Dom, but she can't get the novice hunk out of her mind. As a submissive she's not supposed to be the aggressor. However, Brad's strength behind his easy going smile calls to her, and she's determined not to let him slip away.

Brad Crenshaw has always been the impulsive twin so when he walks in the door of Strong Blends and is immediately kissed by a beautiful woman beneath a mistletoe, what's he supposed to do but pursue her. The only problem is that she's a submissive in a lifestyle he doesn't fully understand. His sister and two best friends maybe into restraints and spankings for pleasure but that has never been something that interested him...until Gabriella bowed before him.

Take this Man
It's Valentine's Day and Tyler Smalls has big plans for Liza Mari Baxter. Since 'The Marriage Clause' brought their two best friends together, Tyler has had to deal with this pint-size beauty turning him inside out, in more ways than one. Sexually, she will agree that they are a hot match. However, his sensual jewel refuses to discuss marriage being their next step. Never one to give up, Tyler set things in motion to give her a night that will make her moan in pleasure until she screams "yes".

Golden Treasure
Pascha D’Leon has spent years building a hard shell around herself. Now the independent woman who’s too self-assured for her own good has met her match. ABC special agent, Dylan “Lucky” Campbell is instantly mesmerized by this golden beauty when he goes to his friend’s St Patty’s Day bachelor party. The night turns wild and as luck would have it, he lands the most enchanting temptress in his bed. The next evening while investigating an incident in front of a club, he discovers the seductress once again, he can’t resist her. But has his luck run out? Now, he’s the one who has to make a decision.

Can he accept this golden brown-skinned beauty with all the trimmings or walk away forever?

Ho, Ho, Ho and a Dom
Kara is pissed. Nothing about this holiday is going as she’d planned. Now, she’s out for revenge against her cheating ex and allowing Jon Gravolin to take her to one of his ‘play parties’ is just the way to do it. For years, her sexy blue-eyed brown haired friend has been teasing her with his salacious lifestyle and there’s no time like the present to try it out.

Jon is shocked when Kara Messing, his best friend since the third grade, storms his house requesting to be pleasured for the holiday. Everything in him has desired the molasses colored beauty, but he doesn’t play when it comes to his lifestyle.

But, can their friendship make it through this night or forever be changed.

Bet on a Mistletoe
Lorna Morgan has found herself on the road home for Christmas, dejected, defeated and dead broke. Returning to her small town where time seem to standstill was not in her goals for the future. Ending up caught in the middle of a holiday bet, stirs up past feelings and emotions, she’s not sure she can handle a second time around. She had to keep herself focused and not get distracted by a tall-frame, cerulean eyes and midnight black hair. Nothing was there for her except a plan to get herself away again.

Richard Patterson’s Christmas just got brighter. Lorna got away from him nine years ago, but not this time. Santa has brought him a ginger coated dream and he’s ready to be the bad boy Lorna has always believed him to be. But, this time he’s going to make it his job to convince her that everything she needed was at home with him.

Trusting St. Nick
Tiffany Ava Carson has had it. Unable to take her staid relationship any longer, she finally confesses to her boyfriend that she is fed up. She wants more. Needs more adventure in the bedroom. When he’s unwilling to meet her desires, she ends their relationship. A week later, she believes he may have gotten the point when she receives a package at her door, containing instructions and clothes. Excited she follows each demand. When she shows up at the designated spot and finds herself blindfold with a deep husky male voice whispering in her ear “Trust me”. Her fantasies become fulfilled in a way she never imagined by a mystery man name St. Nick.

Madison Nicholas Gray is the owner of Gray Medical Corp. From the first day Ava strolls into the board meeting late, he’s had eyes only for her. He has desired Ava for years, but has never made his move knowing she was already taken, and the fear that maybe his darker side would send her running. But, when he discovers she is no longer attached, he not only wants her trust, but her heart as well. While at a bachelor party her drunken ex-boyfriend admits that not only has Ava ended their relationship, but that she has needs just as dark as his own. This Christmas he may have his chance to gain her trust into a world she desires and her heart as well.

Shot at Love
Moni Walker has been a freelance photographer for years. Having spent most of her adult life traveling all over the world and running from commitments of any type, an accident convinces her it's time to stop. She desperately needs financial backing for her studio Pixel Promises, an organization she started to help urban teens. More doors have been closing for her than opening until she gets a call from the vice president of a local shipping company. She never expects to find Dwayne Shelton behind the desk. Dwayne is blunt when he tells Moni he not only wants to offer sponsorship but to also continue their relationship. Moni's usual M.O. has always been to love them and leave them. Now she has to decide if her community program is worth risking both her freedom and her heart.

Internet Rebound
Jason Kensington just wants to get on with his life. Moving across the country didn’t help him get over his past, let go of the woman he loved--the ex-wife. After two years of celibacy he’s ready to get back in the game and his four month internet romance just may be what he needs to get in the saddle again. There’s always been a fair amount of sexual text tension between them so when she proposes that they meet up for a little face to face, body to body connection, he jumps at the chance to shut the door on the past forever. However, the past has a funny way of keeping its foot in the door. A no-strings night of unbridled ecstasy becomes a chance at happiness again. When fate steps in, bringing his past to the present, will he risk putting his heart on the line?

Secured Heart (Just One Bite)
Vamps and Weres and Fae, oh my!

Throw in some Angels and Demons and Ghosts, add some spicy sex, and you've got the perfect recipe for one hot read. ARe's Just One Bite Anthology Volume 2 brings you the best of paranormal erotic romance from some of your favorite authors.

On the Prowl
Preston has spent years trying to stay away from Tresa. She was a stubborn, wild and impetus beauty that turned his world inside out. However, she was his mate and he knew it whether he liked it or not. Tresa always manages to get herself into a fix. This time she is at her sister’s wedding weekend and finding it impossible not to embarrass her sister in anyway, especially with an infuriating dominate male cat-shifter always in her space. The mansion-style Amofeli’s pride lodge is not big enough for the two of them to stay away from each other. When things go from furry to passionate neither of them can resist their desires.

Rescued Mate
While out on a run, Dwayne stumbles upon a wounded woman covered in blood and the stench of hyena, a vicious pack reportedly terrorizing campers. At his cabin, he discovers the woman is Marisol, the best friend to his business partner’s wife and his mate. Enraged that the rogue hyenas would harm something that belonged to him, Dwayne wants revenge. Over the last few months, Marisol has had one bad experience after another. Believing a little quiet time in nature is just what she needs, she never expected the feral men who attacked her or the intense passion towards her rescuer, Dwayne, an Amofeli male. Happiness never seems to last for her and when the hyenas return, demanding her, things get hairy fast. Running away has been Marisol’s companion for years and now she has to decide whether or not to flee or stay in the arms of the man who calls her mate.
Designed for Love
Chelsi never thought she would see Vincent Poindexter, her high school sweetheart, again. She especially never envisioned she’d run into him while she looked frumpy and barely kempt. The unexpected meeting does not stop her heart from flipping and racing with memories of a love long passed. In the middle of a major design deadline, she doesn’t have time for reunions in her life.

Vin’s life has changed drastically since the last time he saw Chelsi Halifax, but one thing that has not changed is his feelings for her. Over the years, he has used his brains to launch himself to extreme heights in business, while knowing that the one area where he’d made a mistake was in his love life. He should have never let Chelsi go and now he wants nothing more than to have her back in his arms, bed and his life. But past misunderstandings may have left a gulf between them that may not be able to be surpassed.

We Go Together
Jonelle Caroway never expected to get into an accident on her way home from her parent’s golden wedding anniversary. Neither did she anticipate that the driver of the other vehicle would be a deliciously handsome man with pale gray eyes. When he shows up to her house the next day attempting to make amends and asks her out, she can’t deny her attraction to him. The next few days deliver a passion she has never imagined, and she begins to believe that fate brought them together. A new man in her life and a promotion within her grasp, Jonelle is living on cloud nine.

She quickly finds herself crashed to earth. While at a meeting for work she discovers the position she covets is in jeopardy, to none other than Reece McAlister, the new man in her life. Was their whirlwind affair just the designs of a scheming opportunistic outsider who was trying to take her job? Can she handle the pressure of beating him and claiming the position she’s worked for years on? Jonelle fears in the end she may have to choose between the man who worked his way into her heart and her dream career.

A Piece of Me
A year ago, Neal Stephens thought he had lost everything, including his life. As a successful business man with a beautiful girlfriend on his arm and a perfect assistant who was his right hand, everything was as it should be. In one day, a secret that he had been harboring was revealed and his world came crashing down leaving only his personal assistant standing beside him as he rebuilt his life.

Amana Hudgens’ boss is bent on showing her his gratitude for all her sacrifices she has made over the last year. Two years ago she lost her husband and her dreams of having a family. Now, her handsome boss insists on taking her out and offering her whatever she wants. However, there is only one thing that the widow wants, a baby. Amana needs him to get the company’s health insurance amended, but Neal has plans of his own.

When a one night stand exposes more than either of them could conceive, how will their relationship survive?
The Club
When Trae finds his mate in the most unlikely time and place, nothing will stop him from claiming her.

Trae’s father, the current pack Alpha, is putting pressure on him to stop cavorting in the ménage club and find a mate. The responsibilities are weighing on him and Trae is starting to doubt whether he’ll find his mate before the time has run out on the ultimatum his father has given him.

Then Olivia, a human, walks into his life.

Olivia has a fantasy of being with two men at the same time. When her friend drags her to The Club to have her wildest desires fulfilled, the night turns out to be more than she expects. Trae, a wolf, and Anton, a vampire, are two sexy men who want to help bring her fantasy to life. However, when the true bite of passion shifts her life in a direction she never dreamed, can she trust her heart and the wolf that claims her as his?

Stealing the Bride
Leya Greenwood loved attending weddings. They always reminded her that love was still possible. Even though any type of love or relationship in her current life was non-existent. However, she had to believe it was something that would be hers one day. Otherwise she was destined to die a lonely career woman. Well, not so lonely since her two best friends Summer and Kathryn both had personal lives that resembled her own--bleak. After attending a friend’s wedding, it becomes more apparent to Leya that she can’t keep waiting for her knight to come into her life and whisk her off to some beautiful place to start her happily-ever-after. Leya doesn’t know the last time she took a vacation, but she knows it is time to start living. Two months later, her friends think she is insane when Leya boards a plane with nothing but a bathing suit in her purse and her credit card, headed to Bali.

Kolby Bragdon loves the month of May, every year he spends it surfing and teaching lessons to tourist in Bali and providing aid to the locals. It’s how he relaxes from his high pressured job. No one there thinks of him as a business tycoon, especially the high-strung maple-skinned goddess who wants an adventure on the white beach sands. After days and nights of hiking, diving and lovemaking and his island beauty heads back to the states, he can’t get her out of his mind. However, he never would have thought it would be so easy to find her until he finds her at his office weeks later, as the financial advisor he’s hired for his employees. Kolby knows it is time for him to take matters into his own hands if he wants Leya in his life forever. With the aid of her two friends he may get his bride yet.
Wonderland: Rekindling Christmas
Ryanne McCall couldn’t take another season of why aren’t you married, when are you going to have kids kind of Christmas. When she sees an ad for a single’s retreat in her inbox she doesn’t need any more of an excuse to ditch the family affair. However, she is in for a shock when she arrives at Village Resort and discovers that “home” has followed her to Colorado, in the form of Carson Rodman. Ryanne remembered Carson as the sweet, kind, skinny boy next door with the hot older brother. She never would have imagined he’d turned out to be a successful and confident man who could halt her breath with one dark, smoldering glance.

Carson and his family had never been ‘tight-knit’ and spending holidays together never formed in their plans. After a year of nursing a bad break-up he allows his best friend to convince him they should spend the holiday on the slopes picking up single snow bunnies. When he literally bumps into a woman from his past that he has never been able to get out of his wet dreams, he knows that this wonderland vacation has turned into paradise. Years ago, he missed his chance with Ryanne, but he refuses to allow her to get away again.

Sensual Chocolate
When a man believes in the lust of the flesh, but steers clear of the emotions of the heart it takes the right woman to change his mind.

Trenton Rayner doesn’t believe in love, romance or marriage and Cupid and he have been enemies since puberty. When he goes to an appointment to check out a lovers’ resort for his brother’s anniversary, Trenton just wants to run in the opposite direction, until he sets his sights on Jolie Tymber. Jolie is the sexy, topaz eyed, brown-skinned beauty that owns Sensual Chocolate and his wet dream come to life. Trenton has never given his heart to a woman and he doesn’t plan to start now. But he can’t deny that he desires a chance to get inside Jolie’s pants by any means possible.

Jolie may believe in romance and happily-ever-after, but she also can spot a playboy like Trenton a mile away. She knows that the dark imposing man with the sexy British accent isn’t offering anything else but a moment of lust between the sheets. However, try as she may, she can’t resist him. Instead of agreeing to a quickie, she calls his bluff and decides to show him the benefits of how a sensual and intimate night can turn sex into so much more. The only problem is she has to come out of the Valentine’s night the same way she went in…with her heart intact.
Chelsea’s Somebody
Chelsea McDaniel’s somebody was Rick Forrester. One of Lucky Valley’s sexy ranchers; if not the sexiest man that walked down main street. Ever since she realized the difference between boys and girls she wanted Rick. However, word around town was that Rick had desires that were just as dark as they were passionate. But that didn’t scare Chelsea and she was back in town and ready for him to see her as more than just the little girl he used to swim with in the lake after school. Well, times have changed.

After her best friend aids her in connecting with the 1 Night Stand service, the wheels are set in motion for Chelsea to have her man. Even if she had to saddle up with two of them. Everything rides on her belief that if she can get Rick between the sheets for just one night, he’d see her for the woman she has become: somebody that’s his. However, when she finds herself caught up in her own masquerade, she may lose him for good.

Siren’s Passion
Lialani is a natural at being a lifeguard, but while answering a call in the ocean on her twenty-fifth birthday, she discovers why. Now a confused mermaid, she finds herself locked in an aquatic theme park, weeks away from becoming the main attraction, with Kyle, resident marine biologist, her only hope.

Kyle can’t believe his eyes when he stares into a tank and sees a beautiful, vibrant woman, a merwoman. Like something out of his research, his dreams and fantasies. Since he was younger he’d being drawn to the siren myth—now a reality. Can he manage to save her before she’s pulled into a nightmare that could end both their destinies?

Bear’s Gold (Erotic Shifter Fairy Tale 1)
Riley Gold is on the run. Her ex-boyfriend has been stalking her for the last year and she can’t get out of Dodge, Oregon fast enough. However, she should have planned her escape better, and maybe she wouldn’t have ended up caught in a rainstorm, in the dead of night with a flat tire. Trapped in the woods and miles away from the next town, Riley sets off on foot to a large cabin home for help and refuge for the night. Is it just her imagination or is someone…or something following her?

With the First Frost Moon Festival on its way and pheromones saturating the air, Theo Kodiak is a sniff away from going feral. As the father of two boys, it doesn’t leave him a lot of time to find a companion to help raise them. Low and behold, fate shines down on him and presents a sensuous woman at his door. Riley is cold, scared and in danger, but she just maybe exactly what he needs in his life. The erotic attraction between them can’t be evaded and soon they are swept under a tidal wave of euphoria.

When a threat from both their past jeopardizes everything that is important, Riley and Theo find themselves united and a force to be reckoned with. However, something else may stand in the way of this Were-bear getting his gold.

Red’s Bear (Erotic Shifter Fairy Tale 2)
Rena “Red” Hoodman is on her way to her grandmother’s house. After a crazy year that ends with the loss of her job she agrees to cabin sit. Now, she’s trapped in the woods and drawn to a rugged mid-night blonde, onyx eyed handyman contracted to do work around the house. This man is no stranger to her, even if she’s suppressed those memories in her mind, her body knows. Years later, there’s still something about him that makes the hair stand-up on the back of her neck and her inner thighs sweat.

Cord Bjorn’s mate has finally come home again and this time the timing is perfect. With his father ruffling his fur about claiming his place in the county with a mate, Cord felt tied to a leash. Now, there’s a shift in the wind and Rena is her name. He still recalls the last summer she visited Den County and the kiss they shared beside the lake. Heat and attraction build until he and the sienna beauty find themselves tangled in sheets. A night that should have ended with a morning full of smiles, instead dawn breaks and truths unfold.

Red finds herself running for her life, from secrets and lies that she’s too afraid to accept.

Scrooge’s Bear (Erotic Shifter Fairy Tales 2.5)
Ebony Scrooge has a harsh past, filled with rejection and deception that she has spent most of her adult life attempting to forget. Over a decade of pursuing nothing but higher advancement in her career, she purposely left no time for dating, playing, socializing or anything but work, work, work. When corruption and greed force her to step away from the path she was on and forge a new course, she quickly realizes she may be out of her element. Taking the advice of her best friend, Ebony is persuaded to take a night to enjoy passion of the physical nature. However, she could never have planned for the man that came her way.

Dainton Armel has enjoyed being an unattached and unmated Wear-bear thoroughly. He has made a practice of keeping far away from entanglements that would cause him to settle down. But, when his bear detects the scent of a woman he can’t ignore, he quickly realizes he may be dragged in too deep. One night of passion, between the sheets with a beguiling, shrewd and cantankerous woman was what he expected. What he got was a set up by his bear with a woman the beast within him was all too ready and willing to claim.

Two strangers agree to a night of lust, but what they ended up with was a bond that will take them from city to county and a future neither can prepare for.

Bound for Christmas
Zoey Carleigh loves going to visit her family, however as much as it is enjoyable it’s just as stressful, especially when her meddling aunt continues to bring up Zoey’s old flame, a person who has been non-existent for a number of years. Happy to be on a flight headed home, she never expected to be seated next to a guy who is strong, confident and comforting all rolled into one handsome hazel-eyed package. When things get a little bumpy he’s just the person she needs beside her to calm her fears. It’s just too bad that with a connection so intense the flight ends too soon and they head their separate ways. Or so it seems.

Evan Douglas is going home after ten years in the military to an ill father he has constantly disappointed in the past. The dark passions in his life that he has always been able to trust in before have started to leave him hollow and in need of something more. Turmoil in the house he is expecting, but when he awakened to find the lovely tawny skinned beauty from the plane under the same roof, he refuses to deny that fate has played a hand in placing her in his life permanently. However, if he wants her, he better act fast because he’s not the only one that desires a happily-ever-after with Zoey.

Pleasuring the Queen
Her Protection

Xandier-Fiy is the strongest and fiercest warrior on the planet of Maraloo. As such, he has been given the honor of being appointed prince by the current ruler. A faithful friend and confidant to the existing queen, he will do whatever she requests; follow her directives to the letter. However, Xandier does not realize all that will be required of him. The queen has secrets, secrets that would shake the very foundation of the planet and he must protect them from those eager to gain power. In order to guard the throne and all that he has been trained to honor, he must yield to a royal request, one that may test the core of his strength and desire…

Her Pleasure

One encounter, filled with controlled ecstasy was all Xandier was supposed to have with Malkia, a lower class female from the water markets. The queen needed to discover if Malkia was who they believed her to be. The only problem was that one moment…one occasion to touch her body was not enough. Akin to the lunduos pair colliding over the solram in the sky above his planet, Xandier’s very being becomes consumed by the Seipia female. Every breath, touch, taste and feeling is combined with hers and he begins to challenge everything he has believed. Now, time is running out and he must discover the truth and secure the throne for the rightful heir before treachery steals everything from him…

How far will he go to protect and pleasure his queen?

Holiday in Handcuffs
When Nevea LaBaun decided to spend New Year’s Eve at an erotic mansion with her best friend, she never figured that she would find herself involved in some of the acts. Until, the moment she came face to face with tall, sexy, hazel-eyed Dorian Nolen she couldn’t keep her mind off allowing him any wicked act he desired.

One thing led to another and before she knew it she’d been handcuffed and carried into a world of pleasure that she’d only secretly fantasized about. However, this night held more secrets than either of them knew…

In the New Year, can they handle the revelation in store for them?

Nefarious Deeds
Lanett Wells has desired Roman Princeton for years. They have been co-workers, friends and have flirted from the beginning with each other. The only thing that has been stopping them from hitting the sheets is Lanett's own rule of not dating a co-worker.

She may be able to have the man she wants, at least for one night, when her company opens a new office in another state and she has been given a position there. So, on the last night of a corporate conference she decides to take matters into her own sexy heels and see if all the wicked, naughty rumors about Roman and what he wants from a woman are true. With advice from her friends, she sets out with a plan.

However, before the night is complete she may discover that she is the one caught in her own seduction.

Catering to a Millionaire
Janice's catering company has been servicing millionaire Thad Bruno's functions for months, and since the beginning she has had the hots for him. Not just the 'oh, he's so sexy hots', but the panty wetting, fantasy inducing hots. She never would have assumed she'd get the chance to do more than just service him at a party.

One night, Janice discovers that Thad has been wanting a totally different kind of service from her. Now the choice is hers; put her heart on the line for a moment of mind-blowing sex or walk away. However, if she walks away it is possible she will have lost more than she'd ever dreamed.
Constructing Lust
Christina Seaton has picked up stakes from her home town and moved states away to a new start at life--job and a house. However, what she doesn't anticipate is how badly the house is in need of repair and her sex life, too.

When she gets an erotic visitation by a man in her dreams, she is caught off guard by the pleasure that takes over her body, but more by the gray-eyed man staring back at her. Jason Walker is the contractor she has hired to remodel the home she's inherited. However, the desire she has pouring through her veins for this man leaves her breathless. One moment of lust has them both knocked off balance. Can Christina trust this is more than just a passing fling?

Passion: Tis the Season
A passionate Christmas tale of friendship that will tease and tantalize you for the holiday.

Rochelle and Mike have always had a relationship filled with trust, honesty and sexual excitement. But, when their neighbor Carlita is left dejected, hurting and out in the cold on Christmas Eve they bring her into the warmth of the holiday by showing her a passion that gives her new hope for the future?

Warning: This story has a ménage scene in it.

Slightly Sinful
Delilah Reynolds is days away from winning the contract of a lifetime with Torres Corporation. To set her mind at ease her best friend suggests she accompany her to a risqué weekend get-a-way on Cat Island in the Bahamas. Delilah agrees and finds herself in the arms of a mysterious stranger and an erotic night she will never forget. Soon she discovers her interior design company has not only won the contract, but Roberto Sanchez, her mystery man has stepped back into her life wanting more. No matter how much his sexual demands makes her throw caution to the wind, can she trust what she is feeling?

Roberto became captivated by a woman he’d seen once from afar. However, arrival at a close friend’s passion-filled weekend party and seeing the vivacious, auburn-haired, black woman in person flips his world upside down. He’s always preferred to live his life in shadows, secluding himself from the world. After a night of ecstasy with Delilah, she draws him out and makes him desire things he’d long deprived himself for growing success. Now, he’s willing to pull out all the stops until she can’t deny the attraction between them and yearns for something more--something like love.

By Invitation Only
Sally Lawrence has always chided herself for not being more adventurous as her name claims. But, when she bumps into Sydney 69 in the grocery store he sparks something deep inside of her nature making her want to do wild unmentionable things. Missing an opportunity with him, eats at her, and living next to sexy neighbors with erotic behaviors is no help. When her neighbors counter her complaints with a proposition, she’s speechless and curious. Deciding that she is tired of being plain, dull Sally she takes a step on the wild side and joins her neighbors for a night of passion.
At her new job, she’s blown away when she discovers she’ll be working in close quarters with Sydney 69, Jarrett Sydney. His smoldering glances and secretive eyes tell her that he’s not immune to her charms. Unfortunately, it seems that Jarrett’s resolve is as high and thick as the Great Wall of China. Until the day they find themselves trapped inside of the company’s elevator on their way to a meeting and things heat up quickly. They both refuse to deny themselves the temptation or romance. But, will Sally’s secret night with her neighbors be revealed and destroy the love she’s always wanted?

Readers note: This story was originally part of the One Reckless Night anthology, however, it has been modify from original version.
Illicit Christmas
Even during the holidays a woman can have one reckless night that will change her life forever...

Amber Malcolm has lived under the controlling thumb of her ex-husband for years, only to be cheated on, humiliated and end up divorced. A job offer has given her a get out of hell free card. It's Christmas Eve and on her way to a new life, she swerves off the road and accidentally hits a man. A moment's stop to render assitance turns into an illicit situation. However, she has rules. Just one night and she needs to be in control. Soon, she discovers that Chris Manning is just the man to give her what she wants.

Amber soon discovers that what she wants isn't always what she needs. When the sun comes up, she finds herself yearning for a man who showed her passion, tenderness and kindness like she's never known. She believes that all is lost until the day she comes face to face with Chris in a place she least expected.

A man with an ironclad will. Chris respected the wishes of his holiday angel once, but refuses to do it again. His mind won't let him forget the woman that saved him from a road filled with pain and lose. When he discovers she's within reach once again, he's determined to prove they belong together.

Cinnamon Buns
One reckless night of passion that changes her life forever...

Julinda and Anthony have been separated for months. In the past they were both consumed by their jobs and their pride. When Anthony shows up to take Julinda to the train station on her way to her twin sister’s wedding, she struggles to keep the walls up between them. Julinda makes it to the station on time to discover a few more surprises. Anthony is going with her. Could this be a disaster in the making?

Time is running out for Anthony to win his wife’s heart again. He has one train ride and a few days to show her how much she means to him and prove that the passion that burned hot when they first met is still there. With the help of his wife’s twin sister, the perfect opportunity is within grasp.

The temperature in the cabin begins to sizzle when Anthony confesses that he still desires her. Unable to resist him or herself, Julinda consents to a night of passion with Anthony. Her only request is that when the train stops so do they. But, Anthony didn’t come on this trip without his wife and he doesn’t plan to leave that way either.

Making the Man
Synoma and Anjolie are best friends and owners of 'Upgrade You' consulting business. They have shared many things over the years, but never the same man. When they get hired to help Hunter O'Neil remake himself from a construction worker to a business man they both fall for his lopsided smile, smoldering gray eyes and his southern drawl. Neither of them is willing to step away. This strong, rugged guy could possibly put an end to their friendship and company.

Hunter is instantly captivated when the two beautiful women, one Black and one Hispanic, arrive at his home. He's made major life changes and having a woman to share it with is just what he needs. Having to choose between spicy Syn and sweet Anjee is a decision he'd rather not make.

Lady Justice
Nubia Swanson is tired of waiting for Quentin Randolph to come to his senses and love her. Supposedly, fired from her job, Nubia shows up to stay with her sister, Quentin's temporary roommate and sets her plans in motion. She knows all about Quentin's dark secrets and she's going to get him to see her as woman enough to take his whip and not as his best friend's little sister. When she discovers Quentin is harboring years of pain behind his indifferent façade, she struggles to figure out how to tear down the wall.

Quentin has wanted Nubia for years, but a friend got to her first. Even worse he allowed his friend to get killed when he should have been protecting his back. Over the months he's managed to hide behind his job, guilt and a dark world of pleasure. When Nubia, the half Black and half Korean seductress, shows up in all areas of his life begging for him to take her and make her his own. He starts running, but every direction he turns leads to her.

Wedded in Passion
When Katy Heely had dreams of her perfect wedding, it never featured a cheating fiancé. However, that was precisely what she got. The night before her wedding she discovers her groom is not the man she had fooled herself into believing. When the bottom drops out of what should be the best day of her life, she’s angry, ashamed and clueless in how to right the situation.

In walks Char Randle, her best friend, and the guy who has always been there for her, until she allowed her jealous ex-fiancé to push Char out of her life. She discovers that Char’s appearance at the hotel is not by chance and just like always she finds herself leaning on him. Support of a long time friend becomes a night filled with ecstasy as she’s never experienced. Now, she has to make some choices.

It doesn’t take her long to discover that a wedding filled with passion is the only ‘I do’ ceremony she desires.

Bedding the Best Man
When a woman plots and plans to have the perfect doctor in her bed, a groomsman at her brother's wedding, things should fall into place like clockwork, right? Not for Kamari Jenson. All her life she's had the tag of wild child and not because she didn't earn it, but now she wants her family to see her matured and settled down with the right man.

Everything spins out of control when she winds up in the bed of the wrong man, Travis Huffman, her brother's best friend, a computer geek she's known all her life. Travis has been a thorn in her side for as long as she can remember. It doesn't help that everyone in her life is fooled by her injudicious acts--except him. However, every time she looks into his clear blue eyes she sees the truth about the secrets she keeps.

Kamari gets the night of passion she was looking for and so much more, but is she willing to let down the wall surrounding her and give her heart to the best man?

Secret Delights
Gabrielle Reston has had more than her share of sorrow in her life—from her parent’s passing to the unexpected loss of her husband. The only reason she has for smiling is her little boy. A move to a new city has brought a change of scenery, new job and a great apartment to raise her son; she doesn’t need anything else. A man in her life would just bring heartache and possibly more grief for her child. Then she meets Sloane Cale, the new kindergarten teacher and everything changes.

Sloane has his hands full at school when a fellow teacher becomes ill and her class is divided and he ends up with more students. When he notices one child is having a hard time making friends, he decides a parent-teacher conference is in order. The moment Gabrielle sways her full hips into his classroom he knows he’s in trouble. The conservative parochial school where he works has several strict rules—no illicit fraternizing with student’s parents is a big one.

However, when the attraction between them is explosive and all-consuming can it be worth the risk for them both?

Love in the Afternoon
Oriana Price fell for Chase Henderson the first time she accompanied her college roommate on a family vacation. When she saw her best friend’s cousin, Oriana’s world shifted. The only problem was that Chase treated her like one of the family members—always kind, always sweet, but never passionately as she would hope. Then on the night of Chase’s surprise birthday party Oriana watched the life of the man she cared about shatter into a million pieces. As faithful as always, she was around to help him pull the tattered edges back together.

One thing led to another and Oriana soon discovered that Chase was battling the same sexual beast that plagued her to keep from pulling her into his arms at every turn. But can this be real? Is Chase just using her to fill a temporary void in his life and mask the hurt?

It is said that time heals all wounds, but can it give you the love of your life?
Nightie Night
Kalan Henderson has had her eyes set on Aaren Reston for the last two years. When the sexy, brown-haired hunk with light green eyes became the newest senior executive at her job she knew she had to have him. However, over the years he hasn’t given her an ounce of encouragement that he’d be receptive to the idea of something in the recreational department between them. That is until she’s selected to work extra hours with him on an assignment.

Six weeks of discovering Aaren is more than a hot body and pretty face has just made Kalan lust after him even more. Then one night everything changed and the after hour’s heat exploded to a level she could never have imagined. But soon Kalan discovers that the man of her dreams may have secrets that will wreck the fantasy of what they could have in an instant.

Talkin’ Sexy
Ka’Lee is looking for a new direction for her career. She enjoys her job as a therapist, but feels as if her life has become complacent sitting in her office everyday providing couples counseling sessions. For months, she has been looking for a new challenge. When she learns of an opportunity at a local radio station, it’s just what she needs to take her career in a new direction.

One of Landon Kane’s stations show is being nationally syndicated. The only problem is the broadcaster backing it demands Landon step up his night time program. Goodbye, Lover’s Lullaby, Hello, Talkin’ Sexy. But where in the hell is he going to find a competent and reputable sex expert to host the ‘no-holds-barred’ night time show. When sexy, conservative and professional Ka’Lee Mi Amerie walks into his office applying for the job, he knows she’d be perfect.

After a few on air stumbles it doesn’t take long before Landon discovers that even though Ka’Lee is highly competent in her field, her knowledge in practical application of the art of sex is lacking. The financial backer wants her fired. However, Landon believes that if Ka’Lee broadens her experience and learns how to release her own sensuality then the ratings will sky rocket. Not one to avoid his responsibilities, Landon knows he’s just the man for the job.

When the passion they both agreed on becomes a love they couldn’t imagine can it triumph over betrayals they never saw coming?

Red Hots
Masaun Hawkes is a driven man, a go-getter who has always enjoyed spicy/sweet candy and fiery women. Five years ago, his life was moving in the fast lane and he needed a change. Deciding to go into business with his younger brother, his life has become more manageable and stable. Co-owner of Decadent Treats by day and a full-time Dom and trainer at night, he should have everything he needs. Almost. Evenings at The Dollhouse dungeon have become emptier as he finds himself instructing new submissives, none his own. However, things are starting to look up when he delivers a special candy bouquet to the most captivating and tenacious woman. Masaun has never played second fiddle to anything in his life and he refuses to let Kindle put their relationship in that place--out of fear.

Kindle Langston's life is anything but poetic. As the leading Assistant Commonwealth Attorney with too many high profile cases on her desk, she can't even manage the time to fantasize about letting it all go. Stress and free are not two words that go together in her book, but each trial is pushing her closer to the edge. The day a basketful of treats is delivered by the sexiest and most compelling man, "Dom Hawk", with a note commanding her into a clandestine world. And things begin to change. Is the life of a submissive what she has been craving? Can she risk allowing such decadent desires to be fulfilled? The risk seems too great to give in.

Report on the Heart (In the Trenches)
Coming Together: In the Trenches is a military-themed collection of erotica and erotic romance edited by Lady Grey. All proceeds will benefit Protect Our Defenders.

The Replacement (What White Boyz Desire)
Carter's decision to hire a nanny seemed to be a wise idea until he begins to battle the guilt of his shattered family and desiring Raquel with a blinding passion like he’s never known before.


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